85+ Best Homecoming Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational homecoming quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

Famous Homecoming Quotes

Each of us is born into our own mysteries…but the mystery of another might just take us in and embrace us. And then what a sense of homecoming, of belonging! – Alexander McCall Smith

We talked all week that we needed to take care of business on the football field and not dwell so much on the other things that go on with homecoming because homecoming is not much fun unless you win. Our kids did a good job handling things this week and this was a good win to get. – Ryan Watson

Last week we enjoyed playing in front of a large homecoming crowd at home. This week, we’re going to a place where we won’t have the crowd on our side. It’d be nice to ride some momentum (into the game). Realistically, we’re playing a very tough opponent that’s riding some momentum of their own. – Terry Wilczek

It?s sort of a homecoming for the Birmingham Black Barons. That team was in the Negro World Series. – Paul Melvin

It will be a homecoming for those two. They both have their championship rings already and now they’ll be coming back with something to prove, I’m sure. – Greg Williams

It was a whirlwind trip of exciting things. Brian was a celebrity and he was treated as a homecoming hero. He arrived at the airport at 3:30 in the morning and there were 14-20 camera crews waiting for Brian. He was given two motorcades and a tickertape parade. – Gary Gittelsohn

We looked at the history of Rhode Island football. In 107 years there have been 31 winning seasons. It seems like when we get past the homecoming game and daylight savings time our season kind of turns into the dark. – Tim Stowers

Because homecoming came first, and there was the homecoming court. The five guys on homecoming court were disqualified from being in the prom court. So being prom king was being sixth most popular. – Andy Richter

We didn’t play real well. Homecoming week always means distractions, and that showed a little bit. – Joe Bline

She was so worried about homecoming festivities. I told her to forget about all that and she came out in the second half and scored 10 points. – Josh Milbourn

I want it to be perfect. It is disappointing not to have it there for the Homecoming game, but I need to take the long view that it will be there for generations. – Donald Lipski

For many people, this is a homecoming and a gathering of people from their family and community. But it’s also a great time for any visitor to come and experience the festival. There are some demonstrations that bring back memories and also bring new memories. – Janette Epp

Your homecoming will be my homecoming – e. e. cummings

I want this homecoming and this university to extend to the future. – Beatriz Merino

We had a come-from-behind homecoming win that year that really stands out in my mind. One of the games, we were really down at halftime. He really put on a show in the second half, and we came back and beat West Georgia. – Hal Mumme

Directing a movie is a little bit like being back in student government and putting on the homecoming dance. You’re like, ‘You put up the streamers, and you hire the DJ, and you get the punch bowl.’ Some people are just like, ‘This dance sucks.’ And you’re like, ‘No no, this dance is awesome!’ You have to be really positive. – Mike Birbiglia

I was a homecoming king in high school! I was involved. I was a good member of the community, I thought. – Kevin Connolly

You know Bernie is going to come out after us. Those Stoddard County team like to play us and they know its Homecoming night, so we can’t hang our heads about this one, we’ve got to get ready to play tomorrow night (tonight). – Eric Sitze

He knows those guys. It’s more of a homecoming than you might know. – Mark Mersel

Johnson & Wales has had a hard year. They will be excited to play a Division I team. It should be a fun homecoming for former Highland High star Eric Daniels. – Dick Hunsaker

And it’s our homecoming week. As a coach, homecoming has always bothered me, but it’s one of those things you’ve got to live with. Hopefully we can stay focused for this Charter Oak game. – Mike Greene

We’ll ask (the players) which is more important, homecoming or football. I think we can definitely play with Willoughby South, but we need to improve. – Tim Willis

We will look at what students want Hood’s homecoming to be. – Donald Miller

This was a pivotal game for us. We knew coming in that Stark County would be fired up on their Homecoming with a chance to gain a share of the conference lead. – Larry Stahl

There’s some skepticism still. Hopefully by Homecoming the students will be more involved. – Joel Miller

It’s always special to do that. Then to have it on your homecoming night, especially as a senior … that’s even more special. – Alex Anderson

It was our fondest wish that we could have been able to share Susan’s homecoming with the world. – Justin Torres

It’s kind of like a homecoming at older churches. You see people there that you may not see again until the same time at the same place next year. – Pam Baker

My favorite consultation was with a mother and daughter for a homecoming dance. The young lady put on her homecoming dress and her shoes and the mom was just so excited to be able to have something made just for her daughter. A piece of jewelry she could keep forever that was heirloom quality. And the daughter was thrilled to have jewelry that no one else was going to have and it was all under a $100.00. – Danielle Blumenberg

