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Famous Intimidating Quotes

Many companies go to great means to try to intimidate or advise their workers against supporting the union, — Kent Wong

They had a small team, so I knew we could intimidate them by blocking shots and going to the hole. — Ramon Dyer

We have reason to believe that top aides that have access to the Oval Office have been orchestrating a conspiracy to intimidate members of Congress by using their past lives as an embarrassment to intimidate, — Tom DeLay

It’s senseless terror. It doesn’t intimidate anybody. It doesn’t relax anybody’s resolve. It’s just a personal tragedy. — Robert Novak

He doesn’t give up ever. He is not intimidated by anything. He just doesn’t care. You can’t intimidate him. — Keith Johnson

We have said for the last couple of weeks that we have seen the enemy starting to attack soft targets, Iraqi targets, rather than military targets, … He is attempting to intimidate the people of Iraq. He will not succeed. — Mark Kimmitt

We let them intimidate us. We have to show we’re strong. — Russ Feingold

We read the rules and they clearly require the BLM to prepare a full environmental impact statement and include the public in these processes. The BLM is simply trying to intimidate the public and prevent citizens from enforcing the law and protecting their public forest. — Doug Heiken

I used to think if there was reincarnation, I wanted to come back as the president or the pope or a .400 baseball hitter. But now I want to come back as the bond market. You can intimidate everybody. — James Carville

Philly is not going to intimidate us. No chance. — John Tortorella

It’s quite an irony that we’re commemorating martial law and we see that the militarist mind-set is so deep in this administration, … The standard response to protest actions are massive troop and police deployment. These things are obviously intended to intimidate people, short of what Marcos did in 1972. — Renato Reyes

Based on the national elections that took place in January, we anticipate that insurgents will attempt to intimidate voters and deprive them of the opportunity to vote, — John Vines

It was a big win for us. It was especially enjoyable considering Niagara Falls tried to intimidate us all game. — Glenn Walsh

These are serious allegations that involve the use of a computer to threaten and intimidate these students and one of their mothers by continually subjecting them to violent and sexually explicit messages that had them in fear for their safety, — Thomas Reilly

They want to intimidate us, they want us to keep quiet. — Paula McCartney

It’s fun, it’s something I like to do. It’s not to intimidate anyone, but if they think it is, that’s them. It’s for the fans more than anyone because they like it. — David Bell

He makes us that much stronger behind the plate. He can intimidate you a little bit with his arm. You can’t just run at will when you’re in that opposing dugout. — John Gibbons

It doesn’t intimidate me. I can’t reach the bunker. Doesn’t bother me a bit. — Olin Browne

We went in with the mindset that we were going to go in not let them intimidate us. We were going to go in and just play our game. — Peg Cargan

We feel they are trying to intimidate and insult people who are going to our demonstration. We don’t feel government should be allowed to do that. — Bill White

The Taxpayers League is using scare tactics and is trying to intimidate the Venice City Council members by adding this sentence in the ad, ‘Our PAC will inform you of any council person who places development interests ahead of the citizens of Venice,’ — John Ryan

The only purpose for this being dredged up now is an obvious attempt to intimidate me, and it won’t work, — Henry Hyde

Keep your heads up, boys. This is your job. Don’t let these (suicide bombers) intimidate you. We’re here for the right reasons. — Paul Franklin

These crude attempts to intimidate judges underscore the urgent need for judicial reform in Egypt. — Joe Stork

If the FBI can persuade a court that there is probable cause that there are stolen records in that collection, then they should go to court. They cannot bully or attempt to intimidate the family or the university into surrendering private records. — Steven Aftergood

This defendant only compounded his problem when he chose to intimidate grand jury witnesses ? something we simply never tolerate. — Bud Cummins

Pakistan test-fired its first cruise missile Thursday in a blatant attempt to intimidate India. It flies beneath radar. If they attacked India with a nuclear cruise missile it could wipe out the entire United States customer service industry. — Argus Hamilton

Well, they’d call them at their house or intimidate them or do property damage. Officers are also concerned about their families, — Bruce Miller

