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“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Self improvement is a journey that anyone who wants to excel in life must take. It does not matter in what area you want to excel and progress, whether it is in your business, in your work, in your studies, in your marriage or in your spirituality.

All aspects of our lives can only truly improve if we take responsibility for their improvement. The greatest area of such improvement that will impact all other areas of our lives, is improving our selves. When you invest in your personal development you take responsibility for your life, your circumstances and your happiness. You become the agent, the doer, and the one who produces effects.

Nothing is guaranteed or always goes smoothly as planned in life. Not your job, your relationships, your health or anything else. Given that uncertainty, in order to make your life work, you have to plan, set goals, prepare and bring your best game (the best you).

How do you go about it?

You can devise any kind of plan or schedule that suits your tastes and needs. The important part is to make a conscious decision to actively engage in personal development. Always be willing to stretch yourself, keep an open mind and learn new things. Here are a few things that I believe comes handy in all aspects of improvement:

• Get the power of clarity:

Clear goals and objectives are essential to the success of any business. If you don’t take the time to get really clear about exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish, then you’re forever doomed to spend your life achieving the goals of those who do. You may make some money, and you may do some interesting work, but the end result will not resemble anything you ever made a conscious decision to build, and ultimately you will be left with the sinking feeling that maybe you took a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

Let me be clear “Making more money” and “building a business” are not goals. A goal is a specific, clearly defined, measurable state. An example of the difference between a direction and a goal is the difference between the compass direction of northeast and the top of the Mount Everest. One is merely a direction; the other is a definite location.

Set your Goals in Binary terms. One critical aspect of goals is that they must be defined in binary terms. At any point in time, if I were to ask you if you had achieved your goal yet, you must be able to give me a definitive “yes” or “no” answer; “maybe” is not an option. Be as detailed as possible when setting goals. Commit your goals in writing and take direct conscious action in order to make it so.

• Overcome Procrastination:

Procrastination, the habit of putting tasks off to the last possible minute, can be a major problem in both your career and your personal life. For tasks you’ve been putting off for a while, I recommend using the time boxing method to get started. Here’s how it works: First, select a small piece of the task you can work on for just 30 minutes. Then choose a reward you will give yourself immediately afterwards. When you time box your tasks, you will often get so involved in a task, even a difficult one that you actually want to keep working on it. Before you know it, you’ve put in an hour or even several hours. Get yourself organized and disciplined so as to resist the tempting procrastination.

• Dare to be Original:

When you dare to be an original you are in essence daring to be “yourself” and everything that encompasses who you really are. Yes, It can be scary because it means putting ourselves on the line. It means we could be subjecting ourselves to scrutiny, judgment and possible ridicule. It means exposure and vulnerability. But you need to find the courage and self-confidence to reveal your uniqueness and to show that you’re one of a kind. You have got to trust your intuition and instincts and be able to express yourself by cultivating your own style, tastes and personality. All you need is to believe in yourself and don’t worry about what others think.

• Share your Knowledge and Wisdom:

It is often said that experience is the best teacher, but it does not have to be YOUR OWN experience.

So, why not share your won wisdom and knowledge that could be of help to others as well.

We can all learn from other people’s experiences, mistakes and success. That is why it is important to share what you know, because you can also learn from what others know.

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