30+ Best Llama Quotes: Exclusive Selection

llama is a large South American animal with a long neck and long hair, often kept for its meat, milk, or fur and to carry heavy loads. Profoundly inspirational llama quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

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Famous llama Quotes

You can commonly hear a comedian llama say, ‘Well, llama say, I’m funny.’ Unknown

When llamas hear funny llama jokes, they spit their sides laughing. Unknown

Alpacas and llamas are two of the four lamoid species—the other two species, vicuña, and guanaco are their wild cousins. Cydney Grannan

For as different as they are, alpacas and llamas can mate. Nicole Cosgrove

The llama couldn’t see because someone pulled the wool over his eyes. Unknown

Llamas are cool. Amal Mathew Joshy

I look at Nick in distress. ‘Why is he spitting at me?’ Maybe he thinks he’s a llama. Holly Smale

No one is afraid of llama kisses. But, why is everyone afraid of the alpaca lips? Unknown

Men—you can’t live with them, and you can’t legally shoot them. I tossed out my husband eight years ago and got a llama instead. Best decision I ever made. Jodi Picoult

One has but to spend a few days with an aardvark or llama, command a water buffalo to sit up and beg or try to housebreak a moose, to perceive how wisely man set about his process of elimination and selection. James Thurber

The drama llama who refused to go outside because of her hair prob-llama is such a llama queen! Unknown

Llamas can drive… they just don’t know it yet… Llama Queen

The Llama is a woolly sort of fleecy hairy goat, with an indolent expression and an undulating throat. Hilaire Biloc

So yeah, we put llamas everywhere. That was us. We just liked looking at them, so we bred about six million and spread them around. Dave Eggers

The two llamas who stood close were within spitting distance. Unknown

Inspirational llama Quotes

The llama mother and daughter are spitting images of each other. Unknown

May the llama of happiness forever spit in your direction. Unknown

When Llamye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech, he said, Llama let you finish… Unknown

There is nothing like a llama… well maybe an alpaca. But they’re kinda like trademarks of llamas… Llama Queen

I don’t care if you’re a Tangent or a really smart llama. You’re my friend and that’s all that matters. James Dashner

A llama who reads a lot is wool-versed. Unknown

Their faces are also dissimilar: alpacas have small, blunt faces with short ears, while llamas have more-elongated faces with banana-sized ears. Cydney Grannan

Magnus was sure that the llama stampede he witnessed was a coincidence. The llamas could not be judging him. Cassandra Clare

A broker llama usually goes to Wool Street to work. Unknown

The llama felt extremely irritable and itchy. He probably had fleece. Unknown

When the llama married his wife, he told her, ‘I wool stop at nothing to keep you happy.’ Unknown

No drama llama. Caesar

Alpacas and llamas are so similar because they are both part of the camelid family, which includes camels, their cousins in the eastern hemisphere. Molly Mitchell

And I will bring a llama into the place where you sleep and make sure that it urinates on everything you possess. Cassandra Clare

Llamas are more than just a haughty look and long lashes. They are remarkably friendly, quirky, and smart. Claire

Hold up, llama be right back! Unknown

The Llama…like an unsuccessful literary man. Hilaire Belloc

Llamas are animals that are loved by everyone. So, we should hug them on that day, provide them nutritious food, and wish everyone around Happy National Llama Day! Anonymous

Alpacas: Soon it’ll be the alpacalypse! Llamas: You mean llamageddon. Unknown

Save your drama for a llama because Hollywood is miles and miles away! Timothy Pina

He is like a female llama surprised in her bath. Winston Churchill

I was thinking about shearing my llama, but I figured that I better leave him wool enough alone. Unknown

He can become aggressive if he feels threatened. That’s when he’s most likely to spit and kick, a trait that the alpaca shares with the llama. Nicole Cosgrove