30+ Best Janis Joplin Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Janis Lyn Joplin was an American singer-songwriter who sang rock, soul and blues music. One of the most successful and widely known rock stars of her era, she was known for her powerful mezzo-soprano vocals and “electric” stage presence.

Joplin dazzled listeners with her fierce and uninhibited musical style. Inspirational Janis Joplin quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Janis Joplin Quotes

Distance cannot kill this relationship. Time cannot breakdown anything we have. This is a relationship that I am ready to sacrifice and stand up for.

Singing, it’s like it’s like loving somebody, it’s a supreme emotional and physical experience.

Oh, Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz – My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.

I’m one of those regular weird people.

I can’t talk about my singing. I’m inside it. How can you describe something you’re inside of?

When you hold somebody, you gotta hold them like it’s the last minute of your life.

When everything is together – the band, me, the audience, it’s boss! It’s just like magic.

Being an intellectual creates a lot of questions and no answers.

I’m not really thinking much… Just sort of, trying to feel.

I talk to the audience, look into their eyes. I need them and they need me.

What we’ve had to do is learn to control success, put it in perspective, and not lose the essence of what we’re doing – the music.

Like most girls, I’m always really self-conscious about do I look fat, if my legs are short, if I’m weird shaped, but when I go on stage, man, it never occurs to me. I think I look beautiful.

As good as you’ve been to this world is as good as it’s gonna be right back to you.

Inspirational Janis Joplin Quotes

I always wanted to be an artist. I read. I painted. I thought.

Ambition isn’t just a desperate quest for money or positions. It’s just love – lots of love.

Why should I hold back and sound mediocre now, just so I can sound mediocre twenty years from now?

I love being a star more than life itself.

To be true to myself, to be the person who was on the inside of me, and not play some games. That’s what I’m mostly trying to do in the whole world.

All of a sudden, someone threw me in front of this rock and roll band. And I decided then and there that was it. I never wanted to do anything else.

On stage, I make love to 25,000 different people, then I go home alone.

Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.

Wait a minute, maybe I can do anything.

When I sing, I feel like when you’re first in love. It’s that point where two people can get to somewhere they call love, when you really touch someone for the very first time, but it’s gigantic, multiplied by the whole audience. I feel chills.

I’d rather be good sometimes, than holding back all the time.

If someone comes along, gonna give you some love and affection, I say get it while you can.

You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow.

Don’t go looking for Mr. Right. Look for Mr. Right Now.

You know you’ve got it if it makes you feel good.

I started out to be a person on the street, just like everybody else. I didn’t start out to be a singer. But I got sort of swept up in this singing thing, and after I got involved in it it got really important to me if I was good or not.

Because the matter of the fact, as we discovered tat’s rain, tomorrow never happens, man…

All any girl really wants is just love and a man. But what man can put up with a rock-n-roll star?

My business is to enjoy and have fun. And why not, if in the end, everything will end, right?