How to Tell a Guy You Like Him: 10 Proven Ways To Do

Hey, welcome to the crush club girl!

You are definitely crushing on someone really bad and that is what brings you here. You want to get tips on how to tell a guy you like him without actually telling him. Well, you are not alone in this misery because you don’t want to ruin your friendship either and want him to catch your feelings too. 

There are a lot of reasons to be afraid and it is not easy for any girl to take the big step of telling someone that you have a special feeling for them. 

But we are here to help you! If you are wondering about how to tell him I like him, then you are at the right place. We are here to help you out. We will also help you pick up signs from his side, to judge whether he likes you too or not. This will give you the extra motivation that you need, to unveil your feelings through your actions. 

Does he like me?

Before you set out to find ways of how you can talk to him about your feelings, you might have to wonder whether he likes you or not. You don’t want to play a game that is too uncertain, or do you? Guys are great at hiding their feelings. He might never show you “prominently” that he likes you. But you can definitely catch him through his actions.

You can look for signs he loves you secretly to understand whether there is an unspoken mutual attraction.

We have summed up signs that he likes you too but is not willing to show it clearly. 

  1. He finds excuses to talk to you

If a guy likes you but is hiding it, he will try to initiate a conversation with you through different excuses. He uses these moments of conversations to get close to you and develop a good friendship. He also tries to gather more information about you. Many times, he would question you about your interests or ask you about your favourite movies etc. 

  1. He is always there to help you

A guy is never readily accessible for you, if he isn’t interested in you. If he is always available for you and jumps forward to help you any time, then he likes you. He will prefer hanging out with you, rather than his guys. He will be there to help you at any hour of the day. 

  1. He is trying to impress you

Girls do know when a guy is trying to impress her. He will go out of his usual way to impress you. He might always dress very finely around you and be on his best manners while he is with you. If he tells you stories that portray him as the best guy or he tries to make you laugh, then he is certainly trying to impress you. 

  1. He tries to hang out with you

He will try to take you out, every now and then. They won’t be termed as “dates” but he will find excuses to eat out with you or watch movies with you. This is a clear sign that the guy wants to see you more and likes you. This is a very cute way to show affection. 

If he shows any of the above mentioned signs then he likes you and is afraid to say it out loud as well. You can certainly take steps now to tell him you like him without pushing him away. 

Tips on How to Tell a Boy You Like Him Without Scaring Him

Remember; actions speak louder than words. But how do I let a guy know I like him?

But before you tell him that you like him, you need to be sure that you really adore him too. And here is how you can determine your feelings for him:

  • You are always excited to see him 
  • Your heart races when you have to meet them 
  • You stay in contact with them more than you usually do with other friends
  • You pay attention to your dressing whenever you have to meet him 
  • You think a lot about him 
  • You wish to spend more time with him 
  • You tend to share a lot about yourself and your life with him 

So do you like him? If yes, then let’s get started with how to tell a guy you like him, through your actions. 

Flirt a bit

Don’t go overboard but flirt a bit with him, to let him know that you like him. Complimenting him is an easy and quick way to flirt with him. Men know that women do not compliment men if they are not interested in him and this is a clear sign for the guy. It makes him feel important and is a good way to start showing your feelings to him. Try saying something good about the way he dresses or his hairstyle maybe? 

Also, you can use flirty messages for him.

Slight touch

A light touch is a friendly yet slightly seductive way to tell the guy that you like him without freaking out about it. Now you don’t have to touch him without a reason; it will be too awkward. You can touch his hand or shoulder lightly while talking to him. If you are having a deep conversation about something serious, you can hug him at the end. It will definitely arouse him too and the message will be passed on pretty well. It might give him a boost to express his feelings to you as well. 

Dress to Impress

You don’t want to head out in your pjz when he asks you to hang out. Make sure you dress deadly to impress him. Flaunt your best features. If your eyes are your strongest feature, make sure to enhance them with a little makeup. If you have an attractive figure, you can wear a dress that makes you look eye-catching. Make his jaw drop! 

Stay in Contact

You don’t want to be clingy but if you don’t communicate with him, he will probably forget about you. Thus, staying in touch is important. Text him now and then and ask him about his day. Try to initiate interesting conversations that can go on for a little time. Show interest in him and everything that he has to say. You can also leave hints in jokes about how much you like him. If he reacts positively to those signs, you might just spill the beans! 

Wear your Confidence

Men are magnetized by confident women. Wear your confidence like a dress that you can flaunt seamlessly. Don’t be overconfident though! Your confidence will make you more appealing and will spark desire in him. 

Ask him if he is dating someone

This is not a very easy way but you can always ask this question casually. If he says that is not dating anyone, you can ask him why not. You can also ask him about what traits he would want in his girlfriend and you will know whether you have what it takes to be his partner. If he states traits that are quite prominent in you, then that is a sign too that he might be interested in you. 

Try friendly gestures

If you are friends with this guy, you can easily offer little favours to him. For example, if he missed the lecture, you can give him your notes. You can also offer to buy him coffee. Do not overdo any gesture. 

Be positive around him

You will get multiple occasions where you can reveal your positive side to your crush. You will get chances to show him that you are different and any guy would be lucky to have you. This will definitely make his ears turn around and he will understand that you are the perfect dating or maybe even wifey material. 

Make a friend tell him

Expressing your feelings on your own is tough because you don’t know what to expect. If the answer isn’t in your court, you might lose your confidence. Thus, you can ask a friend to go tell him. Now, your friend has to be very subtle and has to play smart. She might tell him that you two look good together and how she always thought that something was going on between you two. This will make him open up about how he feels about this. 

Tell him directly

If you think that he likes you too and your friend has given you the green flag; it is time to tell him directly. Even if you haven’t asked your friend for help; you can talk to him on your own too. Look out for any signs that he might show too and if you think he is interested in you; why hold back? 


So now you know how to tell a guy you like him, without really having to say it out loud. It is definitely not easy for any girl to play around as ladies usually want the guy to confront them. But many times, you have to go by your heart and show him that you really like him and you never really know; he might like you back too? 

how to tell a guy you like him