Top 75 Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages for Teenagers

Best wishes for birthday of teenager will help you not only celebrate this special day with joy, but also encourage them through the changes they are experiencing.

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Happy Birthday Teenager

You turned 18 years old and you finally have the rights to revolt to your parents but always love your mom because even everybody goes from you, just your mom stays with you. Happy Birthday!

As you become a wonderful adult person, my love for you is growing always. As you become a wonderful adult person, my happiness is growing. I am proud of you always and you know it. I hope you will be a good child as your childhood’s years. Happy Birthday. Don’t forget that I love you so much no matter who you are.

Now you enter your teenage life and you are almost an adult person. You will understand how difficult life is so that you need more happiness during your life and your birthday is a wonderful occasion to show you that we are ready to give you more happiness. Happy Birthday, my lovely daughter!

You are leaving us slowly as you celebrate your birthdays. Here is the biggest advice from you for you is that find a real friend during you live and never leave him/her! Happy Birthday!

My lovely daughter, you will shed tears maybe, but use your tears to make you wiser or get away from them who make you upset. May all the best things find you on the rest of your life. I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

As you enter your most beautiful ages, I pray to God who give you enough chance and strength to realize your dreams. Happy Birthday!

You turned 16 years old and a new era begins in your life. I hope you will find what you like and want and use it as your advantage. Here is my birthday advice, always try and never give up! Happy Birthday!

What I really wish from God as your parents are that you have good eyes to choose real friends between bad persons and you will meet true love. I love you so much, happy birthday!

You don’t might have enough money but I can sure that you have both silly and incredible ideas. Always keep in mind because most silly ideas become great things. Always dream and try to realize your dreams. Because it is a secret of being human. Happy Birthday!

These days, your all desires appear to your eyes, and your all desires don’t make you afraid because you can manage these. Keep your desire of grow and become someone important and overcome all your fears. Happy Birthday, welcome to the teen world!

My lovely son, the days you will be independent is beginning and the one thing you have to do is that always believe in your abilities. Because they will only help you when you have trouble. Believe in yourself! Happy Birthday!

Know yourself well, try to do the best every day, keep your expectations low, do not be afraid to try and do not get bored. You will ready to be a role model to others when you will succeed. Happy Birthday!

Be ready to find yourself because you will always find yourself. Good luck in the road! We prepared a great birthday for your beginning. Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the teen world, you are close to the adult world. You have to learn to take more responsibility because we as your parents are leaving you. Celebration your birthday if you can. Just kidding, happy birthday!

I would start my words as I wish you the best, but you should ready to take more responsibilities, you don’t how much difficult life is. Please at least try to find out. Happy Birthday, what I really wish today is that this birthday is the day you learn something about life.

I am grateful to God who gave a son like you are. Today is 16th birthday, my son, I hope you will live what you want and all the best things find you! I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

May be the biggest opponent is you, this makes you raise in your life! Happy Birthday!

Keep in balance both your heart and your mind. Your heart makes you bolder, and your mind makes you wiser. You need always both. Happy Birthday!

The best friendships are made at your age, and if you are lucky, your friendship continues until the end of your life. Always keep the friends that matter to you in your mind and heart. Happy Birthday!

My lovely son, you turned finally 16 years old. You should know that the best thing doesn’t come to you yet. If you want to live your life, never boring to discovering. Happy Birthday!

We are ready to celebrate your birthday in the best way. Because your birthday is different this year, you will enter the teenage world. You will be discovering more about life. But don’t forget that we are always here for you. Because I am both your brother and your best friend. Happy Birthday, blow the candles before they go out!

Happy Birthday, my daughter, today is your birthday. Try to build good friendships and keep in mind every good moment. If you shed tear, use them to wiser. And most importantly is that just you can’t let others made you cry. I love you so much!

You are finally a teenager and you have more rights to do what you want, but don’t you forget that you have taken the most responsibility. I know that you waited for so long to be a teenager, and I think you will use your power wiser. Happy Birthday!

Someone’s happiness might be your happiness but your happiness doesn’t depend on someone else because of your happiness just in yourself. Take care good of yourself because you need always yourself, your heart and your soul. Have a good birthday as you are! Happy Birthday!

The power you need always is just in yourself, don’t forget that as you have grown up. Happy Birthday!

Enjoy your every moment in your life but you have to enjoy your teenager most. The moments of the teenager are like a toddler baby. Your every step will excite you. You can’t turn back the time, jump to your life!

