How to Be Romantic with Your Girlfriend: 10 Cute Gestures

How to be a romantic boyfriend to make your girlfriend melt? How to make your girlfriend feel special and love her in all the ways that can boost her love for you?

Well, romance is one of the most essential keys for a successful relationship. Every woman ever, wants a romantic man for herself. For a lot of men, romance doesn’t come off as a natural skill. This is because it is hard for men to be expressive about their feelings.

However, being romantic is a skill and if you don’t possess it naturally, you can still make an effort to include it in your personality.

Every man should be romantic with her lady, so that the relationship can be strong and full of spark and joy. By this way, you can also make her miss you.

Ways to Be More Romantic to Your Girlfriend

Men assume that women love gifts and if they keep showering her with flowers, chocolates and perfumes, she will be happy.

However, this is not true. Where gifts do hold a separate and important place in a relationship, romance is essential. Romance adds spark to a dull moment and brings two people close. You can and you must be romantic.

Thus, we have summed up some ways on how to be romantic with your girlfriend, that will help you in keeping her forever.

Remember men; a woman loves a romantic guy and with a little effort, you can be the one she spends her life with. So, it is okay to loosen up and get the skill of romance, up your sleeves. You can perform little daily acts, no matter how big or small, to show your romantic side.

  1. Give her a long hug:

A long hug, from the right person, can turn a blue day around. It is one of the sweetest and most romantic ways to tell your girlfriend that you love her.

Hugs are famous for romance and they tend to portray one’s longingness for the other person. They symbolize togetherness.

A long and warm hug is definite to set a woman’s day around. You don’t have to think about it before hugging her.

Hug her just randomly while she is cooking in the kitchen or she is working or maybe she is just sitting next to you.

Give her a tight hug and rub her back slightly as she is wrapped inside your arms. And a long hug is not confined till a few seconds. Hold her like this for at least a few minutes. Trust us, she will be on top of the world.

  1. Always be thoughtful:

Men aren’t very thoughtful (most of them), no offence. It is sad to see how the new generation doesn’t invest in thoughtful actions.

However, if you are a man of thought and you are in a serious relationship, then you will certainly say and do things that are meaningful. Good morning paragraphs for her and goodnight message for her are small gestures that tell her that you have been thinking about her.

More importantly, you must show genuine interest for all aspects of her life.

You should remind her how beautiful she is, and how she inspires you to be better person.

Send flowers at her place. Tell her to message you when she reaches home safely. Call her to ask how her day has been. Drop by her office and take her favorite meal along. She will love the small, meaningful efforts.

  1. Cook for her or with her:

If you know how to make a decent meal, surprise her, by cooking for her. And if you don’t know how to cook, you can accompany her in the kitchen.

Girls love men who can cook but if you don’t know how to make any dish, there is nothing to worry about. Men who cook usually appear as much more romantic.

If you are willing to put in more effort, you can learn how to cook her favorite dish too. She will definitely love it and it shows how much you care for her.

A small date at home, where you cook for her, is unbeatable. A thousand dates at premium restaurants wouldn’t match this.

  1. Whisper romantic lines in her ear while you two are out:

If you want to add intimacy to your romance, then whispering in her ear is the best thing to do. It is a very intimate act and arouses both men and women.

While you are out with your friends, you can whisper romantic and sweet things in her ear. Some of the tiniest things can make a girl weak in the knees. It will also leave her smiling yet confused.

You don’t have to whisper anything meaningful. Sometimes, romance is all about some simple lines or you can even compliment a physical feature of hers.

A simple sentence, like you look breathtaking today or I cannot take my eyes off you or I can’t keep my hands off you, I wish we were alone.

  1. Hold her waist and pull her closer:

Women love it when their men hold them from their waist. It is a very romantic and intimate gesture too.

Look into her eyes deeply and brush your hand on her cheeks. This might sound like a cliche movie scene, but this is what movies are made for.

So guys, take some notes and add them to your list of how to be romantic with your girlfriend. You can even rub your nose with her or say something cute.

If you don’t know what to say, just stay silent and enjoy the tenderness of the moment. Whether you say anything or not, holding her waist and pulling her close is all that she wants.

  1. Compliment her and write a romantic love letter:

You should compliment your girlfriend in genius ways to make her feel loved, admired and special. This is a simple way to keep romance in a relationship without taking a lot of time.

Also, love letters for girlfriend may be one of the oldest ways to express your deep feelings but nothing has yet been invented that impress a girl.

Show your playful side by writing sweet things to say to your girlfriend on sticky notes and leaving them where she will find. Send her unexpected flirty texts for girlfriend.

  1. Hold her hand:

Hold her hand just randomly, even while you both are talking.

Girls love men who talk to them deeply, while holding their hands. This keeps her indulged in the conversation and adds warmth to the entire vibe too.

You can also rub your fingers on her palm or on the back of her hand or wrist while you talk.

Don’t forget to look into her eyes as you don’t want her to assume that it is all about physical attraction. Looking into her eyes will make her feel special.

  1. Kiss in her in between your conversation:

Is your girlfriend talking to you and she looks too cute to handle? Is she having a baseless argument with you and you want to end it but romantically and cutely? Well, it is time to just kiss her lips right away.

Close your eyes and touch your lips with her for 5-10 seconds. If she asks you why you interrupted her, tell her that you couldn’t stop.

She is going to blush, and her smile will be a million dollar one. It will be enough to make her feel special, and you will see her feelings, shining in her smile.

  1. Surprise her:

You don’t need any specific reason to give random gifts or plan a romantic date. Surprises are more about the thought behind the act.

You can bring the romance back in your relationship by surprising her with your romantic gestures. Your relationship flourishes because you show that you are willing to spare the time and effort to do something for your girlfriend.

Your romantic gestures and thoughtful actions will make your girlfriend happy.

  1. Try traditional romantic ideas:

Don’t forget that old is gold. Try the traditional romantic idea.

Candlelight dinners, long walks and roses are some of the best romantic gestures.

These are forever!

They will never go out of vogue.

These have a magical charm and will make your girlfriend smile.


Our society makes men assume that if they are romantic, they might come off as less of a man. But that is not true.

Being romantic helps men sustain their relationships and actually enjoy them. It really adds spark to your manliness as women love men who are romantic.

Girls always see through your actions and it will give her reasons to invest her time, efforts and love into you as well. Remember that relationships are run by two people.

Thus, it is not her duty to be romantic for you. You need to do that for her as well and you will see amazing outcomes! Thus, try these ways to be romantic with your girlfriend.

how to be romantic with your girlfriend