How to Text a Girl You Like: 9 Proven Rules

If you like someone, then you eagerly wait to talk to her/him, and mainly if it’s a girl, then possibly you need to make more effort than usual. If you are lucky enough to get her contact number, then here is a golden chance for you to mark yourself.

There is the fact that texting a girl you like is less nerve-wracking than a phone call. If you’re hustling to make her impress but confused to text her, then this article is the right place to visit.

Texting a girl you like is one of the main ways to get someone to like you while you’re getting to know her.

Best Tips on How to Text a Girl You Like

Grab yourself; I’m listing down nine rules of how to text a girl you like;

Keep it original

Be original while texting her, make her feel comfortable and relaxing while talking to you. Originality is what makes someone unique. To make her feel something unique about you, you must have some real personality. Now the question is how to be original? What makes her feel something special about you while being real you? Let me tell you;

  • Try to have witty conversations that would show your unique way of thinking to her.
  • Boys who make their girls laugh are the most attractive; make her laugh, showing your cleverness over texting.
  • Make her aware of every news and give her reality checks frequently. Tell her something she does not know before that would make her believe your knowledge and intelligence.

Keep it playful

Texting is usually for light-hearted conversations and playful talk, so unless you want to get friend-zoned, avoid getting drawn into boring discussions that go nowhere. Keep your conversations easy going with little flirt, making the conversation enjoyable.

Usually, girls ask typical and boring questions like “what’s up?” or “how was your day?” so rather than answer these questions straightforwardly typical, try to be playful and keep the conversation suspicious making her curious. It’s like she wanted to talk about everyday chores, but secretly she wants to drag the discussion; also, she wants to hear something cheerful and playful from you other than bland factual statements.

In this way, she’ll have the fun relief and escape from humdrum. Given that the funniest boys are the most attractive ones, she would fall for you. Being playful will keep her wondering whether you like her or not. Also, she won’t feel the pressure of your likeness, and she’ll be comfortable while texting you and opening up to you.

You can send flirty messages for her to spark interest with the girl you have a crush on.

Ask good questions

Asking a question is the crucial step in starting a conversation with someone you like. It is the best way to start a chat because then the girl would know that you’re waiting for an answer, and it would become a must for her to reply. Don’t leave her with the feeling of “now what am I supposed to answer that?” as it would be leaving a negative mark. Try to be more direct and straightforward; it’d be better. There are some basic rules of asking the questions;

  • Ask her about her essential events rather than just asking about her day or week.
  • Keep the question readable and easy to understand so that she won’t be stuck in finding its meaning.
  • Keep it simple and direct; only a sentence could also communicate the long messages.
  • Try to keep it open-ended; it will give your girl freedom of talk.
  • Don’t ask questions that would answer in just one or two words as it would cut off the conversation before even starting it.

You can also use would you rather questions or most likely to questions which means more topics to talk about and longer conversations.

When you’re Clueless

It’s complicated to start a conversation with someone you know barely. It’s hard to think of something interesting to message a girl without knowing each other much. If you’re stuck in such a situation, ask her then about something she was doing before or was about to do; how well it went? But in an unusual way that would make her eager to reply.

On the other hand, if you’re entirely clueless about the stuff that you don’t even know about her events, then there’s no end, we have a solution for you; go for the most exciting and universal subjects that everybody would like to talk about, for example,

  • Traveling; ask about her favorite place to visit and make her imagine things you both would do together.
  • Childhood stories; find out her street or school stories, about her fights and pull jokes out of it, also ask her about her school stories, whether she was a backbencher or a nerd, and do share about yours as well.
  • You can also talk about shows that she loves to watch and use references from those shows to make the conversation funny and attractive.

So if you’re clueless and don’t know about anything to talk then this rule is the best to focus on.

Watch your grammar

It is an essential point to work on, this might seem silly, but yes, you need to very careful with your grammar while texting someone you want to impress. You don’t need to become somewhat scholar for that, but at least you should watch out for your pronunciations and grammar before making a text to her. It’d show the girl that you are careful enough to make grammatically correct sentences for her.

Try to use capitalization and apostrophes when you need it. Also, don’t go overboard using semi-colons and dashes in the sentences; you need to have the necessary grammatical correction before sending a text. It would make your image more attractive and impressive.

Text her within a day of meeting her

It is also one of the significant points of texting her. If you’re lucky enough to get a chance of meeting her, then try to text her within 24 hours of meeting her, as this time is vulnerable for making her feel about you. It’s effortless to talk about stuff just after meeting rather than waiting for days to text her; this might make her realize that you are not interested.

Girls usually are attention seekers; they get flattered when they find someone interested in them. Girls also do have a strong sense of observation that they find out very quickly if someone likes them, so try not to lose the chance of making her feel special by asking her out if she had reached home by time after meeting? Or how she felt after meeting? So, these gestures of care and attention would click her.

Also, if you want to make the girl miss you when you’re not together, then you have to remind her of your presence from time to time.

Be positive

It links to the first point, while texting a girl you like, make sure your intentions are positive and pure all the time because they are very quirky to judge. Give her positive vibes because your ultimate job is to bring her up and not haul her down. If you develop a habit of putting a smile into your texts, then you’re eventually spreading positivity by your texts.

Don’t you ever say that your day went dull or ordinary because she is not here to listen to your vent, neither she is your best friend, so try to be more lively and jolly even if your day was not less than a wreck pick up one little spark of your day and tell her. And, if you still can’t think of anything exciting or positive, then don’t text her for that moment, wait for your mood to settle down, and come back later than to text her. It’s never worth texting a girl with a bad or negative attitude.

Also, sending a good morning message for her can brighten her day. You can craft cute goodnight texts for her that gives her a rush of positive feelings and she’ll go to bed with you on her mind.

Be engaging

Boring conversations are of no worth. Make your girl realize that you are capable of having fun conversations and keeping up with them. In this way, she won’t find out you boring and think that you can hold up the conversation in person. Your only motive to text a girl you like the most is showing her silver of your personality and making her need to know more.

It would be best if you fascinated her, and she will find ways to keep talking to you. The question here is; how can we keep the text conversation going? The answer is simple; you can find common interests, for example, Tv shows and bands, etc., also you can discuss your hobbies; cooking or playing, etc. You can opt for many other options, like tell her about your interests and try to reply to emojis with something funny, showing your wit off, and making conversation going.

How to end the conversation

It is the last but not the least rule; you need to end the conversation before she ends it. It’s vital because it’ll keep you out of the friend-zone as you would not be that boy who’s always available, and she could unload whenever she wants. You’ll also stay dominated and high in demand as the person who ends the conversation probably the one who leads the interaction. It’ll make her wonder about you and keep her on her toes. It is one of the dramatically witty technique to keep her attached to yourself and making your personality non-needy.


These were the nine rules of texting a girl you like, you need to focus on these, and you’re good to go for a date. You should have many other points in mind while texting a girl, but these points form the necessary ladder to her place. Hope you find it useful.

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