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Famous Hello Quotes

A city like London is sociable in a sense that there are people gathering in bars and restaurants, concerts and lectures. Yet you can partake of all these experiences and never say hello to anyone new. And one of the things that all religions do is take groups of strangers into a space and say it is OK to talk to each other. — Alain de Botton

A person walks into a room and says hello, and your life takes a course for which you are not prepared. It’s a tiny moment (almost-but not quite-unremarkable), the beginning of a hundred thousand tiny moments and some larger ones. — Anita Shreve

All I know is, I pass people on the street these days, and they don’t know whether to say hello or to say goodbye. — Billy Martin

As you stopped to say hello, oh, you wished me well, you couldn’t tell that I’d been crying over you. — Roy Orbison

Being nice to everybody, saying hello to everyone in the room, signing every autograph; it was instilled in me at a very young age that this was what I was suppose to do. But I don’t think it helps at all. I see more people who are rude or arrogant being rewarded – but, this way, I can put my head on the pillow at night. — Brooke Shields

Could you please stop with the beating? (Kat) He’s being punished. Hello? This is Tartarus, remember the purpose of this part of the Underworld? We’re not really warm and fluffy over here. (Hades) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Everyone comes up to me saying, ‘Cooee, Julie! Hello!’ as if I know them. Of course I don’t bloody know them. Am I flummoxed by it? Sometimes. I think, ‘Ooh, love, go easy.’ For a time, I did feel this pressure that I had to be funny, but it passes. — Julie Walters

furious flutter awakened hummingbird heart hello hello love — Megan McCafferty

Girls are telling me to take my shirt off. It’s like, ‘Hello! I’m a person, too! — Alex Meraz

Going to see those cancer patients, that’s a real humbling experience and it’s taken a toll on me these past few days. It’s made me appreciate life a little more. Now I’m trying to make every day count, every minute count. I’m showing everyone else that I really care. Everybody I see walking by, I’m just saying hello to them because I’m happy. — Andre Hall

He comes into the clubhouse and says hello but doesn’t put any pressure on you, … It makes you feel good and inspires you to keep working. — Vladimir Guerrero

Hello again, everybody. It’s a bee-yooo-tiful day for baseball. — Harry Caray

Hello Budapest, I’m so glad to be here. — David Moyes

Hello darling. How are you? Haven’t seen you all night. — Josh Holloway

Hello Frances, I have just been to health class, and I was wondering how your feminine parts were developing. — Dave Eggers

Hello Jacksonville. I love you guys. Let’s talk some trash. — Chad Johnson

Hello lamp post, what ya knowin’? I come to watch your flowers growin’. Ain’t you got no rhymes for me? do do do do… feelin’ groovy. — Paul Simon

Hello! I’m Elijah Wood, and i’m a looser! — Elijah Wood

HELLO! Look at me. HELLO! I am so ZEN. This is BLOOD. This is NOTHING. Hello. Everything is nothing, and it’s so cool to be ENLIGHTENED. Like me. — Chuck Palahniuk

Hello, Aaron, Brigid said, sliding up to him and running a finger down his chest. You’re looking good . . . as always. Aaron lifted her finger off his shirt and let it drop. Put some clothing on, Brigid. She smiled up at him. Why? Tempted? Yeah, to cover my eyes. — Kelley Armstrong

Hello, Do not greet anybody when the heart is filled with anger distrust etc. Have, instead, a pure hollow from which a whole hearted Hello emanates. — Sathya Baba

Hello, Edward. I’ve been waiting for you. — Mitch Albom

Hello, freaky peoples! — Daniel Handler

Hello, Gallagher Girl –Zack — Ally Carter

Hello, Magnus said to the monkey. The monkey did not reply. I shall call you Ragnor. — Cassandra Clare

Hello, Minister! bellowed Percy, sending a neat jinx straight at Thicknesse, who dropped his wand and clawed at the front of his robes, apparently in awful discomfort. Did I mention I’m resigning? — J. K. Rowling

Hello, my name is ees Lebkuchen Spice, and I vant to show you my coooooookies… — David Levithan

Hello, you sick twisted freak. — Glenn Beck

Hello,Pepper. It´s been a while, I said. The last time we met up, you tried to kidnap me, isn´t that right? Nora (p.303) — Becca Fitzpatrick

Hello? Isabelle called from the other side. Simon, is your diva moment over? I need to talk to Jace. — Cassandra Clare

He’s got these beautiful girls saying hello to him. They’re interested in how to talk to him, how to communicate with him. — Rob Cornett

I carry death in my left pocket. Sometimes I take it out and talk to it: Hello, baby, how you doing? When you coming for me? I’ll be ready. — Charles Bukowski

I do want to say a special hello to my neighbor Mr. Erskine. But you have to be a Flames fan in Calgary. — Dan Aykroyd

I don’t carry a purse when I fly because I have my Hello Kitty carry-on. I’m the biggest adult supporter. — Venus Williams

I grew up where my parents would literally shove me in the car rather than have to say hello to a neighbor. — Amy Sherman-Palladino

