21+ Best Hat Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational hat quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

Famous Hat Quotes

When I hear of an ‘equity’ in a case like this, I am reminded of a blind man in a dark room looking for a black hat which isn’t there. Charles Bowen

The more we think about the negative, the more the chances of it.

The wacky thing about those bad guys is that you can’t count on them to be obvious. They forget to wax their mustaches and goatees, leave their horns at home, and send their black hats to the dry cleaner’s. They’re funny like that. Jim Butcher

Your hat is a way to express who you truly are.

Weapons of mass destruction aren’t pulled out of a black hat like a white rabbit at a magic show. They’re produced in factories. There’s science and technology involved. They’re not produced in a hole in the ground or in a basement. Scott Ritter

Hats are one of the most common accessories of past heroes.

As the children were sitting there eating pears, a girl came walking along the road from town. When she saw the children she stopped and asked, Have you seen my papa go by? M-m-m, said Pippi. How did he look? Did he have blue eyes? Yes, said the girl. Medium large, not too tall and not too short? Yes, said the girl. Black hat and black shoes? Yes, exactly, said the girl eagerly. No, that one we haven’t seen,  said Pippi decidedly. Astrid Lindgren

Hats are meant for gentlemen.

When your characters are not white hats or black hats but something in between, you do have to be very careful about your details. So, that takes a while. I’m not interested in white hats and black hats. I don’t think that’s how people are in real life. Victor Levin

May your life be as great as your dreams.

Somebody has to wear the black hat and give the audience someone to shake their fists at. They want someone to hate. And if that’s what you want to pay me to do, I’m happy to do it! Jane Elliot

A man has no value, except for his deeds.

I think you’re begging the question, said Haydock, and I can see looming ahead one of those terrible exercises in probability were six men have white hats and six men have black hats and you have to work it out by mathematics how likely it is that the hats will get mixed up and in what proportion. If you start thinking about things like that, you would go round the bend. Let me assure you of that Agatha Christie

The things that have a strong place in your life define who you are.

We love a world in which the people in the white hats get rewarded and the people in the black hats pay the price. And that I have to say doesn’t happen very often, particularly in a very complex economy. We’re in a time of panic where people have lost trust in what the banks are doing, what the investment firms are doing  lost trust beyond a level of reasonableness, to be honest. And, it’s got to be stopped. Rebecca M. Blank

Be your best self, rather than pretending to be what you are not.

So for Bullitt, I just put my black hat back on. Robert Vaughn

Your success depends on the scope of the ideas in your head.

I do not think I had ever seen a nastier looking man. Under the black hat, when I had first seen them, the eyes had been those of an unsuccessful rapist. Ernest Hemingway

A hat can draw admirers.