Hey little fighter,


Soon things will be brighter. Over the course of my living and walking under the sun i have met different people in different places. i have come across situations where i thought maybe it’s easier to just die or become a bird, flower or something like that. I have watched loved ones leave without even saying goodbye and without me getting the chance to tell them i love them. I have failed more times than i care to admit but through it all, i decided to bounce back, dust off and soldier on. Often times in life, we get to encounter such situations, we loose loved ones, they may be in form of parents, sister, brother, husband, son, daughter, close friends, relatives, you name them. You have lost jobs, got fired one day didn’t know where to begin. Your husband walked out on you one day going to work and till today you wait for him to show up at your doorstep, briefcase in hand, loose tie and his coat on the other hand looking tired, just like he left that morning.But it’s been ten years and counting and you haven’t heard from him. His kids graduated high school and are now big boys and mature beautiful girls. They stopped asking you if daddy is ever coming back because it is clear to them he is never coming back plus they don’t want to see you crying all over again. You are all they have and they have vowed to never let you hurt and feel unloved as long as they breathe.You’ve kept asking yourself what you did wrong but for years you haven’t come to a conclusive answer, he a lone can answer that but honey, as long as you did your best, never blame yourself for it.

Maybe your son, sister, parent passed on. You haven’t stopped blaming yourself, maybe you should have taken him/her to the world’s best doctors or shouldn’t have let him cross the road by himself, maybe if you were there she wouldn’t have slipped in the bathroom or at least you would have been there to prevent her from hitting her head so hard on the floor but it happened. As much as i hate saying this, everything happens for a reason, no matter how bad the situation looks at the time. You might not know the reason now but it is there. God doesn’t let anything happen for no reason and if maybe you are not a believer of the Big Guy above, believe that it happened for the best.

I don’t want to tell you it’s going to be okay, or you’ll stop hurting because i will be lying, but it gets better. It will be the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about when you retire to bed. You might be seeing them all through the day, or thinking about them but with time it’ll be the second thing you think about then the third and before you realize, you’ll be reminded of them by maybe their best hanging out spot, or a sweater they wore, the scent of their perfume at the mall or young kids at he playground. Memories of them will not be as consistent as it was before and it will hurt less. You will finally stop blaming yourself every so often, meet new people, new memories even new and more babies. You might never replace them but it will get brighter.The dark sad cloud hanging over you will start letting the sun rays stream in and morning will be here once again, just not with the same faces.It is always darkest before dawn. The sun will always come out tomorrow, take as much time as you need to mourn your loss when you’re ready you will move on but the memories will always be locked in a chest of drawers at the back of your head. It is okay to be sad but don’t let it deter you from your purpose and goals in life.

And in conclusion i say this with all the love i have in me, “hey little fighter, soon it will be brighter” insert a big smile, with a big heart.

From me to you, with love.

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  1. I loved this, it’s really well written and really uplifting. I am on the otherside of it all now but I have to say that gave this post a new meaning to me. Being able to read it and know that I don’t need the message anymore is a strange but beautiful feeling. I always laughed when people said it would get better or give those half smiles and nods all the while believing that getting better was something that happened to other people but it happened to me. Now I am working towards making it awesome haha. Thank you for this and I hope you keep up your work and stay strong and keep loving the world I think that’s the most important thing to always have something you can love.

    • That is so nice hearing that you got better. Thank you for reading and hope you continue facing each day with a bigger smile on your face and ofcourse as you said love more.


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