100+ Best Harvest Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational harvest quotes will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

Famous Harvest Quotes

It is critical that harvest from each basin be separately and accurately measured, given the need to properly manage perch populations. – Roger Knight

When we looked at the harvest data from the check stations, after the first year we did not see a significant increase in the harvest. If we suddenly saw a spike in the harvest we would ask are we having an impact. – Wayne Schwertner

The work being done by the dedicated staff and volunteers of Second Harvest in New Orleans is a tremendous demonstration of the potential partnership that can exist between a well-organized grassroots organization and the federal government. Before the hurricanes, the food bank was providing food to over 350 agencies, distributing approximately 14 million pounds of food to Southern Louisiana each year. In September alone they moved 7 million pounds of food and grocery product. – Bob Goodlatte

Previous research and an independent scientific review have confirmed our harvest estimates are valid. However, survival outside of hunting seasons and the factors affecting it are not well known in Pennsylvania deer. – Christopher Rosenberry

I wanted to get them exposed to something they normally wouldn’t do. They’ll grow the food, they’ll get to harvest it, and they’ll get to eat it. This way, they feel a pride of ownership. – Susan Mitchell

We can’t wait until harvest is finished to address the stresses on our transportation infrastructure, and solving kinks in the Gulf port system next spring will not help our producers, … Especially as producers get under way with the harvest in South Dakota, the USDA needs to address problems with our Gulf ports immediately. – Tim Johnson

When a man is at peace with his gods and ancestors, his harvest will be good or bad according to the strength of his arm. – Chinua Achebe

Our goal is to minimize, and where possible eliminate, the harvest of naturally spawning fish that provide the foundation for recovery. – James Connaughton

I expected to see a party animal who was going to reap harvest with all the girls on the set. I found the opposite. Leo is a homebody. – Steven Spielberg

We start our services with the harvest of the previous crop by helping them with residue distribution out of the back of the combine. – Phillip Needham

Talk unbelief, and you will have unbelief; but talk faith, and you will have faith. According to the seed sown will be the harvest. – Ellen G. White

For years, I’ve felt an obligation to harvest an animal, since all my life I’ve so mindlessly consumed them. But that was from the safety of my desk. – Rosecrans Baldwin

Every portal coming into this country is being attacked by those who would harvest information, both national security secrets and just the common information of private individuals and private individuals. That crime is going on, every day, on a single entity known as the Internet. – Darrell Issa

Next week could be one of those very big weeks. It’s a big harvest and there’s a lot of fruit out there. I’m sure in October we’ll run into a time when we have more than we can handle. We’re trying to strategize as best we can. – Tom Myers

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant. – Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson

And thus of all my harvest-hope I have Nought reaped but a weedye crop of care. – Edmund Spenser

So many people in the community depend on us. A number of lives are affected through our operation, from managers in the 20-year range to part-time high school students, to those who help seasonally harvest crops. They’ve all been key to getting the work done. – Keith Bishop

Don’t envy the harvest of the rich. Envy their planting. – Bo Sanchez

I collect old rusty hand tools and sharpen and polish them, then use them to build things out of walnut and cherry that I harvest from fallen trees in the woods. – John Grogan

There is no harvest for the heart alone. The seed of love must be eternally re-sown. – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

We think most of these proposals that encourage people to harvest predators in intensive management areas should be explored. – Mike Kramer

How can people trust the harvest, unless they see it sown? – Mary Renault

United Way funding is vital to Harvest Texarkana’s daily operations, being one of the few nonprofits that does not receive government funding on an annual basis. We are totally reliant on United Way dollars, profits from various fund-raisers and donations from area businesses, churches and community groups and individuals. – Michelle Harutunian

The thing I’m doing is building toward next year and the years that will follow. We’ve had a great run, even though this may not be a year of harvest for that. – Jack Roush

The same ten dollars you spend on lunch is all it costs for City Harvest to feed 37 kids who are hungry. That’s pretty astounding. – Marcus Samuelsson

The sower of the seed is assuredly the author of the whole harvest of mischief. – Demosthenes

