How to Make a Perfect Profile on Dating Sites in 5 Steps

When a person starts seeking love on the web for the first time, they frequently underestimate the meaning of their profiles. Here is the point to remember at once, far before reading this article and snapsext review: the info in your profile is critical.

A regular page saying general things without specificity won’t work. A profile telling lies will be neglected by most of the potential partners. And even if you get someone hooked up with the fake information, disappointment is the only result you can expect after the truth is revealed.

Here is the question: how should that perfect partner understand that you are the ideal partner for them? Well, that was a bit tricky and complicated. Let’s make another try: what should your perfect match know about you first of all?

Keep up with the recommendations below to reach out to the required persons on the dating sites and the entire Internet.

An Ideal Dating Profile: 5 Simple Recommendations that Are Not Obvious

Exhibit Your Personality

The best way to begin describing yourself in a profile is to come up with the features of your personality that you consider the best, most positive, and attractive. The ultimate tip here is to make a choice of three to five adjectives telling about who you are perfectly.

Feeling stuck? Ask someone who knows you well to assist you with that. How would your close friend characterize you if they were limited to five words?

Additionally, this is the place to tell what your values and passions are. Saying a few words about your job is not really enough to go further. On the other hand, concentrating on job responsibilities won’t suit here as well. A dating site profile has nothing in common with a CV, though some people might consider it does. If your job is something you really like, mention that in a profile. But your passions matter here much more.

Finally, make sure you say precisely and sincerely what you want to find. There is no need to hide that you want to find true love and to build a long-lasting relationship if that is your real wish. And, of course, avoid staying silent if you are interested in a short-term sex experiment.

That’s how you let the right people know what to expect. They’ll either like it or not. But those who look for the same option will continue reading your profile info.

Negativity Doesn’t Cut It

A surprisingly large number of people tend to use the priceless space of their dating profile to show themselves being in despair, pessimistic, cynic, or whatever. That’s not the point you need to make an impact on if you really want to attract the right person.

Preventing the wrong people from contacting you does not show what you want. On the other hand, maintaining a hopeful and optimistic tone is the way to find a worthy partner.

Describe the Wanted Partner (Not their Parameters)

Here it comes. Describing the parameters of the wanted person is probably the most common mistake. Do not turn this profile section into something like system requirements listed on the PC videogame page. Setting the precise demand for a future partner’s interests, body type, hobbies, weight, and height is the way leading to a failure.

Focusing on their personality means specificity according to the values you described at the very beginning. Those values will call an echo in the hearts and minds of people having the same ones.

For instance, “being fit” is a stated requirement for a particular parameter. Instead, it would be better to describe this as “active sports admirer” or “person who values a healthy lifestyle.”

Showing Works Better than Telling

Writing about yourself and your way of life requires showing that with particular examples. That’s how you clarify your preferences and increase your chances to attract exactly THAT person.

For instance, numerous profiles contain “traveling” as a hobby. How is the reader supposed to guess which type of traveling the profile holder prefers? It can be anything from hiking a nearby forest to leaving for a safari somewhere in Africa.

Be more specific. Mention places you liked the most while traveling, describe a trip of your dream or the one that brought you the most unforgettable impressions. That’s how you attract people with likely hobbies and preferences.

Being specific has another pleasant bonus. A person willing to contact you will have a solid ground when writing that first message.

Storytelling Rules Apply Here

A dating profile is a personal story. Well, it’s not something like an autobiography or a novel. Still, it is a short personal description. It shows who you are. A loyal introvert who is a bit spontaneous. A slim and ambitious person not willing to lose any challenge. A dedicated traveler. A family guy fond of tabletop games. Anyone.

The key is to show who you are sincerely and then specify who you want to find. If everything is done correctly, your perfect partner won’t make you wait for them for too long.

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