Grow something

Grow something

Yes, it’s Monday. But that doesn’t automatically make it a bad day. Even though the sun is not shining here, spring is on it’s way back to us and nature is waking up again, preparing to give us the sun, the warmth and all the pretty colors that make us love spring and summer. Many people complain about winter and the cold, they are just not made for it. But I love it. Living in Texas for almost two years made me realize that I like snow, as much as coming back to Germany made me see how much I loved the feeling the heat leaves on my skin. When it snowed I was just so happy. I turned into a five year old little girl again, that wanted to go play in the snow. And I did. It made me so happy, I didn’t mind the snow in my face or that my feet were freezing. I felt so exited and yet so peaceful. That’s what winter does to me. When I was little I used to sit at my window and just watch the snow fall and I will do this every time it snows for the rest of my life. It’s just so peaceful.


I like that the nature takes a break every year. It makes people appreciate more what the earth actually does for us. We are looking forward to the warm sun, all the growing flowers and their beautiful colors. The days feel much longer. I’ll be able to get home in the sunlight when I’m off at 4.30pm now. It’s easier to be happy again. While nature is getting ready to really live again, people do the same. They clean up, get off the heavy winter dust and feel light and free again.


I think we are taking all this for granted in some way. It’s the same every year. But who knows how long we will have this? Who knows how long the earth will be able to provide us with all the good feelings and colors? How much do we think our trees can take until they break down from all the bad air we make? How much can our earth take? How much can we take? Do we really think, cutting down the trees that clean our air, to make room for mass animal farming is something we can do forever? Is it a good idea to pollute the soil we grow our food in with chemical waste? No it’s not, like so many other horrible things we do to our earth. And yet, we are still here. The earth hasn’t kicked us off yet. If anything, we are going to kick ourselves off. But mother earth responds: Tsunamis, tornados, extreme droughts,  floods. Can we please see that our earth is hurting?


Do me a favor: Next time you go shopping, buy a plant, a little tree, a flower or some seeds and grow something. Watch it grow. Watch the wonder of nature grow because you nourished it. Take care of it. I promise you, it will make you smile.


I bought a little tree a few weeks ago myself  and put it on my shelf, thinking it will be okay up there. But he started losing some of his leaves. Turned out he needed way more light than he got, so now he’s on my window sill, happily growing new leaves. Seeing that made me happy and every time I look at him I smile and appreciate what amazing things we actually take for granted.


Here is my little tree; I hope it will grow nice and big.



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3 thoughts on “Grow something

  1. We do a huge vegetable garden every year and it’s so amazing to see things grow and then eat what you have taken care of for so long!! Nature is perfect!

  2. I have been pondering on growing a plant myself, especially since we don’t have Any greenery in our house. I will definitely give this a try, thank you for this post.
    Thanks for stoppingby my blog ?

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