I see.

I see.

Standing outside,

Looking up at the sky…
I see.
I see with my eyes but it doesn’t feel real to me.
It feels as if I’m not really here.
Looking up it seems as if I’m looking through tainted glass, yet I am aware I am outside.
I am a living being, but there’s home somewhere inside of me.
This body that I walk around with is part of this reality,
But I am more than just this body.
I am Gianny.
Not just a name, but a label to who I am.
This label which will forever be in existence since the first day it was placed upon me and released from the lips of my mother who named me.
What you say out loud never “really” goes away.
From where I live,
I can look at the Empire State Building and it feels like I could grab it
Only that time and space get in between
And it’s more than a 30 minute trip to get there.
I’ve never been there…
a place that’s  probably too good for me.
but I see.

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