Keep On Smiling

Smile through it all even when it hurts to smile. We all had rough times at some point in our lives. I say smile through it all because there are others who are hurting just as much as you are. What you need to realize a simple smile can brighten up someones day. Just the other , recently, i posted a picture on instagram saying, “keep on smiling” then one of my friends who is about four years or three years younger than me messaged me. She said, “You are so beautiful.. if i’m in a bad mood, your smile brightens up my day, you always happy even though sometimes i’m not. I want to grow up just like you.” 

 I never would have thought that my smile could mean so much to one person especially a young girl. It’s just imply amazing to know that a single gesture or post could make someones day. I know my smile is not everything or  the best out of this world but understand this, you don’t what your smile can do. 

 Keep on smiling through the pain or whatever you’re going through. Not so many people can find comfort in the lives of others. The way you present yourself to the world, others will feel that good vibe from you. What i mean is the your attitude is around people, your affect will rub off on you and of course some people will just feel happy because of you. 

  Keep on smiling, no matter how hard it is to smile. You can make someones day by a gesture… Smiling , I think it’s the best feature someone can. Continue to smile through it all. Its worth it.  

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