8 Proven Ways on How to Get Someone to Like You

It is a difficult question for you that someone likes you or not. Getting others to like you is not totally in the control. Sometimes you are liked by others without any reason.

Some people say that there are positive vibes that help you to get someone to like you as a friend or as a potential love interest. They may be impressed by your personality or maybe you are having any habit that attracts them towards you. There are the number of reasons behind that.

The other matter of concern is that they are liking you as a friend or maybe they are loving you. There is a big difference between both of them. You do not force anyone to like you but you may make your personality that much attractive that anyone can easily like you and start taking interest in you.

One way is to keep yourself cheerful and happy in front of other people. You should always have a beautiful smile on your face which always welcomes others. They may start taking interest in you and want to talks to you.

There are certain tips and tricks which help you to make your personality more charming and attractive. The proven things you can do to increase your chances of getting people to like you quickly.

How to Make Someone Like You

Make your personality attractive

Personal hygiene the first point to make yourself attractive. Keep yourself clean all the time. Try to wear the things which suit you. Take care of your basic grooming all the time. Use attractive deodorant. Comb your hair properly. When you look good as well as smell good other people automatically want to sit with you and spend time with you. You will look more confident—Groom yourself in a way that suits you. Be careful about your clothing.

Try to put on the things which suit you more. Be conscious of your clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

These all things will improve your personality and make you more attractive and charming. People always attract to the looks of other people. So keep your looks attractive all the time. It enhances your personality because physical appearance plays a big part in liking someone.

You don’t need to put a lot of energy into attracting others. First, make yourself attractive. Physical look also matters. Take proper exercise and diet that helps you physically fit and healthy.

Confident Look

Keeping a smile all the time on your face is important, but your look should be confident and eye-catching that everyone can attract toward you. If you are passionate about anything, people will start taking an interest in you.

Your likes and dislikes are also part of your personality. You should be confident about your achievements and abilities. People like those who are confident.

Try to be confident about what you have and show them to other people. When you greet another person, there should be a kind smile on your face full of confidence. The person showing confidence always has strong eye contact with others. They always talk to others making full contact to their eye and does not feel shy in front of anyone. If you will not make eye contact, this shows that you are nervous and feeling shy because it is very common saying that eyes are the window to your soul.

Try to behave naturally. You should keep yourself calm and relax while talking to others. Making eye contact also shows that you are giving importance to the person in front of you. This helps you that other people will like you.

Take an interest in other people

If you are taking an interest in the person you are talking to. The other person feels that you are giving importance to them and they will start enjoying your company.

If you give him/her attention automatically, another person will also start taking an interest in you. He/she thought that maybe you want to be a friend of him/her that shows your good gesture toward others. Showing interest in another person is the first step of any relationship.

If you start asking about their life activities, this also shows that you are taking an interest in them. After that what they like or dislike, what are the hobbies. The more you converse with them, the more you will get to know about them as well as another person who also wants to know about you.

These all things show that you are making an effort to build a good relationship with another person. Try to guess the angle of thinking of the person in front of you. If you give importance to their opinion, they will start to enjoy spending time with you.

Don’t try to coy them completely but show them good gestures.

Communication skills

Your body language and communication skills also play an important role in making others to like you. Good communication always attracts other people’s minds; moreover, if you have strong, convincing power, it will also help you to like other people around you. They start admiring you and want to be like you. When you are talking, try to give pause your conversation. Listen to the other opinion as well and give it importance.

 You should try to take a breath once in a while. This is the trait of good communication. Don’t be blunt or rude to others. Try to give an opinion calmly even if you disagree with others. Give respect to other opinion and try to be kind to them all the time. People usually like others with a strong personality and polite behavior.  

Attractive Body Language 

Your posture is also the reason that people like you. Try to show strong body language. Strong body language can help you to look more confident. This also helps you to encourage others to talk to you and approach you. Keep your posture straight, lift your chin, try to uncross your legs and arms, and have strong eye contact with other people.  

Give Compliment to others

Compliments are something that feels other people feel special. They work a lot. If you start giving a compliment to others, they will also start taking an interest in you and gives compliments to your things as well. While giving compliments to others, try to be realistic, don’t get over it, and give genuine compliments.

If you are realistic towards others, the other person will also show a realistic approach toward you. Giving compliments is something you feel better and your whole day will become wonderful. They will remember and make it long-lasting. You can give a compliment to their appearance, talking style, and clothes.

 If you give kind and attractive compliments in return, you will also get those compliments because, according to the study, it is the reverse reaction. If you start giving negative comments on the back of people, they will also start doing the same thing.

Show Positive emotions

You should always show positive and warm emotions toward others. Try to be honest and truthful toward others. People like honesty because it always releases positive feelings toward others.

You want to tempt the person at any cost but keep this thing in mind that people always like honest persons in their life. Maybe your lie will work for some time, but for a long-lasting purpose, it will always harm you, and people will not trust you again. Don’t tell every single detail but don’t lie to other people.

Don’t always try to find out the faults of others and discuss them. Show your positive feelings towards and try to spend positivity around you. If you are optimistic, people will remember you and admire you most. They want to keep themselves around you. Give people a warm feeling.

Don’t pass negative comments on; judge them even if they are wrong or you disagree with them.

Be yourself a bit mysterious

If you keep yourself a bit mysterious, people will start finding yourself and try to approach you. Spend time with a person whom you want to take an interest in you but don’t keep yourself available all the time for them. Too much of your availability decreases your importance in front of them, and they will start running from you. Having a bit of space in any relationship keep your relationship healthy. Give some space to your relationship; don’t try to overcome that person but don’t be rude toward him.


Suppose you are wondering someone to like you, first you should like yourself. If you love yourself, take care of yourself, give importance to yourself, other people will start giving you the importance and liking you.

Be comfortable and confident with all the abilities you are having. Maintain your look positive because positivity attracts others. They will start enjoying your company and love to be with you. It is not necessary that everyone will like you, but you keep trying to love yourself and be a better person not for others but for your own.   

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