99+ Best Heels Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational heels quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

Famous Heels Quotes

He (Ryan Hawn) throws well and we were lucky to hit the ball early and score a couple of runs. We put them on their heels to where they had to try and score to get even and I thought that was a big key. – David Treece

For us, we have to remember what they did to us last time. They came out and just railroaded us with shot-making and dribble penetration. You name it. We’re going to have to dig our heels in defensively. – Rick Carlisle

Barbie ruined my life! It’s a really bad image for women. For a long time I thought I was deformed – because my heels didn’t touch the ground. I was walking around on tiptoes. What’s up with that? I think that it’s a bad thing for a woman to try to emulate. – Rita Rudner

My favorite thing about playing a vampire is the stunts. It’s just a new, fun thing to do. Especially as a girl, being able to be all dolled up in heels and little outfits and be able to kick boys’ butts, I think it’s a really fun, make-believe world to play. – Candice Accola

Like at home, I don’t wear heels. But everywhere else I go, I wear heels. – Nastia Liukin

Usually, like, on ‘Mean Girls,’ the task that Tina Fey and I set for ourselves was we wanted to maintain a comic intensity throughout the movie, where people just don’t really get a break from laughing. And if they do, it’s for a brief emotional scene, and then we’re going to once again try to knock them on their heels again with comedy. – Mark Waters

Seldom in the history of medicine has the recognition of the most effective cure followed as swiftly on the heels of the discovery of a disease as the establishment of the complete effectiveness of iodothyrin and thyroidin followed the recognition of cachexia thyreopriva. – Emil Theodor Kocher

I think they got us back on our heels a little early. The crowd and the intensity really had an effect on us. – Mallorie Winn

But that was just a minor correction on the heels of a huge bull market. The market’s former success seemed to be more of an indicator that year, – Jeffrey Hirsch

I thought we were really back on our heels from the jump and didn’t really compete with a very, very good George Washington team in the first half at all. – Wendy Larry

I like so much wearing heels, legs look so much better, everything looks better. But it’s only recently I’ve had the courage to do that. – Blanka Vlasic

I can tell women’s confidence levels rise when they wear heels. – Eric Mabius

I’m terrible in high heels. I’m so bad. – Lara Stone

I think the last 12 minutes of the first half we carried the play, we had them back on their heels a little bit. – Paul Sands

Sometimes it’s so weird just to do an interview. This morning I was back in my parents’ house, with my brother, and we went for a jog together, then had breakfast as a family. And a couple of hours later I’m wearing high heels and a dress and makeup, and talking about my job. – Carey Mulligan

He had us on our heels a lot of the night. – Rick Carlisle

I have to be honest, I don’t pay as much attention to women’s fashion, but being a sneaker head, I do like it when a girl can rock a nice pair of sneakers. Not every girl can do it. Every girl looks good in heels – that’s a given – but not every girl can look good in fresh kicks. – Bryan Greenberg

I think what caused a lot of our penalties is we were standing around watching. I thought we were on our heels most of the night, and they have a great power play. – Nate Leaman

I don’t know about you, but for $45 million, I’d dress up in a pink teddy, feather boa and high heels if that’s what Stern wanted. – Mike Bianchi

I’m a really good gymnast. I can do splits and back handsprings. I’m always asked to do it on a talk show. And every time I go they say will you do it. I say yeah, but I’m always wearing high heels or a short dress. And I keep saying one time I’m going to go on and wear jeans and sneakers so I can do back flips. – Halle Berry

I think, with Hurricane Rita coming on the heels of Katrina, people are going to realize this isn’t just a once-in-a-lifetime thing, – David Cook

Feeling I’d scarcely arrived at a style, I now find I’m near the end of it. I’m not quite sure what Late Style means except that it’s some sort of licence, a permit for ageing practitioners to kick their heels up. – Alan Bennett

We didn’t want to let down after last night. We got them on their heels early and kept it up. – Jerry Stackhouse

On the heels of a conservative start to the year, managers are feeling more comfortable putting their 2006 hiring plans in gear. … lower unemployment rates and the growing demand for skilled labor in certain sectors such as health care, financial services and IT are strong indications that the economy is growing steadily. – M. Wolfe