Just looking at the crowd it’s certainly better than we ever dreamed six months ago. Mardi Gras was significant in ways we’ve never seen before. This has been a homecoming for locals and for our tourists as well. – Sandra Shilstone

In Kentucky, it’s everything. Our homecoming is during basketball season. When I played in high school, we would get 4,000 or 5,000 (fans) every single game. We had to play in a downtown arena. We couldn’t play in our own high-school gym. – Scott Monarch

You’re a 14-year old at homecoming starting against a team that’s a perennial power in Central Ohio? We knew he’s be nervous. He’s going to be an exceptional quarterback. He’s already an exceptional kid. – Bill Davidson

I knew this was the red-letter event because it was homecoming. I am just really happy for our seniors. They made it a goal to win homecoming and we turned that around into winning every home game. – Todd Casebier

Home’s where you go when you run out of homes. – John le Carre

We want to create a new sense of homecoming being a big deal at the University of Colorado, – Mike Bohn

Passion is for holidays, not homecoming. – Jeanette Winterson

We told the kids all week that the most important thing about homecoming is the game. We didn’t have a problem getting up for this one, despite the loss last week. That’s not to say we weren’t down. Anytime you lose to Earlham it’s very disappointing. – Eric Trudo

UMSL has a huge multicultural base and we wanted to incorporate not just the traditional homecoming theme of stars and the moon, we wanted something kind of different this year. – Tanzeena Hossain

We’re still very young. Homecoming week is a tough week to get ready to play ball, but we finally won it. – Mike Patrick

One thing that comes to mind is my homecoming from Sydney, the first Olympics. He was there the whole way. You know, I got to share my experience with Savannah because he loaned me a camera. – Cheryl Haworth

I don’t want to get into a district and have to cancel somebody’s homecoming game. We were close to that this year. We would like to be in a more competitive district. When you’re running the clock in the second quarter, you’re not in a competitive situation. – Darryl Smithey

Coming back to Israel is a homecoming. – Gene Simmons

We’ve been saying from Day 1 that we didn’t want to wait until next year. This is a tremendous homecoming victory. – S. Hughes

Moses was in high school the last time these guys lost a homecoming game. – Mike Leach

After the efforts of this summer to bring her into the world, this is obviously a devastating loss, … We wish to thank all the people who sustained us in prayer over the past 17 weeks. It was our fondest wish that we could have been able to share Susans homecoming with the world. – Justin Torres

We see homecoming as a way to build tradition. When (a school’s) been around for 150 years, it’s easy to have tradition. Being such a young university, we’re still working on it. – Chris Cole

We let up on the dress code a little during homecoming week for those special theme days, … They know our focus even this week will still be on education. The tests don’t stop just because it’s homecoming. – Patrick Miller

It just really feels awesome. We honored the last team to win a division title at homecoming and a lot of those players were on hand for this win. Our girls were really happy to be able to put a banner beside the one they hung 20 years ago. – Wayne Fortenberry

We have a new committee for the Bristol Homecoming Festival, and this was our first year to organize it. All things considered, there seemed to be a lot of new life breathed into the event. The Bristol Homecoming Festival is one of the oldest festivals in Indiana, dating back to 1881. These are the kind of events we need to be successful at to help our hometown thrive. We need good ideas, the ability to communicate this to our neighbors, and community involvement to make this happened, which is one reason to network with business leaders in our town. – Dan Watson

I didnt get to go to prom; I was filming a death scene on my prom night. But I got to go to all the homecomings, and even the winter formals I got to go to, but the only thing I missed was the prom, but everything else was great. – Michael Angarano

Poetry is a sort of homecoming. – Paul Celan

I came back to a couple of homecoming events, like when I went into the Wall of Fame. And I have been in La Crosse for a couple of physical therapy conferences. Every time, I sneak into Mitchell Hall and look at the (championship) banner. It brings back great memories. – Mary Hansen

I hate to do it, especially with all the festivities. The governor is going to be here, the band is going to play, it’s homecoming weekend, my mother’s coming up from Chicago, my college roommates are flying in from different places, – Donald Lipski

I think if you ask any coach in America, they’d all agree that they’re not going to like homecoming night. The more things your team has to worry about other than basketball makes concentrating on the game tough. – Chris Myers

It’s not the Olympics. It’s Concord, New Hampshire, and a homecoming should reflect the community I’m part of. – Christa McAuliffe

We’ve played homecoming games there, … so it would have to be explored. Much would depend on how it came out of the flooding. – Rick Dickson

We have a real tough homecoming game Friday night with a good football team. – Harry Sprouse

