40+ Best I Don’t Care Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational I don’t care quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

Famous I Don’t Care Quotes

I don’t care about revenues. — Jack Ma

I really don’t care what movie stars have to say about life. — Morley Safer

I love everything Buffy . I don’t care who’s doing it. — Kristy Swanson

I have a different approach. I don’t file lawsuits because I really don’t care. — Nicole Kidman

Menfolks listens to somebody because of what he says. Women don’t. They don’t care what he said. They listens because of what he is. — William Faulkner

You can’t build a relationship with everybody in the room when you don’t care about anybody in the room. — John C. Maxwell

My point, they [Trump’s followers] still don`t care. They`re going to stick with him no matter what. — Rush Limbaugh

No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced. — David Attenborough

That’s what you want to do? Then nothing beats a trial but a failure. Give it everything you’ve got. I’ve told you many times, ‘Cant do is like Dont Care.’ Neither of them have a home. — Maya Angelou

Nothing can make me madder than lawyers who don’t care about others. — Janet Reno

I’m a redneck. And we can wear whatever because we just really don’t care about those things. And when you’re a redneck named Bubba, you really don’t care. — Bubba Watson

We know what we got, and we don’t care whether you know it or not. — John Steinbeck

I don’t care how much I’m talked about or hyped. It’s still up to me to go out and perform. — David Wright

You know people. Most of them don’t hear anything. Those who hear – don’t listen. A few who listen – don’t understand. And those who could understand… they don’t care. — Bernard Werber

I’m far more dangerous now, because I don’t care at all. — Joe Strummer

The coolest thing is when you don’t care about being cool. — Rick Owens

Life has ups and it has downs. I don’t care who you are. — Hugh Jackman

I like people. Rightwingers don’t. They like business, they don’t care about people. I like education, they seem not to care much about it. — Henry Rollins

It doesnt matter about money and fame and whatever. I really dont care about that. My thing is, Im happy that Im able to have kids have a hero and have someone that they can look up to. — Atticus Shaffer

The system promotes to the top those who don’t care about the planet. — Kurt Vonnegut

History has never seen Emmitt Smith. I don’t care what has come before me. That’s why they call it history you create new history. — Emmitt Smith

It’s easy to say you don’t care about money when you have plenty of it. — Ransom Riggs

I really don’t care that much about ‘Beauties’. What I really like are Talkers … Talkers are doing something. Beauties are being something … — Andy Warhol

I don’t care if I starve. — Eric Church

I really don’t care that I’m ranked. — Terry Bradshaw

I’ve never been cool – and I don’t care. — Celine Dion

I don’t care what other critics say, I only hope to be played. — Virgil Thomson

I don’t care about the critics. — Andrew Lau

For the most part, I don’t care about what everyone else is doing, or what is popular. — Namie Amuro

Frankly, I don’t care what others say. — Niall Horan

I don’t care much about conforming. — Mayim Bialik

You have it made when you don’t care whether you have it made or not. — Vernon Howard

Maybe the coolest people are the ones who don’t care about being cool. — Steve Carell

People don’t care about what someone says about you in a movie–or even what you say, right? They care about what you build. — Mark Zuckerberg

Movie studios are owned by giant corporations. They care about money; they dont care about movies. — Callie Khouri

I don’t care if I don’t act anymore. — Mel Gibson

I don’t care what the religion is called; as far as I’m concerned, one God, the God I adhere to, is in charge of all of them. — Charley Pride

Fame is one of the potential hazards of this job, but I really just want to make movies. I want to be respected, sure. Who doesnt? But famous-famous? I just dont care about it. And if you genuinely dont give a damn about that stuff, you really are free. — Brady Corbet

…as for me, I am intact; and I don’t care. — Arthur Rimbaud

I don’t care what it is, when it has an LCD screen, it makes it better. — Kevin Rose

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