You are finally a teenager and enjoy these years, build new friendship and destroy them but don’t regret! You will be a teenager just once. Have a great birthday!

Today I pray to God for you entered the teenage world, I hope you will live without forgetting. Happy Birthday!

Although you turned the 16th birthday, I see you as a child because I remember your sweet childhood years when I see you. I love you so much, little honey. I am proud of you more for you become a great teenager. Happy Birthday!

Today is a different day because today is your birthday. Every year your growing amazes me despite I don’t watch. I know that you will be an important man in the future. Happy Birthday!

I understand why you want freedom so much like every gene, but you have to look at how the definition of freedom is defined. If that definition means danger to you, freedom is also dangerous. As you enter your youth years, responsibility will be your greatest helper, do not take it away from you. Happy Birthday!

Now your childhood is over and a new period begins for you. In this period, you will face many different things and I am sure you will succeed. Happy birthday, do not forget that we are always with you!
You are entering a new era where you will experience your best memories with your closest friends, your old childhood days are now over. Even if you have certain problems, just focus on enjoying life! I wish you a great birthday as you. Happy Birthday!

You’re 16 years old at the end, although some say only life to you, I think this would be a piece of wrong advice. If you want to live comfortably in your future life, you have to work now. So set your goals and stick to them and ultimately be proud of what you did! Happy Birthday!

My dear daughter, I wish you a happy birthday and a happy life. I hope every day of your life will be amazing like this day. Happy Birthday!

I wish you a wonderful birthday, your beauty, smile, warm heart, and intelligence will always stay with you. I love you my dear, happy birthday!

Happy 19th birthday, when you are still young you should go on a long journey and accumulate wonderful and wonderful memories, of course, it would be nice if you tell us. Because you may not be able to find it in the coming years.

We are ready to celebrate the birthday of the brightest and most magnificent teenager of our family. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthday!

Today is your birthday and with all my heart I say “happy birthday” to you. You have entered one of the most important periods of your life and do not forget that we are with you on this road. Do not forget to believe in yourself! Happy birthday again!

Happy birthday, my beautiful girl, it makes me very happy to see that you are a very beautiful teenager. I will always care for you and be with you. God bless me to see the moments when my little girl is queen.

Happy birthday young man! We can’t define you as a child anymore, you’re a young man now! You have a long life ahead and I hope God gives you a life where you will be happy. I wish you a birthday you always wanted. Let the best things find you for the rest of your life.

Happy birthday young man, make sure you enjoy every moment of your life because you will only live this life once. Enjoy these moments.

Happy birthday, you have become a great person and I know you have reached a sufficient level of intelligence, I already know that you are a very smart person. That’s why I believe you will understand the difference between right and wrong at every moment of your life and be on the right side. I love you so much, God always be with you and bless you.

I congratulate your birthday with all my heart, I wish I could be with you today and laugh with you. Please forgive me, I hope you like my gift. I love you, there are always things in your life that will make you happy.

A new journey begins for you, and you can make great friends and add wonderful memories to your life. Only you can do this if you want. Enjoy your youth years but always consult your mind before your heart. Happy New Year.

You always surprised me with more learning efforts, your desire to grow and your ambition. I do not doubt that you will become a great person in the future. Remember that we will always be with you, we love you very much. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the most beautiful and smartest teenager I have ever seen! Take care because you have a wonderful life in front of you. I wish you a birthday as beautiful as you.

You have always been an idealistic youth and you wanted to make the world better. You thought of others more than yourself and everyone knows you as a good person. I hope life treats you well. God bless you! Happy birthday, my child!

It makes me very happy that you grow up to be a handsome and mature teenager. Take care of yourself and enjoy your life. Because life is too short to be sorry for the little things. Happy Birthday!

I want to celebrate the best child’s birthday I have ever seen in my environment, of course not that child anymore, he’s a teenager! We know that you have a life full of success in front of you and we are sure that you will reach it. Your childhood days are over, and your youth will be more beautiful than your childhood. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday my dear daughter! I want to say that you have many potentials and abilities that you did not realize as you entered your youth. I hope you discover all your abilities and potentials, but only then you can enjoy life. I wish a life full of discoveries and a lot of happiness. We will give you the most beautiful birthday ever! Be ready!

