75+ Wonderful Happy 18th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Turning 18 is arguably the most important in a person life because it officially marks the end of childhood. Best happy 18th birthday wishes will help you to celebrate the most important milestones of the life in a funny or serious but never clichéd way.

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Amazing Wishes, Quotes and Messages for 18th Birthday

18 is a wonderful age because you might make to what you want, so, now you are an adult person. You have enough power to follow and realize your dreams at starting now. May courage and strength always follow you. I want to wish you, all the best things. Happy birthday!

18 is a different age because you assume to have enough source to have your freedom but the reality is you don’t have enough money!! You have just too many energies. If you use this enough clever, you might be rich. Take care of yourself and good luck! Also, Happy birthday!

Congratulations, you are finally 18 years old. 18 is some weird age, it is like a period of astonishment because you can do make adult things while acting like a young. But this period will continue a few years. Happy birthday, welcome to adult’s world

It means all the thing that you have done since 16 are legal at now. Happy birthday!

From 18 to until your end of youth is a very special part of your life. Because life prepared a new story for you, also the biggest author is you. What I wish is you will have a life that you wanted. Happy birthday take care of yourself!

A new book starts at 18, it is a different road, but I am sure that you will have success. Everything begins a dream and behavior follow it. Happy birthday, I want to wish you all dreams come true. Take care of yourself. I love you so much!

A wonderful life you have always wanted awaits you. You have so much energy and so much potential for this. I hope all the best things in life will find you. Happy birthday!

A great, some scary, very challenging part of your life begins at now, at 18. If you don’t want to leave this adult’s world, you must be yourself. Because if you don’t, yours lies expose one day. Also, you have so many wonderful things to show everybody. Always be yourself, always win. Happy birthday!

18 is some bitter joy, some enthusiastic existence. Turning 18 is starting great joy but also starts appearing in adulthood. But 18 is a wonderful year. So, you have more fun in the best part of your life! Let these years go to the past! Stay at this moment! Happy birthday!

You know that age is a just number, but you continue to upset yourself. The real age is what you feel, also it is so early to tell you this. There is a wonderful future your ahead, you shouldn’t care about that! You became an adult, not an old person. Happy 18th birthday!

The singer that I have ever seen most fabulous wrote a song about your birthday, I think you should listen to that because you are enough old. Enjoy the time! Happy birthday.

I want to wish you all the best things on your special day! I hope this day will be enough special and wonderful you wanted. You deserved all the beautiful things, I know that life will be generous for you. Happy birthday!

18 is more valuable than other ages, I think. As you turn 18, forget your all fail and remember all beautiful memories. Enjoy the time that spent with closest friends. My love, prosperity, and success always follow you! Happy birthday.

Today you became 18 years old, you are an adult now, some things that you shouldn’t forget. Always be yourself, cherish your closest friends because they are like safe port when stormy times. Trust me and enjoy my advice on your future. Happy birthday!

Starting from 18 until the end of your life, you are ready to think also others. You had always a noble soul. I am sure that you are ready to be an adult that everybody admired. Happy birthday dear!

Sometimes you should be serious because your childhood was in the past. All decisions that you will decide effect a big part of your life. And think always before, do after! Happy birthday!

You are 18 years old according to the calendar, but you have always decided big decision related to your life. You don’t need to identify a calendar for your age. You became already an adult. Your intelligence had always beyond other children! Happy birthday take care of yourself and I want to wish you a wonderful day.

We can’t choose our best friends; they are coming to our life. But I am so lucky for I have a wonderful friend like you are. Until today, we shared a sandbox, crib and everything else and I’m so glad that. I will remember forever the time that we shared. Happy birthday, brother, I hope that our relationship will continue at least eighteen years more.

You are finally 18 years old, firstly congratulations to you became an adult. There are many beautiful things, but it is time to take up some things on your shoulder and to think some things on your mind. You are not now just a person but also a member of society. It is time to prove us yourself, we might admire you. Happy birthday!

I am so happy for you are finally 18 years old. Also, you became an adult person and you had won some rights. I think that is good, you will like over time. Happy 18th birthday. Have a good day!

Today is your birthday, congratulations on you turned 18 years old, my dearest brother. I love you so much and I hope that you will have a wonderful future as your smiles. We will be always with you as you need. Happy 18th birthday!

Today is a special day for you, it signifies a big mean. Because you are free for permitted things to make. Enjoy your day and enjoy your birthday! I love you so much!

Be brave to think different because if you want to success that you wanted; you must think to reach to stars. While everyone is on the ground, you should be on top. Be yourself and success step by step. I am really sure that you will create your unique story for the rest of your life! Good luck and Happy 18th birthday!

