72+ Best Korean Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Korea is a region in East Asia. Since 1945 it has been divided into two sovereign states: North Korea and South Korea. Profoundly inspirational Korean quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Korean Quotes

I know the established Christian theology… I know the enemy, but the enemy doesn’t know me. Thus the enemy has already lost the war. — Sun Myung Moon

This is why God created so many different religions: to be training grounds to make a path for every people, culture, custom, and tradition. Religions polish people to be qualified to enter the region of the original homeland. Because of humankind’s many different cultural backgrounds, God sought and set the standard of comparison and has been leading the way toward one unified religious world. — Sun Myung Moon

Any politician who wants to run for president will come to me in a few years. — Sun Myung Moon

Throughout history no one has suffered more than God. He has suffered because his own children fell away from him. Ever since the Fall, God has been working tirelessly for the restoration of mankind. People do not know this brokenhearted aspect of God. — Sun Myung Moon

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. In order for you yourself to become the way, the truth, and the life, you must embrace the whole universe and bring harmony to it. — Sun Myung Moon

Remember that the Unification Church rose, not in freedom, but from a prison, the pit of suffering. — Sun Myung Moon

Those who are the most devout, outstanding Unification Church members are they the most beautiful people externally or just so-so? Very often, those who have the features of an Idaho potato are the most loyal members of the Unification Church. — Sun Myung Moon

We have a good team, and I think we’ll have a good season this year. — Chan Ho Park

If the world had attended me after World War II, it would have been united within seven years, and there would have been no suffering of the Unification Church and no damage to the democratic world. — Sun Myung Moon

No matter how difficult your situation may be you have to follow the Lord of the Second Advent completely. — Sun Myung Moon

A God who fits within the confines of our conception is useless. God cannot be comprehended by man’s conception or logic. God is an eternal being who transcends the framework of man’s limited logic. — Sun Myung Moon

I served the famous professors and scholars, and eventually they learned that the Reverend Moon is superior to them. Even Nobel laureate academics who thought they were at the center of knowledge are as nothing in front of me. — Sun Myung Moon

There are enough churches already, but the world still needs salvation. — Sun Myung Moon

Up until today evil has lured goodness into evil, but goodness has not been able to lure evil into goodness. This may be the reason why up to today Christianity has not been able to boldly fulfill the Will of God. — Sun Myung Moon

I’m also all about comfort. Just hanging out and wearing jeans or sweats. — Sung Hi Lee

People’s view of exotic or Asian women are changing. It’s much nicer to hear ‘She’s pretty’ than ‘She’s pretty – for an Asian woman. — Sung Hi Lee

So telling a lie becomes a sin if you tell it to take advantage of a person, but if you tell a lie to do a good thing for him that is not a sin. Even God tells lies very often; you can see this throughout history. — Sun Myung Moon

I created the Women’s Federation for World Peace in order to restore all that woman originally lost. You American women don’t need a man in the position of grandfather, parents, husband, elder or younger brother. You only need the true Adam. — Sun Myung Moon

Absolute faith is not the place of self-affirmation, but the place of self-negation. Life of faith is not limited to our spiritual life. What is important is how our spiritual sensitivity is applied to our relative environment. — Sun Myung Moon

If you convey God’s words to someone only with the intention to utilize him in some way, you will never be able to establish the standard of the Way. Give what you have to others with your sincere heart. — Sun Myung Moon

My mission is a cosmic mission. My concern is for all of humanity, and not only this present world, but the world hereafter. My mission penetrates the past, present, and future, and encompasses all humanity. — Sun Myung Moon

Am I foolish and insignificant or am I great? I gave all the individuals in the world cause to kneel down in front of me. — Sun Myung Moon

This year, I feel strong. I’m looking forward to having my best season in the last few years. — Chan Ho Park

A member must say that he is a member of the Unification Church and that he is the follower of Sun Myung Moon. If he doesn’t have the courage to say it, he is not worthy of me. — Sun Myung Moon

We leaders should leave the tradition that we have become crazy for God. — Sun Myung Moon

God wants a love partner, centering on the place where husband and wife become one through their sexual organs, God wants to appear and meet us…I wish you would center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ and eternal sexual organ and use this as your foundation to pursue God…We have to realize that the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will begin on this foundation. — Sun Myung Moon

If you tell a lie to make a person better, then that is not a sin. — Sun Myung Moon

Only because of the striving nature of men has mankind achieved what it has so far. Men are made that way; they are designed to reach out for things which they cannot see with their eyes but can only imagine. A man naturally seeks after his dream, his ideal, while women are more concerned with the here and now rather than the future, intangible realm. — Sun Myung Moon

Don’t live your life as though you were measuring it with a ruler. — Sun Myung Moon

True Love comes into being when you practice the highest possible love in the lowest possible place. There you deal with impossible people and try to raise them into the highest possible people by showing them the highest possible standard. There is where True Love can be found and can start. — Sun Myung Moon

Give love and forget that you gave it. — Sun Myung Moon

My main problem has been staying healthy. — Chan Ho Park

So from this time of peak every people or every organization that goes against the Unification Church will gradually come down or drastically come down and die. Many people will die – those who go against our movement. — Sun Myung Moon

