40 Cute Happy Birthday Wishes and Congratulations for Baby Girl

Baby girls are the pearl of the family. Just their smile is enough to make you happy. They come happily from heaven. Sweet happy birthday wishes and congratulations for new born baby girl will help you express your happiness.

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New Born Baby Girl Wishes, Messages and Greetings

All I can say today is that I send you huge love, and of course, I congratulate you with best wishes! Your pregnancy was a really long journey and we were all relieved and delighted that you gave birth to a healthy princess. Here is your award, an innocent and pure baby girl! Best days for your cute princess and your family! Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

You have a very sweet and lovely princess in your life now! Welcome, Princess! I will always pray for you and wish the best things, I hope God will hear and accept my prayers! Always remember the little princess’s infancy, because she will have grown up without you noticing. Your lovely smile, the beauty of your eyes always fill your heart with joy! Congratulations my daughter! Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl.

A little baby girl was added to your family but I’m sure she is an angel. Who can sleep as innocently as she can and look innocent in your eyes? Do not be surprised that she constantly cries or requests you! She just wants your attention and compassion! Put it on your lap, look into your eyes lovingly, smell it. And repeat it to her without ever tired of loving her! Then you will understand what pure love is! Take care of yourself, I congratulate you with all my heart! Happy Birthday to sweet baby girl.

The baby girl is always the most special and beautiful gift of God. You are the most perfect people I know who deserve this gift. And I believe that you will be perfect parents. I am sure that the little princess will not bring you anything but love and happiness. Congratulations! Happy Birthday to the special little girl.

Her mother’s most precious treasure in the world and her father’s most precious place in her heart is always her daughters. Here is a gift from God to you, just be thankful to him! I congratulate you and wish you a wonderful life. Enjoy your family of 3 people. Happy Birthday, angel.

The most precious treasure in the world, the most beautiful gift of God, the symbol of innocence and purity, the little princess is now on your lap. She is in need of you and loves you for free. Now, the sun is brighter for you, your days are more colorful, life is more beautiful! Enjoy it. Congratulations! Happy birthday, sweet angel.

Babies are inspiration from God to search and find yourself. Make sure your life will be very good. Because you will live with an unrequited love for you. Most importantly, you will take more responsibility. Congratulations! Best birthday, sweet baby girl.

A baby that is very small but the effect will be very big has come to your life. I know your baby girl will be great! Enjoy it! Congratulations!

A new baby is the beginning of a new life. Uncertainty, excitement, pleasure, gratitude, difficulty and more responsibility. These are just the things that come to my mind. But the best part is like being in a very beautiful dream. But this time the dream is real. Enjoy it, congratulations! Best birthday, sweet baby girl.

A girl is always the most precious thing their father has in life. For their mothers, they are not only their little daughters but also their first students. I congratulate you with best wishes. Happy birthday baby girl.

A girl is a gift that God chose from heaven, their father’s little princesses, mothers little helpers, and the family’s most precious asset. I congratulated you! Happy birthday baby girl.

A baby girl is always the innocent angel of the family. I congratulate you with all my heart for this innocent angel! Happy birthday baby girl.

For a girl, her mother is always her biggest role model, and her father is her most handsome and first lover. I congratulate you with my best wishes. I hope your family always has a life like your dreams. Happy birthday baby girl.

I feel a star is in your arms right now. I have no doubt how famous she will be in the future. Always treat her like a star and keep it on hand! Congratulations, you’re really lucky! Happy birthday baby girl.

An angel sent by God, a gift that life gives you, your most precious treasure in the world, your greatest happiness, all your joys, and worries are now in your arms. And he looks at you with immeasurable love. Congratulations! Happy birthday baby girl.

A very sweet and very innocent princess joined the family, and the family is now bigger. It is good for us to hear about it. I hope she will be a very beautiful and smart girl in the future. I congratulate you with all my heart and best wishes.

You have waited for your baby’s arrival with anxiety and hope for nine months. Finally, God gave you a very cute girl. Today is truly an amazing and happy day for your family and our relatives. God always keeps blessing you and gives you a very beautiful life. God is your little angel and always bless you. Congratulations! Happy birthday baby girl.

You have waited for this baby for nine months, and eventually, you have a healthy and cute baby. I can’t really find words to congratulate you on this new and innocent baby. You should know that I am as happy as you. For the rest of your life, get everything you want, always be happy and peaceful! Happy birthday baby girl.

