Grow. Mature.

Time is Precious.

Have you ever come across a time when you’re not sure what to do in your life? You just want to do everything. You seemed to be indecisive. You want to be a chef, or just a simple financial consultant? If that fluttering didn’t happen to you, it definitely happened to me.

I Made Up My Heart.

My heart is made up already.

Used to.

Yes. I made up my heart and not the mind. Why do I say that? People always say to follow your heart but my heart was just like my mind though. He wanted to do many things as well so I made up my heart and wanted to go for a Food and Beverage industry. Never would I have known that it’s only for the time being.

Heart’s Journey Down The Timeline.

I guess I am just what people are saying.

Growing. Maturing.

When time goes by, being exposed to all the different people and environment, thoughts change. Decisions change. I may have made up my heart but I am easily influenced. One just have to say

“You’re not suitable to be a chef. Try something else my friend.”

and my heart will start to flutter again. I am tired of all this indecisiveness. I am tired of people telling me what I can do, or cannot do. Why do I have to listen to what people have to say to me? I do not live for them! ..but unfortunately, I didn’t thought that way back then.

As Time Goes By..

I am just tired; I just want the world to be quiet for a bit.

Many people told me what to do. “Go for this!” or “This is not for you!”. It was getting noisier and noisier.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I changed my heart and wanted to be a Financial Consultant but once that decision was made, someone had to come and tell me I wasn’t suitable for that. Can’t everyone just keep quiet and let me do what i want? I do not live for you alright!

“Hey. A thought just ran through my mind. Maybe, they are just jealous of what I can do, that is why they are stopping me to do what I like most. That should be it.”

I couldn’t stop what people want to think about me. They can do anything they want to me but I definitely will not get influenced by people anymore.

Always believe in yourself. Indeed, you have your friends, your family. They are all good to lean on when you have troubles but when it comes to personal decisions that you know you have to make it yourself, then you can only lean on yourself. Just give your shoulders a good tap and tell yourself everything will be alright. (:

The world will never be quiet even if you want it to. The world in cruel. As long as you believe in yourself, the world will be quiet because you never get affected by what people say, or what people do. (:

Decision Made.

Of course. I have came to a decision to be in the Food and Beverage Industry. I enjoy working with people. Enjoy getting to know more people. I love to smile (: because I believe smiling can bring joy to those around you. Influence people with positive vibes instead of pulling people down. When people get happy, I get happy. You get happy.

Yes. I could have made some different choices in life, but I did what I did, Both good and bad. I am not who I was, I have moved on and it’s all part of growing up.

Thank You Lovelies for taking time off to read this post. I really appreciate it a lot. I am new so your support will mean a lot to me! Go on to my personal blog to read more about me! (:


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