Grief and The Process of Moving Through It

May 9th I had to end the life of my littlest big love, Mamas, my 13 year old Min Pin, because it was time her suffering from kidney failure ended. That was ultimately the hardest decision I had to make. She held such an importance in my life and I honestly feel as though she was a spirit guide of mine who reincarnated into this life with me in the form of a small pup. When I was 14 she found her way to me after I prayed for someone to come into my life due to the depression I was experiencing and she came, literally knocking on my back door. She stayed until the day she took her last breath, it was hard….

Now it’s August 15th and the GREATEST love of my life, my Grandmother, will soon be transitioning. She is at the wise age of 90 and has loved a long and loving life. I love her more than anything in this world and letting go of her physicality is beyond difficult. She is a major part of my life and always have been. The only thing I can do is move through with honesty and rawness about my experiences. Below I have complied a list that is assisting me throughout this difficult time in my life:

  1. Hiking: Being out in nature does something significant for me. Walking without saying anything or crying freely is everything to me.
  2. Water: Being in or by water is like my spirit is experiencing an etheric massage; it soothes me.
  3. Loved ones: Being surrounded by people you love and vice-versa, is salient for walking through the depths of grief.
  4. Meditating: Calmness within the mind can have lasting and beneficial effects upon the mind and the soul; great for soul to soul communication.
  5. Honesty: Being able to be honest and open about how I feel allows me to see and think clearly.

Death is a natural part of life and it should NOT BE FEARED. It’s never easy but it is necessary and as I move through I intuitively know I’m undergoing a transformation, a spiritual transformation…. after all, death is a see ya later, not a goodbye.



27 thoughts on “Grief and The Process of Moving Through It”

  1. Beautiful share. Cherish the memories you’ve made together. I lost my dad two and one-half years ago and am still grieving. My nana, mom’s mom, passed in 1983, and I could not be consoled at the time. I am sorry for the loss of your canine love and your grandmother.

    • Thank you. My grandmother is still living however her time is coming to an end. Yesterday was extremely hard but then I realized who is it hard for me or her and it changed my perspective a bit. I’m ok with her transitioning to a higher place, there she’ll always be with and within me.

      • I apologize for my error. You talked about the loss of your pet. The word transitioning is gentle, and I wish health care professionals saw passing this way. You may see signs, too, like a butterfly or a rainbow. Once a praying mantis was inside my car – no idea how it got there – so I said, “Hi, daddy,” as I do before every spirit conversation.

        • It’s quite alright, thank you for noticing the shifting word I used. I am a psychic medium, preferably a sensitive, and I knew when she started declining, intuitively before it physically started happening. I speak to her spirit throughout the day, nonetheless change is never easy ya know?

  2. Sorry for you loss. I had to let my Pomeranian go in June for kidney and liver problems, it hurts your heart but everyone must get through grief at their own time. I find nature does help with the healing.

  3. I get where your coming from…. My grandma is 88 and had 13 children. Hispanic families are large so you can imagine the reunions. Only thing is that every single one of us sees her health decline more and more. And we avoid it, but we know we can’t. She will not always be with us so we cherish the time we have with her. Keep your head up :-).

    • I definitely understand, facing reality is difficult yet death is never really the end, just the end of the human experience, the soul continues on, but it doesn’t negate the loss we feel when it happens, you know? Thank you also for taking time to comment, I love to correspond with other bloggers especially on topics such as this. 🙂

    • Grief is a natural process everyone goes through whether it’s an unexpected early termination of a job, an ending of a relationship or friendship, or death, and you’re right, it’s a choice on how we as individuals choose to handle it. We either choose destruction, denial, or acceptance. It’s definitely a learning experience thank you for your perspective. 🙂


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