I forget, I react, I overload,

Symptomatic of a torn life I suppose.

A lot of years ago I wouldn’t imagine,

The powerful grip this past might hold.

I’ve taught the voices of the future,

Passed on wisdoms and second nature.

Though I suppose from the glass you see,

I’m a regular dude, capable of many things.

Yet I’m always alone,

Wondering just where is it the light is shone.

I walk inside a myriad of speculation,

Always waiting for the shoe to drop.

I wonder about the rest of my kind of person,

Do we all contain ourselves rather than lose it.

I can’t stand to hurt your feelings, anyone at all,

It grieves to know that any pain is of my hand.

Once in a while life almost seems rather perfect,

The trees, the evening owl, sunsets and sweet breeze.

I wish that all of life could hold such magic,

The sort of spellbound love we do so cherish.

I would travel the world to find a solution,

Then I realize they’re right here next to us all

I have these moments I can’t find where to fall

I have these moments I cannot fathom the fall.


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