Everyone in this world looks but no one sees. This world is full of miracles for those who want to see. And your baby is one of these miracles. The cutest and most innocent miracle I have ever seen in my life is your baby. Welcome beautiful baby, the gift of God! Congratulations! Happy birthday baby girl.

You may say why I became a mother when changing diapers, but everything good comes with the bad thing. Congratulations on your new baby!

Are you ready to play with your child over the years? So, are you ready to find the child in you with it? Most importantly, are you ready to become a parent? I think you are ready for all! Congratulations! Happy birthday baby girl.

I know your great daughter will have great parents. Your life is always beautiful, I am sure it will always be beautiful. Because God gave you a wonderful gift, God blessed you. Your task now is to take a good look at this gift. Enjoy life with your little angel! Congratulations!! I send you lots of kisses! Happy birthday baby girl.

You have more responsibilities in your life now because you have a great gift. I hope parenting will be a surprising and productive period for you. Congratulations! Happy birthday baby girl.

You finally got her, your little angel, the little princess! Now you have a new role in life. This is being a good mother. I congratulate you and your husband. Congratulations!! We will come to visit you as soon as possible.

Aww, what a beautiful princess! You gave us good news. I congratulate you with all my heart. I hope parenting is easier and more fun than you think. Hopefully, God has drawn the fate of you and your little angel beautifully. Congratulations again!

Babies are a gift from God, they come from heaven! They are very special because they are very pure and innocent. However, girls are much more special for their fathers. Since you have such a special gift, you must be very special. I congratulate you and your wife with all my heart. Enjoy your gift!

Girls can sometimes be very capricious, they can drive you crazy. However, their love to fill your heart and their saying “father” will make you forget all the mischief. Congratulations, the best things are always with you!

Baby girls are always princesses in the eyes of their fathers. And their first and greatest love is their father. They are always very sensitive, fragile, and emotional. Congratulations!

Baby girls are their mothers ‘best friends and confidants in life, and their fathers’ love and little angels. Girls deserve their families’ appreciation most. They are people that everyone loves. I hope your daughter will become such a person in the future. Congratulations on your birthday!

Your newborn baby is very small right now, but be sure you will be a very beautiful and big young girl without even knowing it. You will look at your little girl’s photo and say how fast life passes. Congratulations on childbirth, these are only predictions. Always live the moment and don’t miss life!

You are now a parent and welcome to this world. May God give your beautiful, innocent and cute baby girl a life full of success and happiness. And always keep him on the right track! Congratulations for the little angel!

Your healthy and cute baby is finally in your arms. Now you have a bond that will never break. I wish you the best times with your baby. Also, you may not know what to do because you are the new mother. So if you have a problem, you can always call me. Congratulations for the little angel!

A big greeting for new parents !! My only wish for God today is that God will bless your family more. I will pray every day for the little princess! Congratulations!

Now your family is 3 people. Your family has grown up with a very innocent member. He is the gift of God to you. You waited for her for 9 months and you finally got a healthy baby. I congratulate you with all my heart. Take very good care of yourself and your baby.

I congratulate you with all my heart for the arrival of your dear and sweet daughter. God keep blessing you. I hope the little princess will add more color and happiness to your life. I hope the little angel will always fill your heart with happiness. Always be happy and thank God for this beautiful angel every day!

Finally, your 9-month pregnancy is over and you have become a mother. A difficult process has passed, but now your responsibilities are heavier and your task is to raise a great child. I trust you with all my heart. I already know that you will be a great parent because you are a great person. May these long years ahead only bring you happiness. Congratulations!

I congratulate you with all my heart. May the best things and best wishes be with you! God keep blessing you. I wish you a good life. Also remember that if you have a problem, I will definitely help you! Cheers for the little princess!

You are now a father at the end of your long wait. I am sure that there is nobody happier than you are in the world right now. I have no doubt that you will turn a very innocent and cute baby into a very beautiful and smart lady! Congratulations! Happy birthday baby girl.

Congratulations! Now the fruit of your love is in your arms! Always hug him and breathe the smell! It’s your part, always take good care of it! God’s blessing is always with you! Happy birthday baby girl.

I congratulate you for your little and sweet daughter. I hope it always brings you happiness and pride. In the future, she becomes a young girl that everyone envies. Congratulations! Happy birthday baby girl.