My dear brother, you became finally 18 years old today, don’t be serious, because it signifies great mean for everyone, I think, you shouldn’t care about. Like a tree mature, the person has very time to be mature. Happy birthday!

Today is your birthday and I’m so happy for you will understand how wonderful age is 18. You will live very interest things and you will be saving very much valuable memories this year and the rest of your life! But you don’t know how great age is 21. But there is time everything. Happy birthday buddy!!

I am sure that you don’t know what you are getting old. But now, this isn’t annoying. Even so, we need more candles for your birthday cake. Happy birthday dear!

I hope that you will not be single like when you didn’t be single on your birthday. Happy 18th birthday, I love you so much. Try every way to make it special on your day. Good luck!!

Hello, my dear buddy, happy birthday to a person who is most handsome in the world. You are the best person I have known. When you celebrate your birthday, you can mention your childhood, plan your adulthood and dream your future! Happy 18th birthday!

Today is our blessed day because you were born eighteen years ago. Of course, each your birthday is special but today is more special and precious than others. I am grateful to God for he gave us a very adorable baby like you are. I want to wish you a day as wonderful as you are. Happy 18th birthday baby!!

Enjoy your adorable young days because you will encounter bigger problems and it will be bigger than you assume. Good luck!! And also, Happy 18th birthday, it might be a sad message, but this is real 🙁

Enjoy the day and if you want to live for more years, you shouldn’t care very somethings. Keep my advice on your mind, you will know that I am right. There is a more bright future ahead than you assume! Happy 18th birthday!

You have completed the first phase of your life. There is a more important part ahead. You are an adult now, so congratulations! I hope that you will live a beautiful time for the rest of your life. Happy 18th birthday!

Even though you are an adult now, I hope that you will never lose on your childhood. Because it is so necessary every time for you. Every time both wonder and joy is reserved in childhood. Happy 18th birthday!

Every time hold your beautiful smile on your face, be yourself and don’t bored from the race of life! Happy 18th birthday!

Starting today, you begin to take a step a different world, don’t worry because your world will change slowly. Your childhood was in the past, so its habit was over. Now we are counting you as an adult person, enjoy this. Happy 18th birthday.

You are an adult person now, there need more responsibilities, more effort but you will be freer, and you can do legal things. Adulthood is like a seesaw if you want to be happy you should keep in balance. Welcome to our world, good luck! And also, Happy birthday!

Happy 18th birthday my lovely daughter who has the warmest heart in the world. I am really sure that a fabulous life waiting for you. I hope you all dreams come true because you deserved it.

Happy 18th birthday, don’t worry about your age because life is starting now. You are still young, and you will stay a young long time, enjoy this!

Today is your special day and you might assume to see more bright days. You will see but there are not good days every time. You will encounter bigger things, but you will have more beautiful things. That’s what I’m trying to say. You will live too many things, but you will grow up with this. Happy 18th birthday!

Happy birthday to you! I want to wish you that 18 will bring you all the best things. Try not to lose your smile and to live each day like your most happy day. Enjoy the time and my advice. I hope you live a day as wonderful as you are.

I want to celebrate your special day with great glad, while you were my favorite child, you became my favorite adult person. Celebrate yourself and the thing what makes you like this. Happy 18th birthday!

As you are turning 18, you won some great things. Now you are an adult person and you can do the things that you couldn’t do when a child. Enjoy this. Happy 18th birthday.

Happy birthday, this birthday is different than others because you became an adult person as you are turning 17. But I think this is not a big fact because you are a child in your parent’s eyes. Maybe it is good.

Happy birthday my lovely daughter! Enjoy your adorable day and your age. I want to wish a wonderful day as you are, I hope a bright future like a sun is waiting for you. Always I will be with you. Take care of yourself, I love you so much.

Happy birthday my best friend who makes me feel good when I upset yourself. When I need talk to someone, you came to me, thank you so much for everything. Our relationship is rare in the world because we are truly friend. I hope all dream come true.

Happy birthday today is your 18th birthday, so, I know that the time will pass fast than your guess. It is time to lie about your age. Good luck!

Happy 18th birthday!! Why do you be sad for you to get one older? It is time to start your most beautiful times! Raise your eyes up from the ground and look to your bright future. Think about your potential, you know more than me what I say you.

Happy 18th birthday, today is not just a birthday, today is both your Freedom Day and the day of became an adult. Finally, you escaped the dictatorship of your oppressive parents. Congratulations!!

