Is it Better to Give than Receive?

Is it Better to Give than Receive?

We live in a society where we are focused on our needs and how they can be met. This type of thinking has been with mankind since the beginning of his creation, yet today it seems to have exploded. From the commercials that are designed to be centred on your need for a particular product, to ‘self-help’ books that focus on you and you alone.


Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. Matthew 16:24



Jesus didn’t ask us as believers to think of ourselves first. He actually asked us to deny ourselves. Matthew 23:11 Jesus told his disciples that to the greatest one must first be a servant, someone who tends to the needs of others before his own needs. This is something that we can see in our society with shows that give back to people, we are encouraged by examples of people giving back, shows like Extreme Make Over Home Edition. We also see this when disasters happen and people unselfishly give their time efforts and money to help others. We are called to live like this all the time.


Acts 20:35 says ‘it is more beautiful to give than receive’ this has been used or abused mostly at Christmas to absolve someone who may not receive any gifts. But it is the truth of what we are called to. Our lives need to be an example of what this world craves, what it needs. Jesus gave himself as the ultimate sacrifice so that we might receive eternal life with him. This gift he has given us is not something we selfishly hoard unto, but something we cultivate and share with others as it is for them as well.


Are you being a servant to those around you? Are you holding onto the gift freely given or are you prepared to share it with others? Do you love your neighbour more than yourself? If so are they worthy of the gift Jesus provided?


Jesus, we need to dig deeper as servants. We need to be willing to share the love you gave to us with others. This gift is not meant to be hoarded and we ask that you forgive us for holding on to it and not sharing. The people around us matter to you, so they matter to us and we will start being a servant to them. Amen

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