100+ Best Individuality Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Individuality is the qualities that make a person or thing different from others. Profoundly inspirational individuality quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Individuality Quotes

If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are. — Oprah Winfrey

Not only is the statistical madness an assault on individuality, it’s also one on temporality too. Statistics – even when accurate – are only an image of the past that can then be Photoshopped before being pasted on to the future. — Will Self

You want to do something that shows some type individuality and talent and imagination – at the same time, you want to be truthful to the predecessors, because obviously the audience liked something about them and you have to replicate that experience to a certain extent. — Renny Harlin

America is not anything if it consists of each of us. It is something only if it consists of all of us. — Woodrow Wilson

I do like my rock stars to be a little larger than life. I don’t mind the earnest ones at all, but I do like a bit of individuality. — Elton John

It was the spirit animating the mass and flowing from it, and it expressed the individuality of the building. — Louis Sullivan

It’s hard to tell how far women’s individuality has come in the past twenty years. — Annie Lennox

You know, our sense of individuality is just the number one target of civilization. — Alan Rudolph

I started my career in parent education with the idea that we needed to let our kids go. I believed that parents were suffocating for their children. There was no room for individuality and personhood. — Gordon Neufeld

I believe in individuality, that everybody is special, and it’s up to them to find that quality and let it live. — Grace Jones

The older I get, the more individuality I find in animals and the less I find in humans. — Chuck Jones

The liberty of the individual is no gift of civilization. It was greatest before there was any civilization. — Sigmund Freud

The fatal tendency of mankind to leave off thinking about a thing when it is no longer doubtful is the cause of half their errors. — John Stuart Mill

The biggest thing I’m seeing – and I have to be careful what I say here – is that people are tired of the old guard and the familiar brands. They’re looking for more individuality and creativity, and that’s coming out of this whole new wave of younger brands: Thom Browne, Michael Bastian, Robert Geller, myself. — Simon Spurr

It’s very hard to describe your own style. And I’m young, so I’m still experimenting. But I think it’s quite British and very much about individuality. — Emma Watson

Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream. — Malcolm Muggeridge

Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mass itself. — Carl Jung

The reason most people don’t express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of the federal reserve, It’s what their families and their friends down at the bar are going to think of them. — David Icke

The best thing you’ve got going for you is individuality. — Richard Thompson

The minority is sometimes right; the majority always wrong. — George Bernard Shaw

Consider any individual at any period of his life, and you will always find him preoccupied with fresh plans to increase his comfort. — Alexis de Tocqueville

The liberty of the individual is a necessary postulate of human progress. — Ernest Renan

I love the fact that there is now a skate park in almost every city, but it will always have a rebellious/underground edge to it because it is based on individuality. — Tony Hawk

We have lost sight of nature’s role in the whole process of maturation and growing up. Parents and nature are a team. And nature can’t go on without the parental role of being able to foster individuality and viability unless the attachment needs are fully met. — Gordon Neufeld

You don’t have to be the sexiest girl or the most talented person to have the X factor. X factor is something you are born with that is your own. And the moment that you realize how to tap into that quality that you have within, and how to bring that individuality out of yourself, that is when you discover the X factor. — Sonu Nigam

Freaks and Geeks’ was a show where our individuality was really celebrated. — Busy Philipps

In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality. — Karl Marx

If I’m going to sing like someone else, then I don’t need to sing at all. — Billie Holiday

I love all the different ways that New Yorkers show their individuality through what they choose to wear. — Henrik Lundqvist

Certain defects are necessary for the existence of individuality. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The artist makes things concrete and gives them individuality. — Paul Cezanne

Science is imagination in the service of the verifiable truth, and that service is indeed communal. It cannot be rigidly planned. Rather, it requires freedom and courage and the plural contributions of many different kinds of people who must maintain their individuality while giving to the group. — Gerald Edelman

Individuality is the aim of political liberty. By leaving the citizen as much freedom of action and of being as comports with order and the rights of others, the institutions render him truly a freeman. He is left to pursue his means of happiness in his own manner. — James F. Cooper

Every young person has to bear the burden – heavier in proportion as the individuality is richer – of accommodating himself to existence now that it is no longer seen with the eyes of a child, the eyes to which everything is as it should be. — Ellen Key