The one test I have for every completed book is if I feel head over heels in love with the hero. If he hasn’t stolen my heart from the previous hero, I know the book isn’t right. – Kresley Cole

Shoes? I have loved them all: ’60s pumps; white Courreges ankle boots; platform soles from the first time around, in the ’70s; more boots – ankle, calf, and knee-high; 1980s sneakers; pin heels and wedges; Mary Janes and stilettos. – Suzy Menkes

Already 2008 has proved a tumultuous year in terms of global perceptions of China, and there are still 59 days to go until the Beijing Olympics. The tragedy of the Sichuan earthquake followed hard on the heels of the riots in Tibet and the demonstrations surrounding the Olympic torch relay. – Martin Jacques

I like sundresses with cowboy boots, little shorts with big wedge heels and a big piece of turquoise. I also love classic, Old Hollywood romantic styles. I’m ‘country girl meets city girl’ circa 1930. – Kirsten Prout

I throw on a dress and heels and I’m good to go. – Sue Naegle

I never wore high heels in my hometown. – Liu Wen

We’re 5-2 in conference and 7-4 overall. This keeps us on the heels of Horicon there. Good senior leadership and a solid second half. We had seven turnovers and I think that was a key. We played solid basketball. – Tom King

One time, I was posing on a car for a calendar shoot. I was doused with oil and literally slid off the car, bikini, heels and all! – Candace Kita

I have high heels in my bags if I need them for a shoot. But I like sneakers. I like being comfortable. I like to sit on the floor with my team and work. I don’t like to sit in fancy chairs. It’s really important to the culture of my company that people understand who they’re working for. – Bobbi Brown

I can only hope that my heels can fill your shoes. – Madeline Albright

My style offstage is so different from onstage. I love a pair of sexy heels with jeans, a nice jacket, or a little dress. – Beyonce Knowles

There’s nothing like a good pair of heels. – Bridget Moynahan

I don’t have the self-confidence to walk around in a miniskirt and heels and a tube top. I’m still trying to learn to love and accept my body. – Mandy Moore

Supply always comes on the heels of demand. – Robert Collier

I’m a heel man. There’s no doubt about that. I’ve always done heels for my shows, ever since the first in 2008. – Christian Cota

I think they imposed their will on us. They made tough shots and big shots and executed. They knocked us on our heels and they got us to go out of character. – Bob Semling

I imagine how hard it might be to walk down the runway. Me in heels is, like, deforesting the forest, knocking trees, completely ‘timber!’ – Ireland Baldwin

He is at his best when he is trying to bring people together, like he did last year. But that rhetoric has changed. He now has shifted over far more to the Republican mantra of dig in your heels and fight for those things which ideologically position the party to be able to motivate its base. – Fabian Nunez

People are frustrated. The pattern has been a couple of days of rallies on a little good news and then it fizzles out. There’s no reason to make big commitments with all of this unresolved. The hope now is that we can dig in our heels at key support levels and find some balance. – Donald Selkin

Most people move forward, because heels bring you forward. What we want to do is address that posturing and pull up your abs and really tuck under so you can feel taller, you look better and you’re protecting your lower spine and back. – Donna Cyrus

We were caught on our heels in the second half thinking we were going to coast through. We were comfortable we were going to win. We got a little ahead of ourselves. We got a little cocky. That was our downfall. – Jordin Lindsey

On the heels of our new partnership with Tamarack Resort, we felt that the people of Boise would really embrace Rock-n-Racquets, … Our intention is to bring this unique event to a market that typically has not had the opportunity to see professional tennis at a whole new level. – Andre Agassi

I am happy with the effort and with the result, but not with the execution. We made more than our share of mistakes. We challenged the guys to come out and play well on the heels of last week’s win and they did. We had some miscues, but we were able to make the necessary adjustments at halftime and we played better in the third quarter. That is the good thing about this team, we have a lot of veteran players who can come back to the sideline and tell us what is going on out there so we can make the proper adjustments. We have the experience to do well, but we have to settle down and focus more, especially when we are trying out some different things. It was a good effort. – Bart Tooley

Obviously to end the game the way we did with 10 points wasn’t in the plans. They attacked and I thought they were the aggressor and I thought, when we were attacked, we went back on our heels a little bit. – Doc Rivers

