Husband mistress 

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My Husband’s Mistress
She came into his life unexpectedly

When I found out about her,

I was devastated, scared, confused.

Why me? Why us?

Like our souls had been bruised.
She changed the way he talked,

The way he ate,

The way he looked.

He even asked to change the way I cooked.
If I could kill her, I would.
It’s been some time that she’s out of our lives

But the thought of her stays lingering.

On our souls she keeps littering.
I know we can shake her off & start anew

We both deserve better days

Cause I’m tired of feeling blue

I’m tired of letting her control my mind

And letting her control our lives.
My husband’s mistress.. Won’t she go?

My husband’s mistress.. I bet she doesn’t know

That nobody loves her – she hasn’t got a clue.
But I know more about her than she thinks I do
My husband’s mistress

I know her smell, I know her taste.

I know she isn’t a great dancer

And I know her name- it’s Cancer.. -Anastasiya Guzchenko 

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