Husband Material: 10 Signs That Prove He’s The One

Women are usually in a relationship for marriage. No one wants to play games. And thus, the biggest query that all women have, while they are in a relationship, is whether he is husband material or not.

So how do you imagine a husband material man to be? What traits, do you think, a man must possess to be a perfect husband or at least, a good one? Every woman has her own list for this, we are sure. Nobody’s ideal will ever resonate with another one. But there are few traits that describe a man who is perfect to be a husband.

Many women are sad these days, as their relationships don’t last long or the guy treats them badly or not really good enough. The problem is that “guys” are never husband material. A “man” is what you need; someone who is willing for a long term commitment and has qualities to be a husband.

Thus, instead of taking that husband material quiz, to check whether he is the right man to marry or not; you should scroll down and read through the list of 10 signs he’s husband material, that we have summed up for you. If he has a handful of these qualities (if not all), then you are choosing a great partner and hopefully, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s dig in, shall we ladies?

What does it mean to be “husband material”?

Before we dig into the signs, we need to know what do ladies mean when they say that they are looking for a man who is “husband material.” A man with good looks is pleasing to the eyes but the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, is not just confined to his attire or looks.

So, for a man to be husband material, he must be capable of providing for himself and his family. A husband material man is never going to look up to his parents to provide him with the basic necessities of life. He will be capable of providing himself with clothes, food and shelter and even much more.

Don’t get this statement wrong either! No man will be a millionaire in his late 20’s or his early 30’s, as that is the age when men get married. But a man who is unable to fetch his basic necessities for himself, is never the husband’s material. You don’t have to judge him by his money but the judgement of character starts with his independence too. Thus, love is not the sole reason to get married. Love can die out. The reason why two people stay together is that they are mutually working to run a bond, no matter what!

10 Signs he’s husband material

You have met someone, haven’t you? But you are scared because your previous relationships have not left a really great impression on you.

But before you make the final jump; you need to have a checklist ready! Yes, a checklist; you heard us right. A husband material man always has some common traits and it is best to check the man for them, before you jump into a long term commitment. And don’t feel bad ladies; men do their judgement too before making the move. Thus, make sure that you do your research as well.

Also, questions to ask your boyfriend help you get to know him better.

  1. Intelligence:

This might sound offending for people who are not that smart but intelligent men are able to sustain relationships better. For a stable marriage, a smart man is very important. You can have a relationship with a “not so smart” guy but a marriage requires a man to be vigilant and intelligent. Smart men don’t cheat on their women and know how to run a family. Research has also backed this fact up; so women, make sure you don’t say your vows to a stupid guy, who is still sorting out his life.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the secret of lasting intimate relationships, and strengthen your partnership, stay connected, and build a love that lasts.

  1. No judgements:

We all have some good and bad qualities. A man who is husband material, will not only appreciate your good qualities but will also embrace your bad ones. He wouldn’t judge you for your bad traits and this allows you to be your vulnerable self while being with him. This is a very strong foundation for a happy marriage.

  1. He is always there for you:

This definitely does not mean that he is always going to carry your emotional baggage. However, he is always going to be there to help you out. He will stand by you, in all problems. Even if you two are having an argument, he will try to stay strong and calm the waves down. Just make sure that you don’t override on this quality of his and be there for him equally.

  1. Makes decisions with you:

A marriage is run by two people, thus, a man who makes you a part of all major decisions is important. You don’t want a man to dictate you, do you? You will start feeling uncomfortable with a man who makes all the decisions for you. Thus, look for a man who discusses all the decisions with you.

  1. He makes you laugh:

A good sense of humour makes life a lot better, doesn’t it? A man who makes you laugh, helps you loosen up and feel light by the end of the day, is the perfect husband material. However, don’t fall for a guy who loves silly pranks. This might seem interesting in the beginning but can be super frustrating, as time passes by. Thus, a man who genuinely makes you laugh with jokes or just simply puts that wide smile on your face is the one you need.

  1. Common core values:

It is important to stay on the same page with your partner because if you don’t have the same core values, it will get hard to respect each other too. If your man doesn’t have the same values, you need to make sure that at least you both respect where you stand in life.

  1. He puts in efforts:

Nothing is more annoying than a man who doesn’t put effort into a relationship. A man who is husband material will always look for solutions for problems. He would want to be better and work harder to make your bond strong. No matter what the situation, he will be willing to put in effort, to keep the marriage stand proud. Whether it is working hard at work or it is about taking care of you emotionally; he will be willing to make efforts for you.

  1. Great Communication:

A man who communicates to you, no matter how hard the situation might be, is the perfect husband material. He would always make you feel intimidated by bringing scary things up in front of you. He will always make you feel comfortable about speaking your mind out and he will do the same while being with you. This shows that he validates your choices and opinions and respects you in all ways. Thus, a man who is a good communicator is always worth the fight and the love. Don’t ever let go of him.

  1. He inspires you:

Another great sign that he is husband material; he inspires you! Being with someone who makes you want to be a better person is wonderful. He wouldn’t ever demand you to change. However, his presence will inspire you to become a better person. The fact that he believes in you will light up your entire being and you will strive to be a better version of yourself, without really having to put in a lot of effort.

  1. He wants to marry you:

Most importantly; the man who wants to marry you, is the ultimate husband material. A man can possess all the right traits but he wouldn’t be up for marriage. He might blame the time or state that he is just not ready. When a man is emotionally attached to you and willing to marry, he will set everything aside and hold her hand, despite it all. Thus, make sure you hold on tight to the man who wishes to marry you.


So is he husband material or not? Is he my soulmate?

Choosing a life partner is definitely one of the most difficult tasks of life. It is not easy. Your previous experiences might be blocking your mind too. Therefore, it is best to think from your mind, rather than just your heart. Choose a man who is husband material; who is capable of taking care of you and your home. A man who respects you and stands by you, no matter what.

We have listed some of the most common traits that a man must possess to be a husband. However, he must be ready to marry you too. Elsewise, these characteris wouldn’t be of any use. Thus pick your man carefully. Put your heart aside for a little while and then make the jump.

We hope you find a man who showers love and affection on you and makes life more beautiful.

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