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On the way to work this morning, I was listening to a sermon on the radio. What I got from that sermon is that in the midst of your sadness, do extraordinary things.A few of you might know that not too long ago I lost my little brother. It will more than likely always be the worst thing that has happened to me. From losing him, I learned that I have a  voice to speak up about things that actually matter and I found my courage that I thought I would never have again. In no way do I want you guys to think that I am happier without my brother; I just decided that I would do anything I could to be positive and make something great come out of a terrible tragedy. This new found voice did not come to me right away, it took time and a lot of patients. I knew that I loved to write but how could that help my others? Then one day it just came to me, start a blog and use your voice to speak up even when it is not such a popular topic.

This is just my experience that I am still finding my way through. I am here to help you guys in any way possible. So in the midst of your loneliness, sadness, anger, even happiness; use it! New circumstances cannot always be avoided. After a bad circumstance has happened to you, you have a choice. Will you choose the right path or will you choose to just let it take you under? After my loss I chose to not let it take me under, no matter how easy that would have been. I still grieve for my brother and I have days where I do not feel like going out into the world but I do. Life is full of choices, even when we feel like the things happening to us are way out of our control. New circumstances will either make you or break you. I’m here to tell you that it is no way easy or simple. I chose to use my talent for the good and to try my hardest to make a REAL difference. The circumstances I was faced with were like doing the impossible, there is no right way to handle a death by suicide. There are no words you can say to make it go away.

Speaking out against bullies and speaking up for mental health has given me so much happiness. The support I have received and just noticing others speaking up as well, has given me so much hope. I’m not here to lecture you guys, I just want anyone who is having a tough time to know the are not alone. You have a choice to let the outcome be great, you have every right to take control of your situation. In the midst of your sadness or your circumstance, decide to take the brighter path.


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That is all I have for today. It might have been a bit scattered, lol, but it has been on my mind for quite sometime. Just do not let sadness drown you, find the light and hold onto it. Also if you guys would like to check out my blog: Love, Lee. I am currently working on an exciting project/collab so if any of you are interested more information will be on my blog site (the deadline is August 31st) there are 3 more spots left! Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you guys got something positive from this today! Happy Sunday!



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  1. Love this. I lost my dad 12 years ago, I was in my first year at University, away from friends and family and surrounded by new friends. I nearly went down a bad path, but luckily some of my new friends helped me and pulled me back. The world doesn’t stop turning while you grieve, and that was the hardest lesson for me. There are things that have happened because of his death that have led me to where I am now, if he hadn’t have died I might not be here. Life is a complicated thing.

    • Hi JoK84. Sorry for what you went through. Its true that ‘the world doesn’t stop when we grieve’. I recently when through a tragedy that almost destroyed me completely. I am grateful to my creator that I regained balance and a better perspective of life. I am better than I was. Its funny how the worst tragedy can give us the best life ever (of course when we chose the right path after grieving).

  2. It is in the midst of our trials that we can hide in our sorrows or gain a new, albeit possibly painful, perspective. Life is brief. Our time here is merely a blink in the stream of history. We are reminded “Teach us to number our days,” and it is in the numbering of our days that we learn that our time here is not about us. Our time here is to be invested in others and, in so doing, we become part of those who come behind us.

    I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words to serve as salve for the wound of losing one so close to you. As time allows those wounds to heal into scars, may love be the result which is shared in the gifts and talents you share with others.

  3. Thanks Love Lee for this. I am sorry about your loss. I lost my mum when I was 10 (I got no biological siblings). Then I lost my favorite cousin October 2015 and July 2016 my grandma (she has brought me up) was diagnosed with bile duct obstruction. My life was in turmoil. I did a lot of research to understand life. I had come across the law of attraction concept and this time I gave it more attention. I am now having the best life ever. Grandma is stable and my career is advancing beautifully. I agree with you that we have to chose the path to take when tragedy strikes. When life gives us lemon, we should make lemonade. I am sure my life couldn’t be this sweet, at peace and contented if the tragedies hadn’t strike.


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