How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy: 13 Proven Things

If you find someone perfect for yourself, don’t lose that person. Value your girlfriend by giving her love and affection. If she is special to you, then she deserves to feel happy and loved.

It’s not difficult or complicated to make your girl happy, especially if she loves you. Although girls are not easy to understand girls’ emotions, you can use different tricks and strategies to make them happy.

As a boyfriend, you want to give her more reasons to smile and make her feel special. To nurture a healthy relationship, you just need to make her feel cared and keep your girlfriend filled with joy in her heart.

So if you’re wondering that how to make a girl happy? Or how to make her feel valuable? And can’t figure how to do stuff to make her happy the way she does to make you feel loved, then you don’t need to worry, we’ve got a solution for you.

Things that Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Here are 13 ways to make your girlfriend happy.

Express yourself frequently

To make a girl happy, you don’t need to have a hole in your pocket. Your small gestures of happiness could make her feel cherished and loved. The easiest and lovable way is romantic things to say to your girlfriend that you love and want her by your side forever. You can send deep love messages for her and express your feelings.

Tell her that you’re lucky to have her in life. Action speaks louder than the words; this phrase has significant importance; show your girl that you’re blessed to have her rather than just saying it verbally. These small gestures of love and care would make her feel special and happy.

Leave cute notes

Girls are so sensitive; they crave attention and affection. If you want to keep your girl happy and loved, then try to show your love with cute little gestures. Write her notes, showing that you miss her or you love her.

Leaving cute love letters for her, that shows how you think and feel about her throughout the day is the sweetest thing you can do. You can leave cute and colorful sticky notes on the table desk, on her phone telling her that “you make me happy” or “you’re blessed to have her.” These notes will make her heart melt, and she will have a big smile on her face. This act of care and love would make her happy without you being with her.

You can also write paragraphs for girlfriend to bring a smile on her face.

Bring flowers for her

Flowers have the quality to make everything fascinating and loving. If your girl is in a bad mood and wants to lift her mood up, bring her flowers, red roses in particular. She would be amazed by seeing your efforts and affection.

Girls are the simplest ones, you need to make little effort, and they are good to go. They’ll always remember your actions and will keep loving you for that. Sending your girl flowers without any special occasion is one of the best ways to make her blissful.

Pamper her

Girls always have a childish side in them. They only show that side to the ones they are comfortable with. No matter how disciplined your girl is, they always want to get pampered. They’ll never let you know that how much they want someone to pamper her, but it’s one of their secret desires.

Pick her up, take her to the salon, give her massages, doll her up, and take her to her favorite restaurant. Also, when she is down and her body aches, pamper her by giving love and providing her comfort as much as she needs. Gift her stuff, which she likes the most, at least once a week. You can buy her chocolates for her lowest days and make her happy. It’s just that simple.

Appreciate her

Who doesn’t wants to get appreciated? Everyone craves appreciation; so do girls. Always try to appreciate her for the little effort she puts into the relationship. Be thankful for her love and care.

Girls always try to go out of the way to make their boys happy, so if your girlfriend has put little effort into making you feel special, then thank her for that. Your little “thank you” will make her day, and her efforts will be paid off. They always feel unusual and extraordinary when their guy notices their effort and appreciate them.

Make her laugh

One of the best qualities of a guy is to make his girl laugh. If you’re someone who’d make everything around him fun, then your girl must be the happiest one. An ideal boyfriend is the one who knows how to make his girl laugh. The funnier you are, the happier your girl will be. Jolliest boyfriends are the attractive ones; girls always fall for the ones who know how to fun. Try to joke around and make her laugh the loudest.

Give respect

Girls always want a man who knows well how to treat their girl. Give and take relationship is always the ideal one. Respect her values, opinions, and space. Treat her with respect she deserves. Be chivalrous and gentle to treat her like a respectful lady. It will make your respect high in her eyes, and she will feel that she has chosen the right person.

Befriend with her loved ones

Everyone wants to be respected, and if you’re going to make your girlfriend happy and feel respect, then keep her friends, family on priority. Try to please the important people in her life, her support system. Make efforts to reach the people she loves the most and has value in her life. Try to build a relationship with them, give them respect and make them happy.

Such acts would make her realize that you want her in your life, and you own her people as your people. This gesture will make her heart yours very easily and will keep her yours. There’s a saying, if you want your girlfriend to be happy, then make her best friend happy at first, and that’s true. Keeping her people on a priority and giving the same respect as you give to your family is the best way to keep her happy.

Cook for her

90% of the girls fantasize about her guy to cook for her. Girls love when their boyfriend cooks for them. It doesn’t matter how tasty or how bad you cook; the only thing that matters is the efforts you put in for them. Try something which they like and crave. Google or Youtube the recipes and amaze her with your cooking skills. She’ll get happy after having the food, also because of your efforts.

Call her often

You are away and worried about your girlfriend’s well-being? Call her, ask about her day, tell her that you miss her and you’re eagerly waiting to meet her. Keep a check on her; such care and concern will melt her and put a smile on her face. Also, she’ll feel safe because of you, despite knowing you are not with her. These small efforts and gestures will cost nothing but love.

Make compromises

Every relationship demands compromises, and if someone is willing to do for you, then don’t slip that person away. Usually, girls are the one who makes the most of compromises but if a guy compromises for a girl then indeed is a big deal.

Girls find it very fascinating when their boyfriend makes a compromise to make you feel happy and satisfied. In this way, she will realize that her choices matter to you the most and ultimately make your girlfriend happy.

Own her in public

This point has significant value. Girls usually live in a fantasy world, and they fantasize about their guy, prince coming on a horse. They secretly want a guy to hold their hand in front of everyone and propose to them. If you want her to be in your life forever, then this is the time, plan something surprising and memorable for her. Own her in public, let everyone know that she is your girlfriend and you love her the most, by doing so she’ll be the happiest of all.

Be real to her

To have a healthy relationship, you need to be real and genuine to your partner. There’s no place for a lie in relationships; avoid doing so because such things would eventually come out and will create a rift in your relationship. Always tell her the truth, no matter how bad it is or how harsh it will be for your relationship. If you’re loyal to her, she will understand. It will eventually make her happy knowing the fact that her man is true to her. Everyone deserves a person who’s loyal and faithful to them.

Girls are like human nature; fragile, you need to keep it with care. Keeping your girlfriend happy is not challenging; you need to handle them with care and love. All of these points are the virtue of kindness. Keep showing your love and affection to your partner; it’ll make them happy, especially girlfriends. Whenever you feel helpless and confused, consider these 13 rules of love and care to make your girlfriend happy and satisfied. Be the reason for her smile and make her day the most joyful.

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