Just be extraordinary-one ordinary girl’s tale

The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you find in ordinary things- Veronique Vienne.


While am not the best person to take life hacks from, I might have some few nuggets that will help you sail through this rough sea called life with a little bit more ease.

I have had this post in mind for quite a while now but I couldn’t get myself to write it because, you know, what can a 20year old girl possibly say that will make sense. Anyway this post will come from mostly a girl’s point of view but we are all human and we can relate.

I am just your ordinary girl next door just as my blog says it all and a student who struggles to finish her assignments in time and meet deadlines. I have bad hair days and pretty much love dresses just like the next girl. So I am as ordinary as it gets but life is as much extraordinary as it is ordinary. Everybody gets to play their role and it is how you play it that matters. I come from a small town in the coastal side of Kenya, where everybody knows everybody. I have lived the middle-class kind of life for as long as I can remember but before I left for Uni my parents and grandmother told me one thing, always remember where you came from. Now it is hard to do that in Uni where you meet people from all walks of life, the rich, the wealthy, the wanna-be’s and the adventurous. There is a lot of influence out here and I can relate but I choose to live this ordinary life in an extra-ordinary way.

To live life in an extra-ordinary way I have to take the leap of faith, I had to take the risk and that is why I chose writing as my way of life. In Kenya after clearing high school the government normally assesses your grades and chooses a course for you that you will do in Uni. For me it was Applied Biology, well I have always loved Bio, I mean I did pretty well in the subject but I just couldn’t picture myself in a lab in a white lab coat so I went to something close to what I love, Journalism! So far, so good. Writing has paid off greatly.

I have lived with these great phrases, lines, quotes whatever you wish to call them and they really tell it all.

So to your ordinary person:

If you expose yourself to anything long enough, you’ll start to like it. Look at it as acquired taste. Spend time with those you admire and learn from the best. I do this a lot, maybe I don’t spent time with them but I do learn from them. If you ever want to be extra-ordinary hang out with the best. You have it within you to achieve greatness beyond your wildest imagination.

The best thing about becoming a leader is you can pick your own team. How cool is that? The right people build the right culture. A good culture trumps strategy. Figure out what you priorities are, then surround yourself with people who will help you achieve them.

It only has to happen right once. Now this is my best, keep trying and trying and trying. Once you succeed, the sting of failure disappears…leaving only the insight you’ve gained from your experience.

Whatever you do in life go see something different. This has always been my entire life’s goal, I mean literally to go see something different. To travel the world, see it from the other side with a fresh pair of eyes. Get the hell out of your comfort zone; I did a post about this on my blog. See the world through the eyes of others; it never gets better than that. Or does it?

You never learn when you’re speaking. Naturally I’m not the talkative normal 20 year old. I keep to myself most times. Let’s just say I’m the type of girl who will always be on her phone reading peoples blogs online, reading a book or find a book under my pillow, not the party type of girl and the one always at the corner of the room observing everyone as the night unfolds. I only speak when it matters. You want some me time; I’ll give you your space. You want to talk I’ll listen, you just want to hang out, let’s do this girl! This helps me a lot because you always learn at any given time from any individual. Keep your eyes and ears open and don’t miss the extraordinary around you.

If you are to get anything from this it is this. Take the leap of faith, venture into the unknown and take the risk. You want something so badly go after it, no matter how much you are knocked down, bounce back up and forge forward. All the people you admire were once like you, THEY ARE LIKE YOU. They felt fear just like you do but tackled their dreams despite the fear.


20 thoughts on “Just be extraordinary-one ordinary girl’s tale”

  1. One of my favorite quotes-
    “If you don’t know where you’re from, you’ll have a hard time saying where you’re going!”☺
    Whatever you wrote, everything made sense!??
    We 20something are really intelligent, don’t doubt that!?
    Also, age doesn’t reflect your intelligence but your experiences do!?

  2. Thank you for an inspiring article. I must confess that when I saw you come from Kenya I felt immense joy. Another ordinary Kenyan living an extra-ordinary life. I felt we have a lot in common as I am just fresh from University, 26 years old and surrounded by experienced writers in the blogging world.


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