For the stage displays the first vigorous expression, as the natural thing and without conspicuous restraint, of private individuality. — Lascelles Abercrombie

I’m totally committed to the cause of individuality. That’s the only thing I stand by: independence. — Juliana Hatfield

When I began in 1960, individuality wasn’t an accepted thing to look for; it was about species-specific behaviour. But animal behaviour is not hard science. There’s room for intuition. — Jane Goodall

Words like ‘retirement’ just don’t appeal to boomers. We are really careful in our language. They are looking more for individuality and ways to express themselves. — Drew Smith

A happy life is one which is in accordance with its own nature. — Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Rich or poor, every child comes into the world with some imperative need of its own, which shapes its individuality. — Lucy Larcom

The Pentagon isn’t a place that champions individuality and innovation. — Aimee Mullins

Eternal life and the invisible world are only to be sought in God. Only within Him do all spirits dwell. He is an abyss of individuality, the only infinite plenitude. — Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

To a certain extent, this tour is a celebration of individuality and that you can invent and reinvent yourself. You should have the power to be able to do that. Sexuality is a part of that. It should release you. It doesn’t have to be an issue. It shouldn’t box you in. — Neil Tennant

Like most modern Americans, I assume individuality is not only a fundamental value, but a goal in life, an art form. — Howard Rheingold

Each man must have his I; it is more necessary to him than bread; and if he does not find scope for it within the existing institutions he will be likely to make trouble. — Charles Horton Cooley

American poetry, like American painting, is always personal with an emphasis on the individuality of the poet. — Diane Wakoski

Truth is the property of no individual but is the treasure of all men. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I was a student there in the mid-1990s, they had just created the weekend; depth and individuality were slowly returning after the austere, colorless low of the 1970s. When I returned to live in China from 2005 to 2013, the country was building everything anew. — Evan Osnos

We have a right, also, in various ways, to act upon our unfavorable opinion of anyone, not to the oppression of his individuality, but in the exercise of ours. — John Stuart Mill

Each man must grant himself the emotions that he needs and the morality that suits him. — Remy de Gourmont

No one should part with their individuality and become that of another. — William Ellery Channing

Man as an individual is a genius. But men in the mass form the headless monster, a great, brutish idiot that goes where prodded. — Charlie Chaplin

I look for individuality in the artisans I work with for CoutureLab; a loving relationship with the product and care in the construction, along with the story behind it, make couture desirable to consumers looking for something that cannot be mass-produced. — Carmen Busquets

In terms of an identity, an identity reflects an individuality, by definition. And, if there is a quality present, it is recognizable and it can be named. If you can’t name it, it means you don’t recognize it. — Robert Fripp

American Eagle clothing is stylish, flattering and all about embracing your individuality. — Shay Mitchell

So the old Copenhagen interpretation needs to be generalized, needs to be replaced by something that can be used for the whole universe, and can be used also in cases where there is plenty of individuality and history — Murray Gell-Mann

Your life is yours and yours alone. Rise up and live it. — Terry Goodkind

The cult of individuality and personality, which promotes painters and poets only to promote itself, is really a business. The greater the ‘genius’ of the personage, the greater the profit. — George Grosz

It is time to celebrate the New Black Americans – those who have sealed the Deal, who aren’t beholden to liberal indulgence any more than they are to the disdain of the hard Right. It is time to praise blacks who are merely undeniable in their individuality and exemplary in their levels of achievement . — John Ridley

Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals. — Oscar Wilde

Wanted, a man who will not lose his individuality in a crowd, a man who has the courage of his convictions, who is not afraid to say No, though all the world say Yes. — Orison Swett Marden

Part of me looks at the gay movement now and worries that we’re losing our individuality. — Boy George

We’ve had hassles, ups and downs, ins and outs, failures and triumphs. We’re human beings, and we’re not perfect. And we’re mortal. But the Beach Boys is musically a tremendous body of work that transcends individuality and time and national boundaries. — Mike Love

I’m not a slave to fashion; I’m into exercising my individuality. — Sandra Oh

Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies and humors. — George Santayana

The individual who has to justify his existence by his own efforts is in eternal bondage to himself. — Eric Hoffer

