77+ Best Grudge Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Grudge is a feeling of deep-seated resentment or ill will. Profoundly inspirational grudge quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous Grudge Quotes

You figure that time could heal all wounds, but some people just really hold a crazy grudge. – Steven Adler

I liked working on ‘The Grudge 2.’ It was really fun, and I got to meet a lot of cool people. I think the film is a fine example of horror, and I felt excited that I could act in something like that. – Shaun Sipos

I guess you could say I’m ‘kind’ to my past books in the way you might be kind to an old boyfriend you still quite like and bear no grudge against but with whom have absolutely no interest in getting back together. – Lynn Coady

I’m grateful to be an American. I am grateful that we can be angry at the terrorist assault and at the same time be intelligent enough not to hold a grudge against every Arab and every Muslim. – Maya Angelou

You don’t hold a grudge because you have a disagreement with the shortstop. You’re professional and you have to approach your job that way. We’re all grown men. We should be able to settle our differences. – Woody Williams

There’s nothing like real forgiveness, a deep-down forgiveness where you don’t hold any grudges against people. I forgave for the things they didn’t know and for the things they didn’t know to do. – Tyler Perry

I didn’t much like it, this grudge-holding against the past. – Margaret Atwood

grudge quotes

These cool or antagonistic relationships are part of life in Washington and are accepted as such, but I often think how self-defeating they are and how much better polite professional relationships would serve political figures and journalists in situations like this. I agreed with a charming message I got from George McGovern after he had been defeated for the presidency. He recalled making some bitter remarks about a couple of our columnists at a dinner party; but wrote me, ‘I have regretted that outburst and I have also established that the maximum time I can carry a grudge is about three months. This note is simply to say that I have now forgotten all campaign grudges. It is just too difficult trying to remember which people I’m supposed to shun.’ – Katharine Graham

Jesus went to the cross for sins He didn’t commit. Hello! You can carry a grudge just thinking about that, but don’t do it. He knew what He was doing. It was His choice, and He did it willingly. It was the will of the Father, and He always did the will of God without complaint. So what is it that we have to complain about? – Monica Johnson

It was rumored she held grudges till they died of old age, then had them stuffed and mounted. – David Weber

I do not mourn the death of the printed letter in a snobby, East Coast, patrician way – ‘Where have our manners gone?’ – but because I love objects, I love paper, and I love something that I can hold to my chest for a moment. Still, I bear no grudge against the e-mail form itself. – Jami Attenberg

It’s street racing. We do a lot of grudge racing. – Eddie Santos

How easy it is to forget grudges when someone has something you need. – Julie Kagawa

Hold no grudges and practice forgiveness. This is the key to having peace in all your relationships. – Wayne Dyer

If you have to travel and there is no other way, no one is holding a grudge against you. – Bob Rose

Vampires bore a grudge longer than any technically living creatures, and whenever they were in a bad temper, they expressed themselves through murder. – Cassandra Clare

It’s easy for me to sit here and say, ‘Hey, this would have been my first win, Jimmie, why did you try to pass me?’ Well, this was a win for him, too. I can’t hold a grudge against him for that. If he wouldn’t have tried to pass me for a win on the last lap, I don’t know if I would have respected that. – Brian Vickers

The whisky bears a grudge against the decanter. – Samuel Beckett

Never harbor grudges; they sour your stomach and do no harm to anyone else. – Robertson Davies

Grudges are like hand grenades: it is wise to release them before they destroy you. – Barbara Johnson

I bear no grudges. I have a mind that retains nothing. – Bette Midler

I’m not normally the kind of person who holds on to grudges, I’m really not. – Rachel Stevens

I guess The Grudge made over $100 million, but none of them had long legs after they came out but they all opened up and found an audience. If you could make those movies for a price, which is what I want to do with Spawn, then you could have some success. – Todd McFarlane

The history of ideas is the history of the grudges of solitary men. – Emile M. Cioran

That pain from the Celtics is still in my blood. When they said they’d pick me with the 10th or 11th pick, they got my hopes all high. I usually hold a grudge for that. – Gilbert Arenas

The problem with holding a grudge is that your hands are then too full to hold onto anything else. – Seth Godin

In ceremonies of the horsemen, even the pawn must hold a grudge. – Bob Dylan

Carrying a grudge is difficult work that brings nothing of value. Forgive, and be free. – Ralph Marston

He never bore a grudge against anyone he wronged. – Simone Signoret

We bear a grudge against the people we’ve done down – Publius Tacitus

We cannot attend any trial session unless the chief judge resigns because he holds a personal grudge against my client. – Khalil Dulaimi

After money in the bank, a grudge is the next best thing. – Anthony Trollope

I can’t hold a grudge against him for that. If he didn’t try to pass me for a win on the last lap, I don’t know if I could respect that. – Brian Vickers

Our culture in India is not a culture where we grudge each other. – Vijay Mallya

Let’s leave the politics out of this. The World Baseball Classic should not be tainted by our grudge against Cuba’s government. Cuba produces some of the finest baseball talent in the world and they deserve to participate. – Jose Serrano

