You Can Do It – Be The Support System Your Friend Needs on Her Big Day

Oh, my God, I know exactly how you feel right now. You are freaking out, right? Your BFF’s wedding day is right around the corner and you, as her maid of honor, have absolutely no idea what you need to do. Take a deep breath sister, I’m here for you. Believe me, I did this once and I have it all etched in my memory to the last detail.

In this article, I’m going to share my maid-of-honor experience and give you some of the most important tips on how to do it all the right way.

You have to make sure that she looks fabulous all the time

In other words, her look will be your duty. She is the bride and this is her day after all, right? You need to make sure that her, as well as her bridal party, are on point and that everybody has their makeup and their hair done in time.

If you see anything you think won’t work, whether it is her lipstick or someone’s updo, you need to step in. Also, make sure that everyone knows exactly how much time you all have to get things done.

Set your inner Vera Wang free

That’s right – you’ll also be her tailor. Sometimes, unfortunately, wedding dresses can rip. This is why it is good to have an emergency kit somewhere close to you.

If you are wondering what an emergency kit is, it is a satchel where you’ll put things like tweezers for eyelashes, blotting papers that will keep the extra shine away, your, as well as her lipstick, tissues for tears of joy, face mist, stain remover, white thread and needle. And no, it is not too much, you will thank me later.

Feed her – literally

When the wedding morning comes, brides tend to be so overwhelmed that they forget to eat. You may find it ridiculous, but you won’t laugh when she faints at the altar from starvation, or even worse – when she becomes a cranky bride!

I used to chase my friend through her house and shove granola bars in her mouth, besides water and margaritas. It is actually super fun because you feel so useful and important while she freaks out but eats the thing anyway.

The car worthy of a bride

Just like the heading says, the coolest thing ever is when you hire a limo for her on her wedding day, so she truly feels like a princess. I got that idea like two days before the wedding and called a wedding car hire service, and luckily, I found one last available limo.

Not to mention you will also have a chance to cruise around the town with her and maybe even manage to take a few sips of champagne (wink).

You are the host, unofficially, but still – you are

Did caterer and cake baker get in some sort of fight? Did somebody ask for a vegan dinner but didn’t get it for the past hour? Does the groom’s grandmother look like she wants to dance but cannot find a partner? Did the best man get stuck in traffic (I know, ours did)?

Does the band have some sort of trouble with the sound? Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to step in and help if you can. This especially goes for the things that the bride, groom and their closest relatives shouldn’t even hear about.

The wedding may be over, but your duties are not

If there is anything that needs to be paid when the party is over, it would be the best if you created a list with the couple beforehand, so you can just hand out checks in the end.

Also, a gift table and a card box are something you should keep an eye on before, during, and after the party. Bringing them all into a secure room when the party is over will be of great help.

Cinderella had her shoe – and your BFF had her dress

That beautiful wedding dress you all cried your lifetime supply of tears over can easily end up on the floor because the bride was in a hurry to change into her after-party dress. In order to save this beauty, make sure you help the bride take it off and immediately hang it back in the garment bag after removing all those champagne stains with your stain remover.

That would be it. And don’t worry, even though this seems like a ton of work where you will just run around like a maniac and have no fun at all, just know that for my BFF’s wedding, I managed to do all this stuff (and more), get tipsy, have fun and even “shake it” a little bit. Not to mention the happiness I felt when I was looking at her smile and her happy face.