We are very pleased to see you as a new member of the youth club and hope you will be happy to be among us in the future. Unfortunately, you are not permanent here because we are always growing. So enjoy your every moment because your age will never come back. I wish you a fun-filled birthday. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday boy, you have a lot of time for you to be an adult yet, you will have a lot of memories for yourself, you will have a lot of close friends and of course a person you don’t like too much. But most importantly, this will be your life, only your life in all your mistakes and successes. Always have responsibility, common sense and humility. We love you so much.

Happy birthday, girl! I have no doubt that you will be a wonderful lady in the future. You are already giving signs of this. May the 16th birthday be the start of your best time for you.

Happy birthday my dear son! Now we can define you as young because your childhood years are now over. You will experience emotions you have never felt before, and I hope these make you happy. We will always be here to help you when you lose yourself.

Today is the birthday of the brightest child of our family! I hope this year brings you more love and success and it will be an amazing year for you. Enjoy your life. Happy Birthday!

I wish you a wonderful day as much as you. We have prepared a very nice party for you and of course, we know that you love parties. So let’s come and start the party. Let’s pray for you as you blow out the candles on your birthday cake! Happy birthday, darling!

Happy birthday, darling, I learn something different with you every day, I gain a different experience. I have a lot to learn from you. And most importantly, I feel very comfortable with you and laugh when I’m with you the most. I love you I love you so much. Happy birthday, my sun, honey, darling!

My dear cousin, I haven’t seen you in a long time, I think I last saw you in childhood. But now you’re a 17-year-old handsome boy! I hope you still have that amazing smile that impresses everyone. Cheese!! Happy Birthday!!

I consider myself a lucky person because I know a cultured, self-knowing and idealistic youth like you. I hope you have these features until the end of your life. I believe that you will be a more valuable, more respected and more successful person. Happy birthday, take care.

You are different in the people I know around me and you radiate different energy to the environment. Don’t get me wrong, this is absolutely amazing and you can be noticed very quickly. I hope this continues in the future. So I know your will have a great future. Because you are already giving signs of this. I wish you a birthday as beautiful as you. Happy birthday dear!

Another good year has passed and you are now 17 years old. I pray to God that the new year will bring you great things and you discover more in yourself. You are a sweet teenager who deserves the most beautiful things. Enjoy your birthday, always stay happy! Happy Birthday!

I’m sure there’s more to you than it looks! But you need a little more time to discover this. I am sure you will be a great adult person at the end of your adolescence. Now just enjoy your birthday, birthday cake and wish you amazing wishes. I love you, happy birthday!

I still remember all the joyful moments we shared and spent with you and our laughter. Today, we will add new ones to them. I can stay with you until the end of my life, we are together even in my dreams. My dear darling, I love you very much. Happy Birthday!

My best friend and the person I trust most, happy birthday. May your new age bring you nothing but happiness. I hope you know how valuable you are to me and that I love you so much. Always be happy!

I can give you wisely advice, but I don’t think this will work well. Because I don’t live your life and I don’t have your experience, you are the only owner of your life and only you can direct it. I wish you a year full of great experiences. Happy Birthday!

I am proud of myself to raise a responsible and respectful child like you. You made me very proud as your father and I hope your children will make you proud. I know that in the future you will get to a better level than me in life. Happy birthday, boy!

Today is your 16th birthday. One of the milestones of this life, I know you are very happy and excited. Now you have got rid of some chains that have captured you and you are freer. Enjoy this freedom! But know your limits! Happy Birthday!

As he grows up, he knows himself more and discovers more. I wish you a year full of discoveries. Happy Birthday!

You mean a lot to me, you are very precious and special to me and I hope you are aware of it. I would like to point out that especially on your birthday, “I love you very much, dear”. Happy birthday!

Let your 18th year bring you the most beautiful things you always wanted.

I wish your birthday and birthday to be filled with everything you love today. Enjoy the day and laugh until you’re bored. Imagine what you will do in the future! Happy Birthday!

I hope your birthday will be as wonderful as you. I wish you to get a lot of greeting cards, to have moments that you will always remember with your friends and that your new age will bring you nothing but happiness. Happy Birthday!

You stepped into youth with this birthday. I hope your future days will bring you a lot of happiness, love, and fun. Happy Birthday!

You were always my best friend when you were little, now I know that you are my best friend. I hope our friendship will get stronger in the future. I wish you a great day as much as you. Happy Birthday!