Japanese businesspeople and companies are lacking in individuality. — Tadashi Yanai

Individuality or Unity? I say there’s room for both. — Brian Celio

The definition of the individual was: a multitude of one million divided by one million. — Arthur Koestler

The intellectually sophisticated person is indifferent to all genuine individuality, because relationships and reactions result from it which cannot be exhausted with logical operations. — Georg Simmel

I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original. — Aaliyah

Writers write to influence their readers, their preachers, their auditors, but always, at bottom, to be more themselves. — Aldous Huxley

The humblest individual exerts some influence, either for good or evil, upon others. — Henry Ward Beecher

There comes a time when you have to stand up and be counted. — Gale Sayers

To maintain one’s individuality, integrity, and true personality in the theatre is a big task. — Cyril Cusack

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but clones kind of get it wrong because we are promoting individuality and being proud of being yourself. — Brian Molko

The old man, of whom we know how he has become what he is, is more of an individual than the young man; for it is only in the course of an eventful life that men are differentiated into full individuality. — Erich Auerbach

In our society, the ideal self is bold, gregarious, and comfortable in the spotlight. We like to think that we value individuality, but mostly we admire the type of individual who’s comfortable ‘putting himself out there. — Susan Cain

Style is an expression of your individuality. Who you are and what your mood is, is what you wear. — Sonam Kapoor

I always encourage women to let their individuality show by not covering up what they perceive as flaws. When I see a woman with the natural wrinkles of time on her face, I do not see the wrinkles at all, but when I see a woman trying to cover them up with too much foundation or concealer, all I see are her wrinkles. — Isabella Rossellini

Punk has always been about doing things your own way. What it represents for me is ultimate freedom and a sense of individuality. — Billie Joe Armstrong

I love the mix of people who hang out at nightclubs now. Their individuality is an inspiration to me. The music they listen to, the clothes they wear and the way they wear them defines a street style that I love. — Donatella Versace

Individuality is only possible if it unfolds from wholeness. — David Bohm

It’s refreshing to see a woman who can artfully weave her individuality into an otherwise safe ensemble. — Nina Garcia

There’s a lot of mediocrity being celebrated, and a lot of wonderful stuff being ignored or discouraged. — Sean Penn

Don’t let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth – don’t let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency. — Aesop

You lose your individuality a huge amount when you have no money, and I certainly had that experience. — J. K. Rowling

Can anything be more grotesque and barbarous than our ‘florists’ bouquets,’ a series of concentric rings of flowers of divers colours, bordered by maidenhair and a piece of stiff lace paper, in which stems, leaves, and even petals are brutally crushed, and the grace and individuality of each flower systematically destroyed? — Isabella Bird

My countrymen, I have given proofs that I am one most anxious for liberties for our country, and I am still desirous of them. But I place as a prior condition the education of the people, that by means of instruction and industry our country may have an individuality of its own and make itself worthy of these liberties. — Jose Rizal

Bobbed hair makes women look uniform. They lack individuality. — Erich von Stroheim

Where the state begins, individual liberty ceases, and vice versa. — Mikhail Bakunin

If an individual is born with the obligation to obey, who is born with the right to command? — Tom G. Palmer

In a democracy, the well-being, individuality and happiness of every citizen is important for the overall prosperity, peace and happiness of the nation. — Abdul Kalam

The psychological basis of the metropolitan type of individuality consists in the intensification of nervous stimulation which results from the swift and uninterrupted change of outer and inner stimuli. — Georg Simmel

The anarchist painter is not the one who will create anarchist pictures, but the one who will fight with all his individuality against official conventions. — Paul Signac

The little black dress expresses a moment of freedom and individuality every time. — Andre Leon Talley

In a society that tries to standardize thinking, individuality is not highly prized. — Alex Grey

We’re dealing with sophisticated customers. What’s most important to these women is individuality. I have to create things she’ll want to wear, no matter who she is. — Oscar de la Renta

The balance of private good and general welfare is at the bottom of civilized morals but the morals of the Heroic Age are founded on individuality, and on nothing else. — Lascelles Abercrombie

In each individual the spirit is made flesh, in each one the whole of creation suffers, in each one a Savior is crucified. — Hermann Hesse