If you refrain from judging your worst enemy, his children will come to your side. What more severe judgment could come upon an enemy than this? — Sun Myung Moon

True religious movements prosper and flourish under tribulation. — Sun Myung Moon

If you see the good in others and cover their defects with your love, they will follow you. If you see only weaknesses in others, your spirituality will be ruined. — Sun Myung Moon

In my opinion, if we have not achieved peace, it is because people forget its most fundamental aspect. Before we talk about peace among nations, we must settle our peace with God. — Sun Myung Moon

The present U.N. must be annihilated by our power. That is the stage for Communists. We must make a new U.N. — Sun Myung Moon

Before children, even the most cynical people throw down their usual masks and become capable of feeling the purity and love which all human beings seek. — Sun Myung Moon

The true sovereign is not the American president nor the English king, but the Lord of the Second Advent. — Sun Myung Moon

God’s dream still remains unfulfilled. It was not fulfilled 2,000 years ago, or in the home of any religious leader or any American home, and today the Unification Church is here to pledge to fulfill that dream. We don’t want to confine that fulfillment to our Church, but to expand it all over the world. Wouldn’t that be the Kingdom of God on earth? — Sun Myung Moon

I would not be standing here today if my skin were white or my religion were Presbyterian. I am here today only because my skin is yellow and my religion is Unification Church. The ugliest things in this beautiful country of America are religious bigotry and racism. — Sun Myung Moon

Let’s say there are 500 sons and daughters like you in each state. Then we could control the government. — Sun Myung Moon

The day will come, however, when they will truly know the Unification Church and me. The day will come when the truth will be known and the message of love will be taught. On that day, their regret will be deep. — Sun Myung Moon

My every action is to liberate God from his sorrow. — Sun Myung Moon

I did not come here to repeat what you already know. I have come to reveal something new. I want to share with you a new revelation from God. — Sun Myung Moon

I’m just a big homebody and love word games like Scrabble and Boggle. — Sung Hi Lee

Even the smallest and most trivial thing can bring you happiness when you do it for another. — Sun Myung Moon

There are many crooked lines and one straight line. Which is the line of truth? Why the straight line? Truth is always the shortest distance between two points. — Sun Myung Moon

Anyone can keep going in an easy situation, but do you have a philosophy which can enable you to meet the worst hardship? — Sun Myung Moon

The time has come when the whole world must be concerned about me. From now on, American Christianity must follow me. — Sun Myung Moon

More precious than life is love, for there can be no life without love. — Sun Myung Moon

The democratic world has come to a dead end; likewise, the communist world has come to a dead end. But the Unification Church is just beginning! — Sun Myung Moon

I can understand why Christians call us heretics. But most important, who will God call a heretic? From God’s point of view, my revelation is deeply orthodox. — Sun Myung Moon

In a way then, the Divine Principle, this new revelation, is the documentary of my life. It is my own life experience. The Divine Principle is in me, and I am in the Divine Principle. — Sun Myung Moon

Communism is trying to take the world by force. But God will take the world by love. — Sun Myung Moon

The whole world is in my hand, and I will conquer and subjugate the world. — Sun Myung Moon

Even though we are deceived, still believe. Though we are betrayed, still forgive. Love completely even those who hate you. — Sun Myung Moon

Every religious pioneer, including Jesus Christ, was persecuted by his contemporaries. But once people understand me, their turn can be dramatic like Saint Paul’s. — Sun Myung Moon

The time will come, without my seeking it, that my words will almost serve as law. If I ask a certain thing, it will be done. If I don’t want something, it will not be done. — Sun Myung Moon

I want to be a starter again, I would really enjoy playing for the Phillies again, but my first consideration in making my decision is finding a circumstance that is right for me. I want to play for the Phillies again, but I also wouldn’t mind joining a team I’ve never played with before. — Chan Ho Park

I am not anyone’s enemy. — Sun Myung Moon

I will conquer and subjugate the world. — Sun Myung Moon

This is normal, to have pressure. It’s how you respond. Take the pressure, use the pressure, have fun. — Chan Ho Park

The spiritual world is connected with the physical world. The common factor connecting all things is true love. — Sun Myung Moon

You should be a person who can establish the Heavenly Kingdom rather than just the one who can go there. Those who can go to heaven are those who wish to be dependent on God, but those capable of building the Kingdom are those who can let God depend on them. — Sun Myung Moon

Looking at the Moonies from the normal, common-sense point of view, we certainly appear to be a bunch of crazy people! — Sun Myung Moon

In restoring man from evil sovereignty, we must cheat. — Sun Myung Moon

It’s fun to be a girl, and get dressed up, but that’s not how I really am. — Sung Hi Lee

If there is illness in your home, do you not need a doctor from outside? If your home catches on fire, do you not need fire fighters from outside? God has sent me to America in the role of a doctor, in the role of a fire fighter. — Sun Myung Moon

100,000 soldiers are reported to have died in the Iraqi war. If you count 100 relatives of each soldier, it means that practically there are millions of people who now have antagonism toward the white people of America. These Arab people will remember this country whose main religion is Christianity, who came and destroyed all Iraqi facilities and industry. They won’t easily forget this. — Sun Myung Moon

I’m a huge boxing and mixed martial arts fan. — Sung Hi Lee