I just saw them. I said hello to them, and I try to keep tabs on how they’re doing. Utah State is a big family. Even though you graduate, you still want Utah State to do as well as possible. — Spencer Nelson

I love doing girly stuff with my mum or with Sophia. I took Sophia and a couple of her friends to the Hello Kitty spa. They had chocolate facials and Hello Kitty mani-pedis. I put it on my Twitter and got lots of abuse for it, but I think it’s just a nice girly thing. — Abbey Clancy

I must wait until the hearing itself before I make comments on specific issues. That’s the prerogative of the Senate, that’s the process, and so right now this is just an opportunity to say hello again to a number of my former colleagues and affirm that I look forward to working with them. — Dirk Kempthorne

I remember I couldn’t get to sleep that night because Kirby Puckett had said hello to me. — Alex Rodriguez

I said hello to him. He always smiles at me and I smile back. I always liked Larry. — Jimmy Rollins

I saw him after the game today and I just said hello to him and asked him how he has been doing, … I told him that we missed him at the 10th year reunion of the Penn State 1994 team, but he told me that he couldn’t make it. With five kids, I guess that keeps him pretty busy. It was great to see him and how well he has done during his career, and I always try to say ‘hi’ to the Penn State guys when we play them. — Kyle Brady

I think at least God said hello to me. I was lucky, lucky to have the voice, but also lucky to have this energy to really want to do this. — Cecilia Bartoli

I think I was a Japanese schoolgirl in another life. That’s how much I love Hello Kitty. — Dakota Fanning

I want to solve problems I meet in the daily life by using computers, so I need to write programs. By using Ruby, I want to concentrate the things I do, not the magical rules of the language, like starting with public void something something something to say, print hello world. I just want to say, print this! I don’t want all the surrounding magic keywords. — Yukihiro Matsumoto

I will call you personally and answer a question you may have, or just say hello or whatever, — E. O. Wilson

I’d met Harrison Ford before, but he was just finishing a meet with Jon Favreau and the other producers on the film, and we said hello as he walked out and I walked in and sat down and had this meeting with those guys. They basically described what they were looking for, and they thought that I brought a certain amount of authenticity to the genre, and would I want to take part? And I said, Absolutely! I’d love to! — Keith Carradine

I’d walk into the park with him. He’d be holding my hand and he had this funny gait, and everyone would say hello to him: the vendors, the security guy, the receptionist. It was all so joyous. And then the team winning the pennant. For an 8-year-old kid, it was like I had died and gone to heaven. — Mike Veeck

If there is any significant slowing in the U.S. economy in the next 12 months, it will be good-bye surpluses and hello big fiscal stimuli and deficits, and welcome higher U.S. rates, — David Gilmore

I’m a responsible soul. But anyone who has the chance to spend time with me can see I’m still 22 years old. I love talking about clothes and guys and shoes and makeup. Plus, I’m obsessed with anything Hello Kitty! — Jordin Sparks

I’m greedy about cities – I like to form my impressions of them on my own, and on foot as far as possible, looking and listening, having conversations with bridges and streets and riverbanks, conversations I tend not to be aware of until a little later, when I find myself returning to those places to say hello again, even if only in memory. — Helen Oyeyemi

I’m learning English at the moment. I can say ‘Big Ben’, ‘Hello Rodney’, ‘Tower Bridge’ and ‘Loo’. — Cher

I’m very happy. I’d like to say hello to my daughter who’s birthday it was yesterday, but this is for our team member Tony who’s sadly not with us any more. — Colin White

In Japan, Hello Kitty is a mature brand, even though it has seen substantial growth over the years. — Bill Hensley

In six pages, I can’t even say Hello. — James A. Michener

It was never a good idea to date a foreigner. You can never tell when they’re lying.’ ‘hello. Dave was BRITISH. — Meg Cabot

It was the first time I had my cry. It was the morning after the operation and he said ‘Hello mum, hello dad’. That was all I wanted; that was the best moment. They were tears of joy because we were worried he wouldn’t even know any of us. — Patricia Foster

It will be special to see the fans, I’m really excited about that. The ones that were here for all those years, I’m looking forward to saying hello to everyone. — Sean Casey

It’s always easier to say good-bye when you know it’s just a prelude to hello. — Maureen Johnson

It’s been two years since we filmed the three Rings films. It was like stepping back in time when I first walked on set. . . . Playing Pippin again was just like saying hello to an old friend. — Billy Boyd

It’s goodbye to some things. And hello to others. — David Levithan

It’s hello to having a body, being a woman and being sexy and American, and I think the clothes reflect that, — Calvin Klein

I’ve always liked and respected Paul. I’ve followed his career and made sure to say hello to him when he came to town. — Mark Shapiro

Janie calls Cabel. Hi, uh, Mom, she says. Cabel snorts. Hello, dear. Did you make it through the blizzard? Yeah. Barely. Janie grins into the phone. — Lisa McMann

Just so I don’t feel left out, … I like to sing one (one verse of the hello song) to Rachael. — Lawrence Fisher

Karl Lagerfeld looks very tough because of the glasses, and he has all these rings and the leather gloves, and he’s so smart. But he’s a very nice person… when he comes into a room or studio, he is going to say hello to each person, and the same when he leaves. — Carine Roitfeld