We worked off each other’s strengths to intimidate those around us and propel us forward, … The pack really stepped it up this week from our last meet two meets ago. As we continue with our speed training, this should only continue to improve. — Ashley Campbell

When the D.A. and A.G. show up with badges and guns and say whatever, they can intimidate a lot of people and that’s their game. — David Senior

This ad simply lays out the facts about the corruption allegations against DeLay that go way beyond the campaign finance charges he is facing in court. Rep. DeLay cannot intimidate stations to prevent public discussion of the serious charges leveled against him. — Roger Hickey

Duffy said if he was going to do the job ? intimidate whoever it was hanging out in front of my house ? Duffy didn’t want any connection with me in case there was any trouble with the police, … He said, ‘Nothing can revert back to you if I have to get a little tense with somebody.’ — Robert Blake

I told the team we needed to come out and play a good game. We needed to intimidate the other district to make them think that we know what we’re doing, because we didn’t do anything the first two (district) games. We were lucky we won both. — Mike Clamon

The second period is a credit to Harvard. They can intimidate you with their speed, and we had to recreate a lot of offense for ourselves. — Brian Durocher

Attempted to intimidate or harass the owner, her business and her husband. — George Touart

Both Georges were not thugs. I know the difference and I know guys that have been in a tow truck that are bikers but they’re thugs. They’ll do stupid things, they’ll insult people, they’ll intimidate people at wrecks. . . . These guys weren’t like that. — Eric Johnston

It appears the main complaint is they were not able to intimidate Ken Blackwell and now they’re going to try again. — Carlo LoParo

By giving professors jobs for life, universities create a feeling of unanswerable power among too many. Tenured professors who are uninterested in serving the student body are less likely to respond favorably to criticism, and are more likely to feel the freedom to intimidate or harass those with opposing viewpoints. — Ben Shapiro

For me, this is no problem. Sometimes when I strike out some people I feel good and I do something that’s in the moment. So I don’t try to intimidate that guy. I do it for myself. … You feel happy because everybody knows he’s the best hitter right now in the major leagues. — Oliver Perez

They have a great tailback, … Last year they had two great tailbacks. They make up their minds they are going to run and intimidate you. When your offense (goes for over 550) yards against a team like Purdue, they are a heck of an offensive football team. — Joe Paterno

During the 1990s, the enemies of freedom used terror and violence in futile attempts to intimidate the United States and the cause of freedom. — John Boehner

If it’s a mugging, you might not want to give out the name of the victim in case the robber might seek them out to intimidate them from prosecuting. — Jay Bender

I am grateful for the swift, professional work by the New York City Police Department. In spite of any efforts to discredit or intimidate me and fellow exchange members opposed to the terms of the merger, we will continue to mount our challenge legally in court. — William Higgins

orchestrate a conspiracy to intimidate members of Congress by using their past lives. — Tom DeLay

It was done with the intent of intimidating us. But there are some guys you can intimidate and some guys where it works the opposite way, — Tony Stewart

We don’t need new laws that can be used by organizations with deep pockets and the ability to deduct legal expenses as a cost of doing business to intimidate individuals or organizations that voice legitimate concerns. — Donella Meadows

would be kind of stupid to try and intimidate her. — Henry Hyde

Some American guys talk and try to intimidate you. Basketball is basketball. You put the ball in the hole, and you’re going to win the game. You’ve just got to keep playing your game. — Andrew Bogut

The remaining bandits will try to kill and to threaten in order to intimidate people, in order to frustrate the dynamic political process. — Vladimir Putin

Going against soft targets is probably an easier way to achieve what the enemy is trying to achieve. He’s attempting to intimidate the people of Iraq, and he’s attempting to try to break the will of the coalition, … He will be unsuccessful in both. — Mark Kimmitt

The government’s heavy-handed attempt to intimidate the independent press and suppress news of the protests and deaths in Addis Ababa is unacceptable. We call on the Ethiopian authorities to release our colleagues immediately and allow the media to report freely. — Ann Cooper

