How to Flirt: 15 Best Flirting Tips

You have to have the right approach and the right flirting skills to ignite the burning desire that will attract your crush. Knowing how to flirt is important. If you want to get your crush’s attention, flirting is where the real magic of attraction is.

Some people are of the opinion that men respond more readily to flirt when compared to women. A study conducted by the University of Kansas in September 2020, among other things, found out that “some women are more effective than others in effectively conveying a flirtatious facial cue, while some men are better at recognizing this cue…”

When you flirt, you need to use actions that will leave people jittery and wanting more. In other words, create suspense.

Even if you are noticing them for the first time, you can still leave them wanting to see or hear more of you.

Has it ever happened to you with someone you met? The thought of them occupies your head, and you can’t really explain why. You keep wanting to see them again, yet they are not the most attractive persons you ever met.

Whoever leaves such an impression on you has knowingly or unknowingly used the right flirting skills on you.

You can also learn how to flirt with a guy on text and rules for texting a girl you like.

Proven Tips on How to Flirt

There are several skills to influence people that are drawn to you, and some of them are as follows:

1. Make eye contact

Flirting with eyes is the first body language you apply to attract your crush.

In situations where you find it difficult to make physical contact, the eyes play a major role by setting the stage and creating curiosity.

Once you understand how to properly communicate your desires using your eyes, you can comfortably get them to think about you all night long and seek opportunities to see you the next day.

The way you look at people when you flirt is the key. You want to start by stealing glances until you deliberately allow the gaze to hold. When you do, monitor their reactions. Do they reciprocate? What they do determines your next move.

2. Smile and Compliment

Some people are gifted with smiling. They can easily manipulate you with the way they smile.

Smiling is considered very important in flirting. It is contagious and attention-grabbing. Give your crush a flashy, irresistible smile.

If all you did was walk across and flash a warm smile, you would be amazed at what you achieved.

When you win a smile back, don’t hesitate to compliment them about anything you find attractive about them.

A smile can do a lot of magic at the beginning, then once their attention is with you, compliment them. Maybe they too have noticed you and were improving in their outfit. It is important that you notice their good look and complement it.

All you need at this stage is a way to start a conversation.

3. Know the right time to approach them

One more skill you should master before you engage in communication with them is how to detect when is the right time to talk. Don’t go flirting with people with the weight of the whole world on their heads; it won’t work.

Know when your crush needs company and when they desire to be on their own. This is very important if you hope to get along with them.

4. Conversation

There are no better ways to key into the heart of your crush than to start a conversation with them. They may appear skeptical at the first approach, continue anyway, at the heat of the conversation; they would crawl out of their shell.

Conversation is helpful only if you know the right words to use. Starting the wrong way will kill every chance you got.

There is no better way to do it right than to start with a simple concern about them. Use compliments or simple questions without being pushy. Place them first. This skill may look simple, but it is what people think when they think about who spoke with them. Not too often do people show care, so why won’t it be appreciated?

Watch the tune of your voice; it rings bell on their head when they go to bed. 

5. Be Open and Original

Openness shows off like a transparent crystal.

Being open to your crush helps to get them to trust you and forms the blocks. Then being original is what cements it to form a house. Once they feel that you are not trying to be something different from you, they would get interested.

I was opportune to monitor several online pools that people were asked what they look out for in their intending partners. Most of them immediately said they want someone truthful some others said someone open.

Everyone loves to be taken seriously. When your crush asks you questions, you need to be as open as needed. In a situation where you want to keep something secrete, be plain and tell them that you don’t want to talk about it. Just make sure your tone doesn’t come out as being rude.

6. Respect

You definitely don’t want to be or sound disrespectful; I mean, this is a red flag.

Everybody cleave for respect, and as such, you should always know the boundaries when you flirt.

Don’t be too pushy, it kills any chance you might get, plus the people you are flirting with might see you as being annoying rather than friendly.

When you are not sure of what you feel, don’t start flirting. Humans are emotional beings, so don’t arouse peoples’ feelings only to drawback to think.

7. Be Patient

Some people may play along only occasionally even after you use all the best skills. It’s not like they are seeing someone, yet they are not advancing with you. Well, it happens sometimes. The truth is that you never know what people may be going through, so you need to exercise patience in situations like this. Give them more time if you really like them.

8. Don’t Beat Around the Bush

In some cases, it takes serious effort to get to finally talk to your crush, and when you do, don’t beat around the bush. Be courageous enough to tell them how you feel or what you want. Chances are they too feel the same way as you do.

If you are only chatting them up or using SMS, you want to send cute flirty text messages that get responses.

9. Stay calm and Confident

Once you make up your mind to go after your crush, you must consider your method or manner of approach.

Being confident in yourself helps your rational mind form the most valid points, paint the best picture, study your crush and understand their body language.

The more confident you are, the more reasonable you sound; after all, it is never a do-or-die affair. Calm yourself down so that you don’t appear desperate or needy.

10. Subtle Touches

Friendly touch or pat helps to draw people closer.

Once you get closer to your flirt and get talking, politely pat their arms or hands or knees to get them to pay attention, but in essence, to create a connection. This works perfectly well, just don’t abuse it.

Subtle touches can still occur as intentional accidents. In most cases, they will turn to glance at you which may create room for communication.

11. Use Jokes

If you are finding your way about them difficult, start by making short irresistible jokes that will get them laughing.

It doesn’t mean memorizing a joke to tell them, but you can apply humor in every little action you take or tease them politely. You can also use funny nicknames or cute pick up lines.

12. Body Language

Their body language tells you when to hit harder or wait. If your crush starts to show certain positive body behaviors, maybe in the way they look at you or they now smile often or enjoy listening to you, et cetera, it may be the right time to up your game as these may be the signs that they too are crushing on you.

13. Set the Tone

Imagine chatting up your crush and all their responses come in one or two short words; if you really want to get them talking, then you have to set the tone.

Make them part of the conversation by making some open statements that will trigger a detailed response. This is the right way to spark up a conversation.

14. Genuine Questions

Asking harmless questions could also help to set the tone and get them talking.

Ask questions that show you care about them. A simple question like, how are you doing, is enough to start a conversation.

15. Think about them

Your thoughts form your words and actions. The more you have them in your mind, the more you learn better approaches to woo them.

If truly they are your crush, thinking about them should come naturally.


Approach your flirt with some of these skills we mentioned and up your game. The rule is, if you love them, let them know now.

Just be yourself and open. Get yourself into their head, give them a warm smile, notice them nicely, compliment them, read their body language, get closer, have fun.

What other ways do you approach your flirt? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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