99+ Best Headache Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational headache quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

Famous Headache Quotes

A migraine is the cockblock of writing Don Roff

I get headaches all the time My doctor says it’s because I’m stressed out, but I think it’s because of the tight bun in my hair

Chicago happened slowly, like a migraine Neil Gaiman

They can help you cope with your pain and suffering, or they can inspire you to take action in order to improve your life

The sound of her laughter eased Clark’s migraine Bruce Crown

Headaches are the worst You get them when you’re happy or laughing, when you’re sad, or when your head is on fire

A lot of the time, migraines come as a result of stress Ryan Murphy

A man that has headaches will be troubled by them all the rest of his life

Migraines tend to affect women more frequently Whitney Cummings

The best way to get over a bad day o headache is to plan for worse days

The hardest part about migraines is how unexpected it is Ryan Murphy

 If you’re not having a headache, you’re too young

If my migraine attacks had gone away, I’d still be playing Nolan Patrick

I’d rather have no head at all than an overactive one

A migraine coming on She got them when she was stressed Kara Thomas

Everyone gets headaches even me!

The machos have migraine Not tonight, darling, I love me Charles de Leusse

The only way to get rid of a headache is to get rid of your head

Normally, when I get a migraine, the first thing that goes is my vision Terrel Davis 

A headache is like a balloon that keeps getting larger and larger until it pops!

Depression affects almost 80% of migraine sufferers at one time or another  Sarah Hackley

There are two kinds of stress: the kind that comes from your circumstances and the kind that comes from within

I know it doesn’t look like it affected my tennis, but especially in the sun, playing with a migraine makes it worse Serena Williams

Headaches are not just a part of life, they’re a part of our lives

There was hallucinogenic music in the background that sounded like a migraine and a woman being tortured by tickling  David Mitchell

I see a headache, I take a drink

It reminded her of the way schizophrenics and people suffering migraines would describe light as assaulting and dangerous James S.A. Corey

You’re not going to die from a headache You’re going to die from the stress of dealing with it

If we want to live happy and joyful lives with migraine, it is vital that we acknowledge and deal with the emotional realities of the disease Sarah Hackley

A tension headache is like having an invisible hand squeezed on your head

People with migraine, especially chronic migraine, also are more likely to experience intense anxiety and to have suicidal tendencies  Sarah Hackley

A headache is a warning that something needs to change

Whether you’re an actress or you’re a teacher, or you’re the postman, you have a job to do and you can’t be shut down for two days because of a migraine Jennie Garth

Headaches are caused by tension in the shoulders and neck muscles

I have always viewed the mornings as the most hopeful and motivating time of day! So when I don’t feel that way due to a migraine, I get very discouraged and upset Whitney Port 

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

My work is stressful. It requires me to face the dark side of existence, and the migraine attack, awful as it is, maybe a cleansing convulsion that permits me to continue  Irvin D. Yalom

Life is like a box of chocolates You never know what you’re gonna get