50+ Best Gothic Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational gothic quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

Famous Gothic Quotes

Before that I wanted to be a magazine illustrator – I probably would have painted Gothic scenes. — Ira Levin

Kitsch is the contemporary form of the Gothic, Rococo, Baroque. — Frank Wedekind

Teenagers are very dark, I think. That’s all the goth and emo stuff. They’re experiencing a lot of stuff that adults experience, but in a much more raw way. It’s that extremity that I’m interested in, to be able to go down so far and come up so quickly. — Meg Rosoff

Most buildings, whether they’re Gothic cathedrals or Romanesque ones, were high tech for their time. — Richard Rogers

To me, goth is like really hard black lipstick, black nails, black clothes. — Shawna Thompson

…Tunstell was not what one could describe as call subtle. His flaming red hair bobbed up with each pointed and articulated footstep as though he were some cloaked Gothic villain creeping across a stage. — Gail Carriger

The grandeur of the Institute never failed to impress Magnus – the way it towered high and mighty above everything else, timeless and unmoving in its Gothic disapproval of all that was modern and changeable. — Cassandra Clare

Recently, I’ve discovered Radiohead and find them to be quite good. So clearly, I’m some kind of musical retard. (Jonathan Ames, Middle-American Gothic) — Dave Eggers

Perhaps because my town was so naturally gothic in its architecture and relative isolation – the roads often closed in winter – my stories tended toward the ghostly and the creepily suspenseful right from the get-go. — Andrew Pyper

A Gothic church is a petrified religion. — Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The stars are the great Gothic churches: spires, naves, delicate flying buttresses, massive conventional buttresses, stained glass and grandeur, grandeur, grandeur. — John Corry

I wear a lot of black, but not in the goth way, I just really love black. I’ll never be in pink or purples. — Kimberly Caldwell

As a kid, I was obsessed with myths and legends and the haunting beauty of gothic stories. — Nathan Parsons

Most of my avant garde fashion is saved for my videos and for the stage. In real life, I tend towards a classy, black Goth look. I love black, a few sparkles, false eyelashes and boots. But when I perform, I love fantasy and props. — Jane Badler

Nico was gothic, but she was Mary Shelley gothic to everyone else’s Hammer horror film gothic. They both did Frankenstein, but Nico’s was real. — Peter Murphy

Seldom is a Gothic head more beautiful than when broken. — Andre Malraux

So I may not have had a gothic childhood, but childhood makes its own gothicity. — George Saunders

I tried to be a goth for a while. I’d pour baby powder on my face and paint my lips black, but that didn’t last long. I thought I looked cool at the time. But then you look back and wonder, ‘Why did anyone let me out of the house looking like that?’ — Imelda May

If they do something like that, maybe a Freddy Krueger fan, a girl, a really sick goth girl starts killing kids herself and Freddy has to put a stop to it, or they have to fight it out. — Robert Englund

Shirley Jackson’s writings are a must for aficionados of the gothic and of good literature. — Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Go out and find a copy of ‘The Shrinking Of Treehorn’ and its sequel, ‘Treehorn’s Treasure.’ Written by Florence Parry Heide and illustrated by the great Edward Gorey, master of the gothic and the macabre, these books are small masterpieces. — Chris Riddell

I had a gothic phase, and now I’m more edgy chic. — Ashley Benson

It wasn’t so much of a controlled effort to end up as part of the Goth scene. — Kenny Hickey

I went to a very mean school and was bullied like crazy. I was a bit of a goth with purple hair, and I was also part of the drama group, which was filled with actors and writers and wasn’t really accepted by the rest of the school. — Christina Hendricks

I love the description of Gothic churches before the printed word, that they were the bibles of the poor. — John McGahern

But are they all horrid, are you sure they are all horrid? [Referring to Gothic novels, fashionable in England at the beginning of the 19th century, but frowned upon in polite society.] — Jane Austen

Scribal culture and Gothic architecture were both concerned with light through, not light on. — Marshall McLuhan

Culture is a sham if it is only a sort of Gothic front put on an iron building — like Tower Bridge — or a classical front put on a steel frame — like the Daily Telegraph building in Fleet Street. Culture, if it is to be a real thing and a holy thing, must be the product of what we actually do for a living — not something added, like sugar on a pill. — Eric Gill

Although only fairly small numbers of young people identify as belonging to the goth subculture, rates of self-harm and attempted suicide are very high among this group. — Robert Young

It’s challenging because it’s a collegiate gothic building, and most people don’t build these kinds of buildings anymore, — John Ziegler

I am drawn to Americana, and I am drawn to gothic stories, and I love American gothic stories. — Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Everybody is, I suppose, either Classic or Gothic by nature. Either you feel in your bones that buildings should be rectangular boxes with lids to them, or you are moved to the marrow by walls that climb and branch, and break into a inflorescence of pinnacles. — Dorothy L. Sayers

Preacher is a book that somehow allows me time by its settling on it’s characters, that sort of modern gothic western feel. You’re not likely to see the boat veering too far from that. — Garth Ennis

I’m not really into gothic music, it’s not really my type of scene but each to their own. I listen to pretty much anything. — Richard Fleeshman

I would dye my hair every week. I wanted to be a really goth teenager. — Sarah Michelle Gellar

I was very inspired by Goth music, which was kind of this whole thing that happened in the early ’80s. There were bands like the Cure, and Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees, but then I also kind of mixed it with Victorian Goth, — Anna Sui

I wouldn’t consider myself Goth, but I love Gothic pieces. — Tyson Chandler

To me, steampunk and urban fantasy are naturally hinged together. And I think that’s because I love the early gothic Victorian literature, and both things spring from that movement. — Gail Carriger

Walking at random through the streets, we came by chance upon the Cathedral of Notre Dame. I shall long remember my first impression of the scene within. The lofty gothic ceiling arched far above my head and through the stained windows the light came but dimly – it was all still, solemn and religious. — Bayard Taylor

But now I know that it is very important that all buildings should be consistent, that this is the quality of the Gothic cathedral, for instance, that we like. — Minoru Yamasaki

Here is another marvy glimpse into the gothic basement that I call my mind. — Louise Rennison

When I was writing ‘You Suck,’ in 2006, I constructed the diction of the book’s narrator, perky Goth girl Abby Normal, from what I read on Goth blog sites. — Christopher Moore

Either way, the lyrics are very effective in creating sort of this strange gothic atmosphere, where there’s this sort of unsettling feeling or feeling of grim portent or whatever you want to call it. — Rick Mason

In one point of view, Gothic is not only the best, but the only rational architecture, as being that which can fit itself most easily to all services, vulgar or noble. — John Ruskin

I won’t talk to you about my family and you won’t talk to me about yours. Family talk is either boring or self-pitying. Or it’s Gothic, like a Faulkner novel. Who needs to talk about it? It’s enough to live it. — Chaim Potok

You can only maintain an immensely gothic attitude for so long before either killing yourself or beginning to feel like a poser. — Poppy Z. Brite

I have lost the faculty of enjoying their destruction, and I am too idle to destroy for nothing. — Emily Bronte

A Gothic cathedral affirms that it was done by us and not done by us. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Steampunk is nothing more than what happens when Goths discover brown. — Charles Stross

If we’re going to be dumped into, say, goth metal or something like that, I really don’t mind being called that. — Peter Steele