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Here I feel I should choose my words wisely on this subject. I just need to express my feelings and experience. I always think very long on something I want to write about.  

As a saved Christian (Galatians 3:27) I experienced a lot of uneasy feelings on Instagram. Firstly, I am fine with having Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and my blogging. It is more than enough social networks. However, I decided to open an account because I thought I can start a platform while I am busy planning my business. To show where I come from and what I stand for regarding a fit and healthy lifestyle. It all started when I went for a photoshoot with Women’sHealth team for my weight loss story. They asked me about my Instagram account. With all the excitement I rushed home and thought “oh gosh I need to up my game if I want to make it in this industry” and I opened an Instagram account. I must admit I didn’t get it the first time and my photo quality was quite weak. 

I’ve connected with some people who are really inspirational but, the majority I find “shallow” 

Especially in the fitness industry. It’s all about hips, bums and thighs. Showing off selfies, big muscles and how much more flexible one can be. So, I fell into the trap of “what society says is right”  I started to also post pics considered “cool”, ” sexy”, “the in thing”. As much as I don’t like it, I just have to admit it. I took pictures every single day with different poses and stories just to try and get more likes and followers  (Affecting my standards). I Even posted pics I was not comfortable with but wanted to see what people want to see and hear(not God like)  “John4:24 God is a spirit; and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

I felt sad and worthless at times because it seemed like I just can’t get it right on this social network and my account is not even in my name. It felt like there is something wrong with me.. Asking questions like: am I that bad? Is my standards too low? Am I not skinny enough, or don’t I have big enough muscles? I started comparing myself too. Looking at high follower count profiles, thinking… “Really?? This people do exactly the same and sometimes I felt mine looked better and I can’t keep 100 followers????  

Yeah! That’s what Instagram did to a faithful child of God. 

I did it wrong, I understood it wrong, everything about it was wrong. I turned it into a personal killer. 

God don’t want us to live like the rest of the world. “Colossians 3:2 set your affection on things above, not on things on earth”

I’ve reached Christian maturity. When you are at this level you have a deeper and closer relationship with God. You understand and know God’s voice. When God says stop one need to listen for he knows what’s best. You strive to grow spiritually each and every day and in every way. So, if it means sacrifices need to be made it must be. It only means you walking in righteousness with God.

I am entering a fast and competitive industry. It is something I want to do and where my passion lies. But, if it means I have to compromise God’s standards I’ll have to let it go.


I am still going to do what I love. I just realised not everything is working for everyone. I am keeping my Instagram account for when my business is fully up and running. I will be using it strictly for business purposes. At least there I won’t take it so personal LOL(yes I kinda find it funny, because I am a funny person)

The moral of this story is:  it is not working for me because it affected me emotionally and my self image. It also affected my relationship with God which is a big NO.

I love Bloggers, people who merely express themselves through words. Respecting each other’s stories, reading sharing and really caring. 

That is just my story

Let’s do Health

4 thoughts on “Instagram and I…”

  1. Hi. We all have our issues with Instagram I think. But for me it isn’t a question of God (I’m a practicing Catholic so I’m not debating the God subject with you). For me, it is a question of ethical behavior. I have issues with the “follow to unfollow” game that runs rampant among bloggers in order to “build” numbers. Bloggers will “follow” you in order to receive a “follow” from you. Then they will quickly “unfollow” you, with the mindset that you won’t be aware of their unfollow. It is deceitful and dishonest. This is done so that they can receive sponsorship and make their accounts look very popular. Retailers love it.
    I have an app for those who unfollow me–and as soon as I receive an unfollow–I do the same. I believe in “a cheek for a cheek” and “do unto others as they have done unto you”.
    There IS a lot of smoke and mirrors on IG–don’t let that get to you because there is smoke and mirrors throughout life. Just keep it real!

  2. This is something that weighs so heavily on my mind and heart. Particularly, since fitness gave me a much needed second breath and passion for life during a very dark time. A time that sometimes comes back to haunt me. I want to inspire but can’t help but feel that sense of being “shallow” creeping in from time to time. My mom and dad always tell me not to rely on my own strength, and lean on God but it’s easier said than done.
    This is such a powerful message, and something maybe not all of us can admit we battle with. I suppose something external should never have such an impact on the internal, especially social media. Admittedly, I’m still fighting to strike the balance, mostly because I’m stubborn (and perhaps in denial) but posts like this are so precious.
    Thank you for sharing.
    It’s a healthy reminder to keep the main thing, the main thing.

    • Hi Kuda, I am so glad I could inspire you through this message. My Health and Fitness Journey also took me through dark times. I’ve found inner peace and purpose, but the struggle is real and challenging. I love this journey as I strongly believe a Healthy Lifestyle is more than Clean eating and Exercise. I wish you all the best through your journey may God bless you.

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