Carrying a grudge is a heavy burden. As you forgive, you will feel the joy of being forgiven. – Henry B. Eyring

I am prepared to talk with anyone. I have no personal grudge toward anybody. – Aung San Suu Kyi

We’ve got a grudge on our shoulder. We’re a lot better than what we’re showing and we’ve got a real grudge… to come out and try to get four straight wins. – David Cornwell

We have accepted all assistance except military men coming across and one should not grudge that, … Other than that we have accepted everything. – Pervez Musharraf

If you catalogue grudges, anything looks bad. – Anne Tyler

Governmental intervention and personal responsibility are not mutually exclusive issues, but they do frame a ‘do it ourselves’ vs. ‘what are you doing for us’ debate. For the black community, that’s a debate that’s been raging at least as far back as the W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington philosophical grudge matches. – John Ridley

Nursing a grudge is bad for your heath. – Desmond Tutu

From a marquee point of view, and from a Queensland point of view, they probably perceive it as a grudge match because during our recruitment process they weren’t too kind to us. – John Mitchell

I naturally prefer the company of people who hold grudges, as long as they are not held against me. – Anne Lamott

It was a typical cross-town grudge match. We needed to get back on track. It was nice to get a win. – Tim Karrick

They thought I bore a grudge and now I was going to get even with them, – Buddy Ebsen

I have a special grudge against those who have the same faults as I do. – Mason Cooley

Basketballs dont hold grudges! – Dave Bautista

Cheats prosper until there are enough who bear grudges against them to make sure they do not prosper. – Peter Singer

I meant no harm by the screen I set. I just tried to set a good, hard, legal screen and I think I did that. Hopefully, he’s not holding a grudge or anything. – Wally Szczerbiak

Holding a grudge is never positive or appropriate. – John C. Maxwell

We shall all of us die, so why grudge a little trouble? – Leo Tolstoy

Me being a compassionate person, I would never hold any grudges against my ex. – Amber Rose

I don’t hold grudges. – Ian Mcewan

I’m a very tolerant man, except when it comes to holding a grudge. – Robin Williams

The value of holding a grudge. And to always refer to my father sarcastically as Mr. Wonderful. – Jon Stewart

Potter is jealous of potter, and craftsman of craftsman; and the poor have a grudge against the poor, and the poet against the poet. – Hesiod

Grudges seldom hurt anyone except the one bearing them. – Sherrilyn Kenyon

He clearly still harbors a very personal grudge from the December negotiations. And that doesn’t augur well for the near future. – Gene Russianoff

People don’t just disappear. There’s always a reason, or an enemy with a grudge. There’s always a loose thread that starts to unravel. – Jodi Picoult

There are plenty of people who want Walt to stay. And there may be some people out there with a grudge who want him to go. Our job is to balance out all the information we receive and make an informed decision based on facts, not personal beefs. – Larry Mason

It’s going to be a grudge match. We beat them by one earlier this year, so they’ll be looking for payback. And, of course, we’d like to win our own tournament for these seniors. – John Loftin

In the few years we have played them it has become a little bit of a grudge match. … It’s going to be fun. I can’t wait. – Lee Marks

Holding a grudge does not hurt the person against whom the grudge is held, it hurts the one who holds it. – Booker T. Washington

I’m Polish, I carry no grudges. – John Dingell

I cannot hold a grudge against Mariah Carey. What people don’t understand is that I’ve looked up to her for so many years. – Nicki Minaj

They say it’s good to let your grudges go, but I don’t know, I’m quite fond of my grudge. I tend it like a little pet. – Liane Moriarty

He bore no grudge against those he had wronged. – Simone Signoret

If people but knew their own religion, how tolerant they would become, and how free from any grudge against the religion of others. – Hazrat Inayat Khan

If you come back and say, ‘Look guys, I made a mistake. I’m back. I’m ready to go and I’m with you,’ …. it is easy to forgive. We’ve all made mistakes in life and done things we all regret. If anybody sat here and said they didn’t, then they are lying. It’s easy. You can’t hold a grudge forever. – Jason Taylor

At some point you have to forget about grudges because they only hurt. – Taylor Swift

Sharks don’t target human beings, and they certainly don’t hold grudges. – Peter Benchley

Note to self: Don’t get on Veritas’s bad side. She holds a grudge for centuries. – Jeaniene Frost

Even my pathological love of Japan and its beauties, glories and eccentricities is sorely tested by ‘The Grudge 2,’ from Takashi Shimizu, a movie so bewildering and impenetrable that I believe it siphoned off a good 40 IQ points. – Stephen Hunter

A favor is never so long-lived as a grudge. – Lucy Maud Montgomery

Let them wander up and down for meat, and grudge if they be not satisfied. – Bible Bible

Think about all the people who said no to you. You don’t cross them off your list. You still respect or love them. And if they are grudge holders, do you want them in your life anyway? – Susan Newman

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