I am different, I don’t fit in, what’s wrong with me? Q&A

I am different, I don’t fit in, what’s wrong with me? Q&A

Q: “No matter how hard I try, I don’t seem to fit in any group, I just want to be myself around people and have friends but I feel like I am different. What’s wrong with me?”

A: “Take a deep breath girl, there is and never, ever, ever was something wrong with you.

Perhaps no one ever told you this but, you are unique and special in a way only you can be!

No one else in this world can be YOU!

And ..

That is your “superpower”, what makes you different is in fact what makes you special.

You have unique and beautiful qualities and the real you is AMAZING!

The one you are without trying to make sense to others, without faking for the sake of making friends or the need to become someone else ..is Beautiful!

You are naturally beautiful, naturally interesting when you allow yourself to be…You.

The true you, the one you know yourself to be, the one that is deep inside and that you want to set free.

It is also helpful to know that a lot of people do not see beauty in themselves so it makes it harder for them to see the beauty in you.

A lot of people do not love themselves so it makes it harder for them to love you.

A lot of people have no idea how special unique they are so it makes it harder for them to accept how special and unique you are.

About friends and groups to fit in…You are not meant to fit in anywhere, you are meant to be you, the true you.. you are special and you don’t fit everywhere and with everyone.

The more you allow yourself to be you, the more you will shine your light and unique essence, the more you will attract people that resonate with you.

You will naturally attract the best friends, the best boyfriend and the best groups that will love you and where you can totally be yourself and have incredible moments.

Start seeing yourself in a different way, start to see how special, unique and beautiful you are…the special essence that only you have, radiate that and your life will be incredible.”

– Excerpt from a coaching session –

School of Dreams: https://filipemoleiro.com
Coaching page: https://filipemoleiro.com/coaching

Picture by: Zachallia

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2 thoughts on “I am different, I don’t fit in, what’s wrong with me? Q&A

  1. I wonder if my comment was not sent, so I try again to comment on this beautiful post. This is like a message for everybody from god. Take it and keep it in your heart. If you understand this message, the rest of being lucky will be easier. You will not only love yourself, hatred and anger will have no place anymore, you will suddenly enderstand, that this is a message not only for you, but for everybody…you will be kind and lovely to everybody.

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