I am incredibly lucky

Do you ever have the feeling that your life sucks and you doubt that you will ever be happy again? Well, I do. I have had this feeling many many times. Sometimes even over a longer period.

And then there are days, where everything is fine. I am happy and nothing is really bothering me. But rarely I really think about the good feeling in a deeper way. Why would I?  I am happy. What else matters? The answer: a lot.

That’s when I think about the people that are not as happy as me. Well, perhaps “happy” is the wrong word to use at this point. Let’s change it: I am lucky.

There are tons of small things that will make your life better that you can and should  appreciate. But I’m not talking about those. I’m talking big things here. Things that we certainly forget while we’re trying to grasp every little straw. It’s things we usually take for granted, that surely are not.

I consider myself very lucky. Incredibly lucky. Sometimes I forget that.

But here are the reasons for me being so incredibly lucky and that I am very grateful for:


1. I am not alone.
Even if I feel lonely sometimes, I know that there are people who have my back. People that I can go to when I have trouble and who will be there when I need them. Even if they were thousands of kilometers away, they would find a way to help me. This describes my family as well as my few closest friends. Not many.
And at this point I want to thank you: Thank you for being in my life and for supporting me with every step I take. If you ever need me, I will be there for you as well!


2. I am free.
I am free to do whatever I want. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. I can choose to study what I want. I can work wherever I want. I have all those great opportunities the world gives me. And I can choose which ones to take. I know, there are people in this world that don’t have this kind of freedom. If you ever feel stuck remind yourself: there is always a way out. It might be hard to get through to it, but it is there. You just need to do it. And once you really chose the path you want to take, it will be easier.


3. I have access to knowledge and education.

I can find anything I want to know. I can ask google for the most random things and sooner or later I will get an answer depending on the effort I choose to put in. I can pick up a book at any time. There is always a way to learn about new things. I am trying to say “I will find out” instead of  “I don’t know”. Because I have the opportunities to find out. And I am even luckier, having it so easy to access all this information.


4. I am healthy.
I know I could be fitter. I could weigh a little less. But I am still young and fit enough to do everything I want. I don’t need anyone to help me get changed or to use the bathroom. I can eat and drink by myself. Knowing that this might change at some point, I really want to appreciate that I am still young and healthy. And I am also mentally quite healthy. I feel like I should add this because mental illness can be just as bad as physical illness, or even worse, but it is invisible and people (I am including myself here) tend to forget that.


5. I grew up safely.
I never had concerns about my safety when I was little. I never had to deal with  any kind of violence in my family or around it. The town where I grew up is small and rather safe. I was free to ride my bike all day anywhere as long as I was back home in time. I can take walks through the forest without being scared. I was taught well enough not to eat those berries and not to chase the boar. I was able to learn about all the trees that grow here and to be honest, when I was little I didn’t care. But now I do. In fact I am writing this, sitting on a bench on the edge of the forest enjoying the beautiful view over my little hometown.


6. I don’t have to starve.
Yes, there might be times coming for me when I am out of money at the end of the month and just have to cut back a little on food for a few days. But even then I will not be starving. Not in the way I  would die from anyway. Simply because I live in a wealthy country, where more food is available than people can eat. And also I know that there are people who would share with me, if it ever gets very very bad.


7. I have a roof over my head.
And a pretty nice one as well. But even if that was to be gone for some reason one day, I know that my parents and friends will always have a place to sleep for me.


Yes, there are things that I am constantly worried about.  And for tips, how to have a happier life, I am no good. I just wrote everything down to remind myself. But I will remember the reasons why I am so incredibly lucky to have the life that I have. That I am a free woman with access to everything I need and want. And I know that I can have anything I want, I just have to work for it.

What makes you lucky?


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