Root pruning. This is a lot quicker than digging a trench around each tree and just as effective in producing a root ball full of roots. We will leave these trees in their holes for another year to allow the roots to grow, then harvest them for sale. – Jim Stewart

What this shows is that a small percentage of us kill a whole lot of bucks. And many hunters continue to harvest bucks – primarily young bucks – even when they have opportunity to harvest a legal doe. – Charles Ruth

License buyers have asked for – and we attempted to provide – more advance notice of season dates to help them select their vacation days. However, since deer harvest data will not be available until mid-March and bear and wild turkey harvest results were just made available, the Board and staff concluded more time was needed before taking final action on the 2006-07 seasons and bag limits. – Carl Roe

We’re hoping for another bountiful harvest again this year. – Nick Furman

Cultivate the heart to raise a harvest of Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love,This crop has to be raised in your heart and should be shared with others. – Sathya Baba

A brier rose whose buds yield fragrant harvest for the honey bee. – Letitia Elizabeth Landon

When the world decides to stop being greedy… there will be a harvest for the world! Amen. – Jess Glynne

Anger is the harvest of the bewitching mind; it enslaves man and fogs his understanding. – Sathya Baba

Within this thin wafer of bread is caught up symbolically the labor of plow and of sowing, of harvest and threshing, of milling, of packing, of transportation, of financing, of selling and packaging. Man’s industrial life is all there. – Wilford Cross

Even normal rains won’t bring dead livestock back to life in the north or provide an immediate harvest in the east. There is no quick fix to this emergency after five consecutive poor seasons. – Tesema Negash

The people who harvest America’s food must be treated with respect and earn a living wage. – Frances Beinecke

And Fall, with her yeller harvest moon and the hills growin’ brown and golden under a sinkin’ sun. – Roy Bean

Farming now is a lot different than it was 20 years ago. If you want to get into a tractor, drive up and down a field and cultivate and harvest a crop and sell it, that’s not where farming is headed. – Lisa Hardaway

Hunters in this stage are always learning new techniques and improving their skills in an effort to become better hunters. They tend to be more focused on one targeted species and spend countless hours in the field. They are usually more interested in applying management and harvest techniques, such as intensive fertilization of forage crops or limiting the buck harvest in a deer herd to improve age structure and antler production. – Daniel Toole

When the Midwest harvest gets into full swing and whether they’ll be able to handle grain shipments then, that’s going to be the true test. – Terry Francl

In ’38, this time I did a job for Mr. Stryker. I went on his payroll at about half the salary I was getting before, to cover what he called Harvest in Ohio. – Ben Shahn

When coffee prices fall below production costs, farmers are often forced off their land, and they lose their homes, everything. With fair trade, farmers get a fair price for their harvest with a guaranteed minimum, so they can invest in their crops. – Nell Newman

We are prepared for at least 250 dogs and cats. Right now we have three to four veterinarians on staff. All the food has been donated from local grocery stores, pet stores, Second Harvest in Milwaukee. – Jan Johnson

When the participants told me they couldn’t find anything to can, I told them to go out and identify different kinds of fruit trees in their own neighborhoods. When people found out we were doing this, they started to call me at home, saying, ‘Please come harvest our fruit tree. We’d love to give people the fruit.’ Pretty soon, I had 50 names. – Joni Diserens

When people talk about cabbage production in the Winter Garden area of Texas, they’re basically talking about the production in Uvalde County. Almost half of the vegetable production in the county is from cabbage, and here we grow and harvest cabbage crops almost throughout the year. – E. B. White

Be ye ashamed, O ye husbandmen; howl, O ye vinedressers, for the wheat and for the barley; because the harvest of the field is perished. – Bible Bible

The most vulnerable families are those who have seen all their livestock perish or are unable to plant for the next harvest because they have no money left for seeds or fertilizer. – Tesema Negash

It is like the seed put in the soil – the more one sows, the greater the harvest. – Orison Swett Marden