I love heels, and as a size 36, I’ve accumulated a wall of amazing high heels from catwalk shows over the years where designers had to make especially small shoes. Tom Ford’s golden versions are my favourite. I do, however, also live in my flat Saint Laurent Chelsea boots or Givenchy sneakers. – Liberty Ross

In falling over in heels while trying to look attractive, you don’t just hurt your body, you bear the humiliation of injuring your very soul. Physical pain? Whatever, bring it on. But the humiliation? Oh, you have seen to the very weakest part of me. – Kate Reardon

When I have a big enough handbag to carry a little pair of booties with, I always do – those pointy Christian Louboutin heels are just no fun to walk around in. – Anna Kendrick

Heels I’ve always loved, but a wedge is perfect, in between glamorous and a common shoe. If going to the store, why wear flip-flops when you can wear wedges? – Maria Canals Barrera

Obviously, the game got away from us a little bit early. I think we talked about it for a few days in preparation that the first five to 10 minutes of the game were going to be the most critical, because that’s when you have the opportunity to keep them (Duke) back on their heels and establish in your mind and in their mind that you’re here to play. And we did not do that. – Dave Leitao

Business, like a jackal, trotted on the heels of war. – Barbara Tuchman

What they have done over the last two games is make us react to what they do, … They have been aggressive defensively and they have got us back on our heels and they make us kind of counter what they are doing instead of them countering what we’re doing. – Tim Duncan

On the heels of the G-20 and Australian offerings on sensitive products, we hope to see much more ambition from the EU. The current EU proposal allows for 8 percent of tariffs, 160 different tariff lines, to be deemed ‘sensitive’ and thus exempt from strong cuts, – Rob Portman

On the heels of our win over No. 26 St. Louis, it’s good to get this win. Everybody wanted to see if we were going to take a dip and we didn’t. – Steve Simmons

I have a black pair of suede Jimmy Choos. I’ve only worn them once to a Sony event. The heels have these arrow plates in a pattern. There’s gold, black and white and they’re amazing! – Jessica Mauboy

I thought they brought it from the opening tap. They had us on our heels early and it was too much to overcome. – Tommy Amaker

I would love to design my own shoe line. Women suffer too much in heels. I want to design a line of sexy platform heels that don’t hurt. – Wynter Gordon

Many portions of the park weren’t ready. Attractions broke down. The asphalt was still drying on Main Street. Women’s high heels were sinking into the asphalt. Also, there was a plumbers’ strike, and Walt had the choice of having either working restrooms or working drinking fountains. He chose the restrooms, of course. – Tim Day

The process was as egregious as our original grievance. To us, it has been a matter of (school system officials) circling the wagon, digging in their heels and protecting themselves at all costs. – Mary James

I am very much against makeup and high heels and all that we inherit as ‘beauty.’ – Nawal El Saadawi

Uggs can be as chic as heels for women. – Andre Leon Talley

People will dig their heels in and fight for the things they love and against the things they hate. – Matt Berninger

I want to go and go, and then drop dead in the middle of something I’m loving to do. And if that doesn’t happen, if I wind up sitting in a wheelchair, at least I’ll have my high heels on. – Dolly Parton

I love heels… whoever created heels is amazing! – Katie Cassidy

I think we got caught not having the urgency we needed early in the game. We didn’t get out and jump on them. We didn’t put them on their heels like we’ve done to other teams in the past. – Dave Strang

We decided to run a girl and double-team (Michelson) and get the ball out of her hands. It kind of got them off their heels and we got some kids from Marshall to shoot the ball that they probably didn’t want to have shoot it. – Bob Lyons

I feel like heels must be a workout! I know that they’re really bad for you, but I run around in heels a lot and go up a lot of stairs, so maybe that’s my terrible workout. I know that’s not really a workout. – Blake Lively

He was always quick with a joke. He loved to laugh and make other people smile, … Coming on the heels of the accident involving our news intern Katie Marshall, this is just a devastating loss for the staff. – Nancy Barr

Overall, this is a much more gentle system. Unfortunately, it’s coming right on the heels of a pretty potent system. – Elizabeth Morse

Give Johnson credit, they took it to us. They knocked us back on our heels and defended well. – Rick Howard