I love going to football games and going to homecoming dances and just doing normal things. – Madison Pettis

We understand that halftime shows, homecoming and other presentations are important to our institutions. So the allowance is there. – Charles Broyles

You can call this a homecoming bell for New Orleans. We have good news we want to get out. We are trying to get up and running. The whole thing is starting is coming together. – Robert Ramirez

This is obviously a devastating loss for the Torres and Rollin families. We wish to thank all the people who sustained us in prayer over the past 17 weeks. It was our fondest wish that we could have been able to share Susan’s homecoming with the world. – Justin Torres

It’s surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time. – Barbara Kingsolver

And that was my homecoming. It was fine, I guess. Getting back feels like your first breath after nearly drowning. Even if it hurts, it’s good. – Phil Klay

I was 85 lbs. at my 2000 homecoming dance. But I wanted my collarbones and hip bones to show more. I’d feel my hip bones to make sure they were out. If not, I had more weight to lose. I lost my period until I was 17. I loved that. It meant I wasn’t healthy, and I didn’t want to be healthy. – Brittany Snow

I think the big thing is that homecoming is one of the few events that bring all the organizations together and more people wanted to see that happen earlier in the year and see more of a campus unity instead of waiting until spring. – Tanzeena Hossain

It seems more sudden this year, since we just had a homecoming last spring, but the change is good, – Amy Jordan

It’s homecoming and I expect us to play with a lot of emotion. – Gary Giancola

With all them being involved, it makes more of a community effort out of the whole event, which is what keeps the whole homecoming idea alive. And the result of that is something that’s lasted longer than any of us, and hopefully it’ll continue doing that. – Craig Roberts

It’s a big win in a big game for us. If you’re going to play a conference championship game, what better an atmosphere than a Homecoming game. The bigger the crowd, the better. – Bill Brown

When I grew up, if you played sports, you weren’t in the cool group. Now it’s cool for women to be athletes. You look at all the homecoming queens, and they play sports. – Juli Inkster

This looks like a funeral; this is supposed to be a happy time. I’m happy to be here; it’s a homecoming for me. – David Smith

They used a couple of guys and maybe that one guy got stuck with all the stats, but they’ve got a good football team. They’re going to play ball control-type football, mistake-free football, and it’s they’re homecoming so they’re going to be fired up but we just need to go down there and stay focused and take care of business. – Chuck Wilson

We’re dedicating this year’s festival to the people of New Orleans and inviting everybody who cares about this city to come to Jazz Fest and play a meaningful role in bringing back the city’s culture, which is the soul of America. Jazz Fest 2006 will be a homecoming party for thousands of New Orleans musicians, Festival chefs and craftspeople, and we want the world to join us in welcoming them back as we present the celebration of a lifetime. – Quint Davis

You’ve really got to be popular to be homecoming queen at 6-foot-3. – Percy Wade

I’m a nerd. Total geek. I never went to homecoming or prom or anything. – Hunter Hayes

We’re really promoting Homecoming as a chance for alumni to enjoy the energy and excitement that takes place at Colgate every weekend, – Pat Buckley

They was on me pretty heavy, but I didn’t think it was a right spot for me. Being a home-state team, you know I cheered for them a little bit, but not that much. It’s a homecoming game for me. – Devan Downey

I married a homecoming queen, which means I know as much about college football as the next person, as long as the next person is not Darrell Royal or Bear Bryant. As the NFF Historian, I’ll have a new platform to indulge my passion for the most emotional, colorful and hysterical game ever developed by mankind and Walter Camp. – Dan Jenkins

I guess I was one of the popular kids. I played soccer, I was class president – I even dated the homecoming queen. – Matthew Morrison

I told them next week is homecoming. What’s more important, homecoming or football? We’re going to find out. – Tim Willis

I’ve known them for years. It’s like a homecoming for me going back to the SWAC. It gives me a little insight because I had gone against Coach Thomas when he was at Pine Bluff and Valley. When I was at Jackson State, he was at Alcorn. Coach McKenzie, going up against him the last couple of years, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect from them and the players they’re playing with. – Greg Johnson

My husband (TC Central principal Mike Murray) had homecoming and then the kids made regionals and there I was. – Chris Murray

It’s homecoming and it’s kind of the home stretch for us getting ready for the playoffs here. Ten days of practice did us well. We came out ready to play today. – Eric Streff

We were concerned especially with homecoming week and everything. Defensively, we played a great game. – Tom Padjen

Many students don’t have resources to purchase prom and homecoming finery, and so end up staying home. – Dee Smith

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