Hollywood is the perfect conduit for the urgent message about climate change. We raise awareness all the time. We routinely take a film that nobody knows about and get 80 percent of the public to know about it in just 30 days. That’s called marketing. We need to harvest Hollywood for climate change awareness. – Marshall Herskovitz

If a hunter harvests a lion in the Black Hills unit, he or she has 24 hours to bring the lion to the Rapid City GFP Office for inspection. The second unit is the prairie unit that comprises the remainder of South Dakota outside the Black Hills unit. Any person who harvests a mountain lion within the prairie unit must contact a conservation officer, state trapper or other GFP representative within 24 hours of harvest and arrange for inspection and pelt tagging. – John Kanta

I think consumers should see good bargains on a lot of stuff. The next few weeks we are really going to see the harvest pick up from all the growers who replanted after Hurricane Wilma. – Ray Gilmer

For some reason, these people … think that’s the next great berry, the next great fruit of harvest in our state. Maybe we should call them bugerberries and include everything from muscadines to blueberries and everything else. – Paul Gallo

Knowledge is the harvest of attention – Charles Olson

Jolly boating weather, / And a hay harvest breeze, / Blade on the feather, / Shade off the trees. – William Cory

Your character is the harvest of your habits. – Adrian Rogers

Many African Americans are living less than one paycheck away from hunger. When people hit sudden hard times, including illness, loss of job or disruption in health insurance, they are forced to turn to the America’s Second Harvest network for help. – Ertharin Cousin

I have heard from one Colorado farmer in Kit Carson County who has estimated that in order to harvest this year, he will need an additional $46,000 to cover fuel costs alone, – Ken Salazar

Thanksgiving should be about celebrating the local harvest, and in Florida that harvest includes a great deal of seafood and citrus. – Sandy Jacobs

He should have said up front that helping farmers harvest crops in south Georgia is more important than educating children all over the state. Then school systems could have made a better decision whether to close or not, – Robert Brown

I understand the commissions’ philosophy of creating opportunity, but you are not going to get recreational opportunity. You are already getting that. What you are going to get is harvest opportunity. The people that are out there already have recreational opportunity. – Phil Durocher

Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great. – Bible Bible

We could harvest day after day after day. – John McGinnis

We’re in the transition between just finishing up a major harvest and waiting for some to grow here. – Bill Taylor

Honor the hands that harvest your crops. – Dolores Huerta

Harvest is a time of high energy use to fuel tractors and combines and that hits right at the bottom line. Prices (of grain) are a bit low and as we have fewer exports then prices may drop some more so farmers are caught in a real price cost squeeze. – Rick Tolman

During harvest time of course there’s a lot of work to do, but now, we just sit around and eat. – Stephanie Williams

Between the 2005 special session, harvest and holidays, I had a very busy fourth quarter. Like in any race, I plan to sprint to the finish and have a strong showing this spring. – Jon Tester

We almost had a miracle year in terms of how the harvest season went. – Greg Fowler

Hunters will have the opportunity to hear first hand why these parishes fall in the Area 8 structure. They can also ask questions of the biologists regarding the harvest and season framework. – Dave Moreland

Even though it’s a bad time, it’s a good time – if you have a taxable account, you clearly want to harvest some of the gains, and offset it with some sales of losses, – Hugh Johnson

Bottling is the one thing that is more challenging than harvest. Harvest is a process. Bottling is an event, like a performance. It’s a firm date, and you have to be ready. And even when you are ready, you discover that the tolerances of the bottling line are much tighter than the tolerance of the glass manufacturers. We use tapered bottles, which always poses a challenge to the labeler. – Bill Cooper

If we don’t start getting seeds to the farmers now, they will miss the September harvest and we will have to support them until April 2001. – Lindsey Davies

This year’s deer harvest demonstrates the overall success of deer herd reduction efforts implemented in counties exceeding their population objectives. We have made significant progress toward balancing the state’s deer population with available habitat. – Frank Jezioro

It broke some large steel chains and released 100 tons of harvest fish into the bay to the benefit of the local anglers. – Craig Foster

We feel pretty good to have been able to get a good harvest last year, the second year of the vines, – Mark Hollingsworth