We knew we were in for a tough one. You always know that when you play the Bulls at Loftus they’re going to kick it up a notch and try to physically intimidate you. — Stirling Mortlock

It’s one thing to give out your materials, it’s quite another to bully and intimidate students. — Donna Lieberman

A lot of them try to intimidate me. They whisper in my ear as they skate by, ‘Your mine.’ I’ve learned to ignore it. — Allie Woods

Parliament considered national interest and in as much as people raise their objections, no one will intimidate or deny the people in the town the right to vote. — Seabo Gaeganelwe

You can’t intimidate me. I’m not somebody you can come and just spew all your (inaudible… — Phil Donahue

If they think they can intimidate the City Council, they’re sadly mistaken, … We’re going to do what we think is the right thing when it comes to this. We’re going to do our jobs. — James Harrington

Coming into the game we really decided we were not going to let these guys intimidate us. We did a great job on the boards, did a great job shooting. — Kyle Peabody

What we would like them to do is send them a message that this kind of hate speech which is designed to intimidate Catholics from engaging in public discussions can’t be tolerated. — Bill Donohue

They will try to intimidate us and the more one-on-one physical duels that we can win the better it will be for us. — Patrick Vieira

Will they attack us? Yes. Will they smear our backgrounds and distort our records? Undoubtedly. Will they lie about us, harass our families, namecall to try to intimidate us? They will. There’s nothing safe about it. But is it worth it? Well, let me ask you. Is freedom worth it? Is America worth it? — Christine O’Donnell

They have a great defense. They were probably trying to intimidate me some. They were saying stuff on top of the pile, but that kind of stuff has been going on ever since I’ve been playing football. It wasn’t anything personal. — Hunter Cantwell

A lot of producers will intimidate you or leave it to the engineer when you’re in the vocal booth. I’m at my most vulnerable when I’m singing, but he just had a great manner in the studio. — Robert Lamm

One of the jokes is there’s nothing quite as scary as a nasty beaver. Maybe it’ll intimidate the other team. If nothing else, it’s good for a laugh. — Jeff Pain

The president should name the best-qualified and proven constitutionalist to replace O’Connor as soon as Judge Roberts is confirmed, regardless of sex, race or ethnicity. The American people will decide the consequences of partisan politicians trying to intimidate the president into surrendering his constitutional duty. — Jan LaRue

It was such a tactic to take us by surprise and intimidate us. — Mary James

We can never intimidate and discourage the people who voice their words with courage. The essence of freedom rests precisely here – in the freedom of expression of the people. And we must protect it. — Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

The most successful Subway customers, of course, are the ones who can’t keep their hands off their sandwich. Join your artist in the sandwich assembling process. That sneeze guard is a suggestion. That sneeze guard is trying to intimidate you into staying on the customer’s side of the partition. — Mallory Ortberg

I’ve heard New York actors say Chicago actors intimidate them because apparently we’re the real nitty-gritty actors who’re in a town where being onstage doesn’t necessarily get you anything except your craft. — Scott Adsit

They’re tough, they play physical, they finish hits. They’ll intimidate you. They don’t give up the gap well, they don’t give you time. They have really good size, they have older players that lead them well. — John LaFontaine

We need American troops to intimidate our neighbors. — Jalal Talabani

If they showed reluctance, they would intimidate people and talk about breaking the law or they’d be asphyxiated by carbon monoxide or they’d call the National Fire Protection Association. — Bob Clifford

Our whole philosophy was to intimidate the quarterback. We were able to do it. We were pioneers. People still recognize us as, maybe, the best defensive line of all time. — Merlin Olsen

What you can learn from this guy is the thing people call intangibles like his leadership style and the way he motivates guys around him. The way he has the ability to intimidate the opponent without saying a word. He’s one of a kind. — Matt Hasselbeck

CPJ is alarmed by the authorities’ latest attempt to intimidate EFJA leaders. This is an intolerable assault on a press freedom organization whose right to operate has been upheld twice by the federal court. — Ann Cooper