I only wear heels when a stylist puts me in them. – Ginnifer Goodwin

I’ve always been really good with my heels. Even pregnant, I could perform in heels. – Christina Aguilera

I think that’s on the heels of the latest tropical storm going through the Caribbean that may have an impact on supply. – Arthur Hogan

Our country was knocked back on its heels that day, but quickly found its footing again. – John Brennan

More and more human resource executives are coming to the realization that they can no longer drag their heels on hiring decisions. If they do, it is increasingly likely that the candidate will be off the market before the offer is made. – John Challenger

I thought we kept them off their heels a little bit. – Catherine Young

She ran into a trap but when Steven pulled her out she was good enough to pick them up under hands and heels riding. – Lee Freedman

One of the things that I can tell you is, having come in on the heels of no confirmed attorney general for a month and a half, this department is a great institution. The people who work here do one heck of a job for the American people, – Janet Reno

Our biggest thing is we can’t fall behind early like we did. We can’t become predictable on offense. Where we have had effectiveness over the last four or five years is when we can mix up the run and the pass. When we are effective running the ball then we can get our play-action going. We can get our drop-back going. We keep defenses on their heels and keep them off-balance because they don’t know where we’re coming. – Trent Green

Today, especially on the heels of Yahoo!, it’s just more indicative of the funk we find ourselves in. – Peter Coolidge

I always enjoyed La Costa. I had some great times there. It was kind of funny, because La Costa sat right on the heels of the Masters and I’d say to my wife, ‘I really don’t want to go out and play this week; I’m tired.’ And Barbara would say, ‘You get out of this house and get out there and play.’ And she’d kick me out and make me go out there, and rightfully so, because I always had good preparation for the Masters and it carried over many times into the Tournament of Champions. – Jack Nicklaus

Part of what made ‘The Bling Ring’ such a fun, freeing experience was that we got to wear these really over-the-top clothes we’d never pick in real life – like for the nightclub scenes, we’d have on these really short, really tight dresses. But you know what – I actually learned how to walk in heels on that set! – Taissa Farmiga

Frankly, we question the timing of this announcement on the heels of one of the largest mergers in the history of software, – Gregg Moskowitz

It gives them stability more than anything. I think the Tar Heels feel they can go out and win against anybody in the country with any of these three guys on the mound. – Sean Ryan

We did get back on our heels a little bit. That’s the worst thing you can do against pressure. You have to continue to attack it. I think we really let it bother us. They blocked a couple shots, and we got hesitant. – Marsha Sharp

I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It’s so funny. – Mary-Kate Olsen

For us, every race is important when you’ve been knocked back on your heels and you’re trying to get back in the fight. Right now, we don’t have to dig ourselves out of a hole. If we keep running the way we’re running, we’ll get our wins and we’ll do what we need to do in points. Our priorities have to be going fast. That’s what we couldn’t do last year. That’s what I couldn’t do the year before, or the year before that. That’s what I have been able to do this year. – Jeff Burton

I don’t wear a lot of high heels. – Kesha

No one would want to broadcast the event or at least pay anything substantial for it, coming as it would on the heels of the World Series and the onset of the football and basketball seasons. – Gene Orza

I’m more comfortable in heels than I am in sneakers. – Shay Mitchell

We set them back on their heels early. But when they got rolling, they rolled. – Dan Starkey

It’s true I always like to mix femininity and something a bit masculine. It’s the reason I love skirts with high heels and tights, and no handbag because I love having my hands in my pockets. – Carine Roitfeld

High heels weren’t always a girl thing. In the fifteen-hundreds, the riding shoes of French noblemen were fitted with raised heels so that their feet stayed put in the stirrups. Over the next few decades, heels inched higher on dress shoes, particularly among men of privilege. – Patricia Marx

We were back on our heels far too much. – Mats Sundin

We know at some point somebody’s going to put us on our heels and we’re going to have to react to that. Today, we thought that might happen, considering the way things were going, but the guys stepped up. – Randy Brown

By five or six, when the heels start to hurt, I kick off my shoes and walk bare feet. But that’s not a big deal. Nobody else is at the office at that time, and as for singing loudly, I don’t sing loudly. I might hum a tune at times when I am thinking about something, but that’s all fine. – Indra Nooyi

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