Today I am both upset and happy, you are an adult person that everyone admires, and you can go from our house. Your 18th birthday is like a farewell letter. Happy birthday dear, I love you so much. I hope you will a beautiful life.

Hey, my incredible pal, today new part opened in your life, so you jumped to a new level. Good luck! Happy 18th birthday.

Hello, you are exactly 18 years old, do you believe you are at the age that you have been dreaming for years? Firstly, be relax and plan your years! I am sure that life prepares many opportunities, many joys, many beautiful times for you. Life even start to present beautiful things for you! Enjoy!!! Happy 18th birthday!

You know that a real friend is very rare in the world. I know to be enough lucky, so I found a friend like you are. You should know that nobody can’t say or present a wonderful life. But our friendship continues as long as, I will always stay with you and help to solve your problems. It doesn’t change wither you are eighteen or eighty. Happy birthday take care of yourself!

I couldn’t think growing up with a happier, we lived a wonderful childhood and I will never forget the memories that we saved together. You know what makes me good when I am sad and how have fun more. My closest friend, happy 18th birthday. Enjoy your day and your birthday cake.

I feel so happy like you that you are turning 18 today. I am grateful to God for he gave a sister like you are. My life became better with you. Happy birthday, I love you so much.

Happy 18th birthday my lovely friend, I hope your birthday is going wonderful that you wanted. There is an awesome life with great opportunities and big joy ahead. I am sure that you will have a beautiful year. Now although you are free for many things, you are enough clever not to waste your life. Again, happy birthday, take care of yourself.

The time passes how fast than we guessed. You became from adorable baby to a lady that everyone jealous of your beauty. I am proud of you. happy 18th birthday my honey. I love you so much.

Today your childhood ended, and your youth is starting now. Enjoy your best years in your life! Happy 18th birthday.

I want to wish you a wonderful life full of many opportunities. You have many potentials than other people, what you must do is find these. Good luck and happy 18th birthday!

I wish you too much chance to catch all the opportunities that will come you. I hope you a day as awesome as your smile. Happy 18th birthday!

I have watched you for 18 years and it makes me feel good. Even if I am getting older while you grow up, I am proud of I have a son like you are. Happy birthday, son.

Today is your birthday but I want to ask you that Is your birthday wonderful as you wanted. Don’t worry, the most thing isn’t going good in life. But you should know its value because it will never again come. Happy 18th birthday, I want to wish you a wonderful year.

You will be always my baby; you are whether you are a young 18 years old or an old lady 80 years old. Happy birthday!!!

Our friendship between us will never break off, whether you are 18 years old or 80 years old. Because God tied us with an unbreakable bond of friendship. Happy birthday is always happy rest of your life.

Although you are an adult person at 18 years old, this isn’t mean to listen to my advice. Today might be your most happy day, but life like a wave. Don’t say what you are, say what will you be. Happy 18th birthday!

You became an adorable kid, a wonderful teenager. And you will be an awesome adult. I am proud of you every time and I will continue. Happy 18th birthday!

Life is starting now for you because now you begin the taste what life brings you. Remember that life has good and bad together always. Happy 18th birthday, young who enter to the adult world!

From now you are ready to leave your parent’s ship and you have enough responsibility to drive your ship. From now you are not a guest in another ship. Enjoy your ship and always be careful on the sea. I wish you a wonderful journey without the storm. Happy 18th birthday!

Life is short too short then you assumed to hate someone. Instead of you might make a beautiful journey and you try to forgive all bad things. Because when you will die, you will remember the memories that you saved. Happy 18th birthday, I want to wish you a bright future.

I hope your life will bring you a beautiful journey that it cleans your mind, gives your heart and prepares you to ready for love. Happy 18th birthday! I hope you will be always with good things and your closest friend.

Most people will tell you that while you win more legal right, you should be more careful. But I don’t agree with these, I think they are on jealous. Have more fun rest of your life! Because these years will not come again. Happy 18th birthday!

My dear friend today is your birthday and I am so happy as you are. I hope you will have a bright future as the sun. I love you so much. take care of yourself. Have a wonderful day as your smile.

My dear friend, I know that your birthday passed and too late to celebrate your birthday. But I think that I have the right to say Happy birthday late. Because while you became an adult person, I’m not yet. Happy birthday!

Here is birthday advice that you should be more careful because your parents won legally right to kick you from home! Happy 18th birthday!

From starting now, you became an adult person at 18 years old. But you are still a teenager to move out on your own. Happy 18th birthday!

Now you are finally 18 years old that you wanted always. We define you an adult person from now. You won some rights, but you have some responsibilities new. Don’t worry, the time of worry about your age doesn’t come yet. Happy birthday.