We played physical tonight and when you play that physical you can somewhat intimidate a team. I feel like we jumped on them and stayed on them tonight. — Vernon Hamilton

I wasn’t backing off. I was hitting good shots all day long. He didn’t intimidate me, per se. I thought I had the game to beat him today. — Roger Tambellini

Laws and mechanisms originally meant to enforce copyright, protect children and fight online crime are abused to silence or intimidate political critics. — Rebecca MacKinnon

We are concerned that the government could be using a serious charge to discredit a critic and intimidate his colleagues. We urge the government to ensure a transparent and fair proceeding. — Ann Cooper

While we are running some 7-8 percent ahead of last year both in tonnage and revenue, we feel we could be much stronger without the union’s activities. They’ve had very limited success with (organizing) our employees. So now they are trying to intimidate our customers. — Ira Rosenfeld

These leaks make a mockery of the traditional rules of grand jury secrecy. They often appear to be a cynical attempt to pressure and intimidate witnesses, to deceive the public and to smear people involved in the investigation. — David Kendall

Dailey is definitely not a leader; he’s a bully. It’s his way or the highway. If you disagree with him, he attempts to intimidate rather than discuss it. — Charles Pickering

Men try to intimidate women out of the kitchen. — Gale Gand

We have to play hard and not let teams intimidate us in the first quarter like Miami and Orlando did. You have to keep chasing and chasing. Finally in the fourth quarter when you’ve got them, you have no energy. — Andrei Kirilenko

‘Shabiha’ is a difficult word to translate into English. It comes from the word Syrians used to describe the luxury Mercedes favored by the Assad family’s operatives that the enforcers of the regime used to move money, smuggle weapons and intimidate opponents. — Richard Engel

I thought we had a great rally and a peaceful march. We really just wanted to come out and say peace is something that’s part of America, and we’re not going to let the FBI intimidate us. — Jim Kleissler

Unfortunately they have found a legal loophole to conduct such (operations). This is an act to intimidate people in the community. — Jose Luis

She has been improving a lot, … The coaches have been working on her on talking more. She so big that she can intimidate the opposing team. Now if we can get her to be a little meaner on the court. — Allison Johnson

He’s beaten the ultimate competitor — he’s beaten cancer. Now I’m sure nothing or no one can intimidate him — he’s living large. — Janice Thompson

What I often find is it has to do with, is we need somebody who’s in one scene to intimidate somebody who’s over 5’10’ and there I am on the set. — John Sayles

Tucker looked like he was coming to the bench after losing a prize fight. They tried to intimidate us. They were doing anything necessary to come out with a win, and they got away with it. — Steve Ketchum

I don’t intimidate anyone. Instead, I try to get people to believe in themselves. — Bob Ross

There’s no allegation he tried to intimidate anybody. There’s no allegation he even knew there was a potential victim within eyesight of him. — Jonathan Cohen

Just because a police chief or other public official doesn’t like what is being said about them on an Internet bulletin board doesn’t give them license to use official powers to threaten and intimidate critics or take steps to shut down the Web site. As the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. — Witold Walczak

Kenny, he’s going to work harder than anyone. As for Matt, nobody’s going to intimidate him despite giving up nearly 35 pounds in his weight class. — Jeriamy Jackson

If you were to ask any children of any politician, when you’ve been part of a political life, you are not on the sidelines. There is no such thing as a member of a political family who is only a spectator. You see the wheeling and the dealing. That doesn’t intimidate me. I’ll do a little of that myself, on behalf of my constituents. — Lucille Roybal-Allard

We’re not trying to go out and totally intimidate anybody. The bottom line is, we do have arm strength, and that’s to your advantage in some ways. The key, really, is throwing strikes. — Willie Randolph

He’s got the sweetest hands I think I’ve seen on a guy. He doesn’t panic with the puck at all. He doesn’t let too much intimidate him or rattle him out there, and that’s a big thing. — Rob Niedermayer

This is an effort by regulators to bully, intimidate and threaten casinos in a totally inappropriate manner. Clearly, they are playing with fire. — Gary Peck

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