Mel Brooks came to see Oh, Hello in L.A. Mulaney and I had a meeting with him, and we invited him to come to the show, and he saw the Oh, Hello show live in L.A. To me, he’s the most famous person. Having him come to our show that was so inspired by both of us loving The Producers and all his movies. — Nick Kroll

Most of the time people are very courteous and very nice and generally they just want to say hello and get an autograph. — Wayne Rogers

My Dear Reader Chum, a very hearty hello to you. What an honour and privilege it is to have you perusing my written word. — Miranda Hart

My understanding is that he talks with them at some length and it is more than just a hello and goodbye. He asked them about their injuries and hears their stories. — Bill Swisher

Not everything is about money. You didn’t even say, hello. You are not your sad little wallet. — Chuck Palahniuk

Once again, I entered my solitary room and said-So hello room!, How have you been?And heard it answer-So welcome home!, I have been lonely! — Leo Veness

One does not greet the Queen of the Seelie Court with the barbarous human ‘hello’… — Cassandra Clare

Pretty much all the people in the world want to meet you. Don’t let anyone scare you into believing otherwise. Get out there and say hello to as many of them as you can while you’re here—there is no better thing you can do. — David Rozgonyi

Say hello to the BAD GUY! — Scott Hall

Say hello to your life. — Madonna Ciccone

She was a gallant soul. I knew her from way back because Gig Young was a good friend of mine. I always think of her sitting in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel, holding court, saying hello to people, being funny. — Dominick Dunne

Sometimes just when I say hello the right way, I’m like, ‘Whoa, I’m so cool.’ — Robert Pattinson

The best way to compliment an emcee is to say his lyrics. That’s how you say, Hello. — Ice T

The coach and GM of the Crusaders junior hockey club came by. If people from the area wanted to come by and say hello and depending on what they wanted to promote we could talk and promote whats going on in the community and tie it all in with the game, — Brian Hall

The difference is I get a chance to say hello instead of goodbye, … I get a chance to say it’s so good to know we’re still here with an opportunity to make it better, somehow, some way, for somebody besides ourselves. And how important it is to realize that we’re not alone. — Solomon Burke

The first thing I do when I come to work, I say hello to my dogs and give them one biscuit each. The butler takes them out to the park and drops them off at the office, so they are there waiting for me. They are very popular in the studio. They play all the time. They run around, up and down, left and right. — Stefano Gabbana

The good thing about my part in ‘Harry Potter’ was that I was pretty well disguised. When I was walking down the street, there was no real recognition factor. Parents would sometimes call their children to come say hello to Mad-Eye, and the kids wouldn’t know what they were looking at. — Brendan Gleeson

The idea is to make a bit of a splash with this concert, to say hello in a way that introduces some very serious music but also puts together a great disparity of music with relish, — Andrew Davies

The porpoises said hello to Molly. She told them all her teeth were green. — Dave Barry

The pyjamas have cats on them. I am informed that these cats belong to an organisation called Hello Kitty. — Martin Millar

The unsaid rule for living in a trailer park is: ‘If the door’s shut, don’t come a-knockin.’ But if it’s open and you’re walkin’ by, feel free to say, ‘Hello.’ — Matthew McConaughey

There are a lot of people who that you may only nod to; it’s better to stop and say hello. — Amy Ray

There’s definitely a buzz around the campus. There’s a lot more people who say hello to me, and it’s not because they know me. Everyone likes a winner. — Patrick Cooney

There’s so many great things that happened at the Grand Ole Opry in 50 years. You get the chance to go out and visit with your peers. You get a chance to sing your song and say hello to so many friends and neighbors and all that you have. It’s just – well, it’s a second home. — Jim Ed Brown

This is just great fun, I really appreciate all the time and kind words all these people spend just to say hello to me, not something I’m ever even tempted to take for granted. — Kevin Sorbo

We can’t tell you all our secrets, but we’re looking forward to the deploy of Hubble and if we have a chance to say hello to our families, we’ll definitely take advantage of that, — Curtis Brown

We had once called out hello into the cauldron of the world and then run away before anyone could respond. — Miranda July

We say hello to each other now and we are pleasant to each other, but it doesn’t go any further than that, — Andrew Flintoff

We thought it would be a good opportunity to have a chance to say hello and get to know them. The commissioners are very important people in the community. We want to spend a quality nine innings with them. — David Samson

Well, hello there, Mother,” Sebastian said in a voice like silk. “Surprised to see me? — Cassandra Clare

When I came down to Hilton Head and saw all the natural beauty, I said, ‘Good-bye barns, hello ocean, hello live oak trees, — Terry Brennan

When we kicked off and no one came to mark me I thought, ‘Hello, it’s Christmas’ — Paul Merson

You will always be my favorite hello and hardest goodbye. P.S. i will always love you. — Cecelia Ahern

You wouldn’t meet a Joe Frazier down today and then up tomorrow, said hello to big shots then ignore someone on the lower level; he was the most consistent human being. What you see is what you get. — George Foreman

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