We didn’t harvest it, we didn’t process it. We would never have knowingly distributed questionable material. – Rob Clarke

We just want peace, because peace is good for us. It is good for the harvest and everything, – Ahmad Shah

The national crop assessment has not been done, so I cannot say anything about harvest expectations. In terms of government-to-farmer support, there were indeed many inadequacies, but why should farmers expect government to give them everything? We only provide to the needy, not everyone. They should learn to work hard on their own. – Joseph Made

I have strong moral objections to creating human organisms in order to harvest cells from them in a way that destroys them. But those objections simply would not apply to proposals that would not in fact involve human organisms. – Edward Whelan

With strong wind resources located in many rural and farming areas in Maine, the program can provide the seed money for farmers to harvest wind, Maine’s newest and most profitable crop. – Sue Jones

There are millions of jobs in this country that can’t be moved overseas. They include the people who heal the sick and comfort the elderly, who harvest and serve our food, and build and clean and protect our offices and homes. These men and women work hard and play by the rules but for too many the American Dream is something they see only on TV. – Anna Burger

Autumn is the harvest of greedy death. – Juvenal

We’ve had a lot of money being sent in from churches’ harvest festivals, as well as other groups and individuals. – Joe Cannon

Care less for your harvest than for how it is shared and your life will have meaning and your heart will have peace. – Kent Nerburn

Usually around the beginning of the marijuana harvest season, we begin to see an increase in the seizures in this sector. – Roy Cervantes

Everybody down there is definitely having a tough time because they can’t take anything to market, but they will be able to harvest again. – David Heil

We think that based on current legal limits, based on what the European Union study is going to come up with, it will be possible for us to have a conversation, a dialogue with Bolivia about what a legal harvest could be. – Thomas Shannon

The whole state is open to bow fishermen and they harvest lots of fish. Our big concern is the message we’re sending to catfish fishermen. We’re de-valuing that animal to them. – Phil Durocher

We have today and tomorrow as the last trading sessions of the year. With the stock being down so far, you would be looking at a little bit of tax selling to harvest those capital losses to offset gains in other areas. – Kevin Tynan

From a biological standpoint, the declines in harvest don’t concern me. Turkeys are very susceptible to changes in habitat, food availability and weather conditions during the brood-rearing period. Populations are going to fluctuate. Statistically, I don’t think these declines are that significant. – Steven Dobey

We are increasingly hearing from those who are paying the bills for these efforts and experiencing the impacts of additional regulations on their lives that they don’t understand how we can ask them to support such costs and at the same time continue to harvest the wild salmon we’re trying to protect. – Norm Dicks

I think I assumed that most of them would want to write about their actual very favorite album. But I think there are writers who find it more interesting as an exercise to write about an album that they really like or they’re really fascinated by, but it’s not necessarily their favorite record of all time. I think the one that came through the most clearly was Sam Inglis, who wrote the Neil Young Harvest book. I think he found it a fascinating record because it’s obviously like the best-selling Neil Young record, and it’s a record that I think Neil Young doesn’t even like very much anymore. – David Barker

Who loves a garden, still his Eden keeps, Perennial pleasures plants, and wholesome harvests reaps. – Amos Bronson Alcott

The assessment indicates total snook harvest has been increasing on both coasts due to the growing popularity of snook fishing. – Lee Schlesinger

Rain is also a key factor even though water is provided. But the gardeners notice a marked difference in the appearance of the plants and harvest after a good rain. – Pam Martin

We will look at harvest levels after this dig, and there should be more digging opportunities in the coming months on some beaches. – Dan Ayres

Happiness is the harvest of a quiet eye. – Austin O’Malley

I have an avocado tree at my place in Los Angeles – it’s the smoother-skinned one, which tends to be a little stringy. Often the birds or raccoons get the avocados before I can harvest them. I have figs, too, which are great with prosciutto, of course. I have limes and lemons, which I use to make lemonade. – Kyle MacLachlan

Racism and injustice and violence sweep our world, bringing a tragic harvest of heartache and death. – Billy Graham

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