Is He Into Me? How To Know If A Guy Is Into You

Until a guy walks up to you to make clear his intentions, it is hard to predict what he actually wants.

It gets more complicated if you two work together. For instance, how do you know when your colleague is into you? You don’t.

You don’t know if they are being nice to you or seeking opportunities to declare their love.

And sometimes, when you think you have known their true intentions it appears again as though they also treat every other ladies the same as you, then you get even more confused.

If you genuinely want to get a clearer picture of what that guy that always hangs around, you wants then you have to look out for some of these proven signs.

Signs He’s Into You

  1. He shows up in the places you could be.

If he constantly shows up to the places that you visit regularly, there are chances that he is into you. But if when he does, he always finds a way to come close to you or appear around you all the time, he wants you.

A guy that is into you would make a calculated attempt to be by your side all the time.

He would check you out in places you love to be or where he used to see you.

  1. It is in his eyes

It is all in the eyes. You just have to see his soul through his eyes.

The eyes play a major role in communicating love. It has been proven over and again that when people can’t let their eyes off you that it means that they have a crush on you.

He will have his eyes on you, and when your eyes are locked, he smiles. This is a clear sign that he has a secret crush on you.

Men never let go of what or who they like, and the eyes are a way of passing the initial message.

  1. His body language matches yours

When a guy begins to mirror you even to your knowledge, he has been admiring you and definitely crushing on you.

It is not unusual for a guy that has a crush on you to try to change some of his body languages until they match yours.

From the way you talk, your cues, your favorite exclaims, the way you pose for pictures, and so on.

Even though not every guy would do this to the woman they are crushing on but if you notice a guy doing this, he definitely likes you and wants you.

  1. He’s your best listener

Have you had such a loyal guy friend that listens to everything you have to say, as in, once you have a gist, you know who to tell.

He can listen to even the most stupid things you want to say. He never lets you down.

But what surprises the most is that he never gives such attention to other ladies.

And when you need advice, he sure gets you covered, seek no further he is crushing on you.

  1. He calls more often

If no one calls, you are dead sure he will call. And with just a word from you, he can dictate your mood.

He knows when you are sad or sick. He can tell even the slightest change in your tone and he does it correctly each time.

And somehow, he’s beginning to influence you, you now get worried when he doesn’t call. You would be like, are you sure all is well with him?

His calls form part of your daily life. Look no further, he is into you.

  1. He knows a lot about you

He can tell a lot about you, where you could be, your favorites.

Each time he gets you a gift, it is exactly what you need.

The reason is that he doesn’t just listen to your empty stories but takes notes. He keeps records of your pains and hopes to be part of the solution, and so each time he could, he would solve at least one of them without appearing to do so.

He knows even more than you think. He’s crushing on you. Moreover, it is one of the signs he loves you.

  1. Helps you around your dreams

He’s passionate about your future, he offers his best to see your dreams come to reality.

He would even offer unsolicited advice just to make sure you don’t miss out.

And whenever you need aid to get through, you are sure to count on him.

  1. His door is always open for you

He has almost no limits or boundaries when it comes to you. He’s your go-to guy. You can call him any time even at midnight. And if you came knocking late at night, he will let you in.

He takes your problems seriously. And he doesn’t want to hear that anything or anybody is troubling you.

  1. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys

He may be cool with everything but once he sees other guys coming to you, he feels threatened and jealous.

He sees you laughing and chatting with other guys and he would come uninvited to maybe excuse you, join you, talk down on them, claim ownership of you, brag about his ability or about what you did together.

The goal is to show them that you belong to someone and that they should keep off.

  1. If you are in, he is in

Most of us have thatprecious friend that if you want to trek a thousand miles, once they can’t talk you out, they are in, not because they would ever think of such a stupid thing to do but because you want to do it and they would never let you walk alone.

If you want to swim, he suddenly develops an interest in swimming, if you want to catch some fun, you already know you can count on him.

Well, not all man crush would be this person but if you have such a friend, call him bestie or whatever you wish, he’s crushing on you.

  1. He flirts with you

A guy that is into you would also flirt with you.

From the way, he rolls his eyes, steals glances, checks you out, praises you. With his ever-broad smile, it’s obvious he’s into you.

The way he sparks up a conversation, his humorous acts and gestures. He’s into you.

And sometimes, he makes some physical contacts excusing it as an accident. Sometimes he borrows what he doesn’t need or even what he needs but just to make contact with you.

When you two get talking, he may ask some open-ended questions that will get you to respond and keep the discussion going.

  1. Doesn’t keep you waiting

He’s not the person that prefers his phone to you. He makes your stay together lively and fun.

He knows how to twist and gist. He keeps you wanting more of him, and he has the time.

He comes out with some straightforward questions.

You know what, he’s into you.

  1. He enjoys taking selfies with you

Henever misses an opportunity to take selfies with you so that he leaves you with lots of his pictures to keep his image always fresh in your mind.

He believes they impart your life and creates sweet memories of you together. He’s into you.

  1. He is in a hurry

He wants to make you his own.

He’s in a hurry. He’s not going to hang out with you forever. He’s ready to take things forward, go on a date, let you know his feelings, and get together.

And if he has not said so, maybe it’s because you haven’t given him enough green light to say so, yet you can almost read it from his lips.

He’s into you obviously.

  1. Has abundant time for your drama

Sometimes, womenare dramatic, a guy that is into you tries to be patient with you. He waits around until you come back to the normal you.

  1. Treats you differently

He would drop his weird side before getting to you. He maintains his cool before you, takes you to a treat, offers uncommon help, and ignores your excesses.

  1. He leaves you wanting more

You start to miss him once he leaves. You think about how he makes you feel.

You want to spend more time having fun with him. His soft manly voice can even wake you up from sleep. You know exactly what it sounds like and can differentiate it from thousands of others.


A guy that is into you gives it all to get you.

He wants to always be beside you; he communicates with his eyes from the way he looks at you. He adjusts to match your body language.

He pays attention to you, knows a lot about you, chats you up, calls you often, offers to help you with your dreams.

His doors are wide open for you, he makes sacrifices for you, doesn’t keep you waiting.

A guy that is really into you may appear jealous sometimes, follows you, doesn’t keep you waiting, treats you right, opens up to you, overlooks your downside.

Do you have any of these experiences? Are there other experiences you have had? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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