Lemon Balm and Anxiety Disorders.

Redicalm which contains the raw ingredients of lemon balm for the Psychological trauma of Anxiety Disorders concerns the: Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic nerves within Vestibular Motion Disorder.

Read the FDA in America’s accredited force for change to medications for Anxiety Disorders via Holistic Psychology and also the inclusion of Psychiatry.


Vestibular Motion Disorder and lemon balm go hand in hand where the Harmony of the lemon balm aids Levo or left and Dextro or right. http://ow.ly/QNxB30bc40K Dextrorotation_and_levorotation. This is via the L-Phenylalanine that feeds the Sympathetic nerve left hand side sight and sounds. The other neurochemical that easily crosses the blood/brain barrier is a substance called D-Phenylalanine and this activates the Parasympathetic nerve right hand side of Enkephalins. Both of these are either Leucine based or Methionine based Neurochemicals.

It is the Leucine that is used via lemon balm to re-stabilize the Neurochemical imbalance between Endorphins in the Sympathetic nerve and the Parasympathetic Paranoia affect of Methionine. This is where the Psychological trauma of hearing sublime voices in the head exists via traumatic Anxious thoughtfulness that cannot be Psychosocially assessed as logic and is not in a so-called Paranoia of Schizophrenia. The Psychological trauma of Schizophrenia is logically based in the Sympathetic nerve and not the Parasympathetic nerve. So Schizophrenia is an Anxiety based trauma Disorder. I say the lack of vestibular motion in catatonic Paranoid Schizophrenia is where the Harmony of these two nerves has stabilized with a dominant Vestibular Motion Disorder based on Anxious thoughtful denial of the truth behind Psychosocial understanding of Paranoia and Anxiety. So the Harmony imbalance in these two nerves is in the Parasympathetic nerve and that needs medicament.

In the Levo it concerns Psychosocial Peripheral sensation of the light spectrum in the left eye. Whereas in the Dextro it relates to the right hand Peripheral sensation of light as well as motion that also give Parasympathetic notions to Neurochemistry of the 7 Chakras. In the Chakras meditation exists rather than the irrational state that the trauma of Psychological Anxiety lacked thoughtfulness creates. Instead a continuum of illogical reasoning where thoughts no longer exist other than in the Psychosocial Buzz. At this point a catatonic Vestibular Motion Disorder starts to relay the skin and tissue layer via the Germ Layers of Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm. These control the inner feelings that are relayed to the Neurochemical body/brain barrier of the Vagus nerve that feeds the blood/brain barrier of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic reactants gained from Psychosocial vestibular motion. Scent of Delta wave Amplitudes in the breathing pattern of the Mesoderm Germ Layer onto the Glossopharyngeal nerve via the Vagus nerve causing the breath NREM3-4 Circadian Cycles of sleep walking in a Parasympathetic nerve’s catatonia of Rest and Digest and the trauma of hearing voices in the head.

In the inner voice box of the Throat Chakra thoughtfulness exist via the Inner Experience caused via the Amino acid Pentapeptide Leucine and L-Phenylalanine, but also DL-Phenylalanine which contains L receptors for the Sympathetic reaction that can cause the trauma of Psychological Anxiety Disorders.

With Leucine and its conversion to HMB (Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyric) the Central Nervous System of the body/brain divide that then calming the disfiguring that can sometimes be formed into a medical issue with Tardive (Tardif) Dyskinesia. This causes a Facial Conformity Disorders where pain has been taken away via a lack of Lethargy to Delta Wave Amplitudes of sleepwalking the Psychosocial facial feature into catatonic Schizophrenia where the facial structure has pulled the ears downwardly closed in the Germ Layers of inner ear muscle structure. I say muscle ridges of gristle and not hairy ear holes that listen Dr Slater…lollol Anyway with Holistic views in mind a regime of facial exercises – even a practicing professional – that can help aid the Autonomic Nervous System in how the expression can be changed from forming Anxiety. There is also Residual Risk Suicide where the trauma of Depression can sometime form first in a Facial Conformity Disorder of Psychological Anxiety/Depression trauma.


As the Script narration of a Cycle of Enquiry ends the Schizophrenic or Core Identity will re-signal with a Sympathetic action causing them to momentarily be allowed back into Psychosocial Norm of Society Theory of Mind and Embodiment (DSE212, Milton Keynes, U.K, Open University, http://ow.ly/Z1bq30bc4tj ). This can be gained from lemon balm contained in Redicalm, but also for a Facial Conformity Disorder of Residual Risk Suicide of Depression or Psychosocial Fashion Trends fail the Core Identity in social services where – Like I fell through the systems net and left with Conflabution caused via Olanzapine’s influence of Tardif Dyskinesia in the Vagus and Glossopharyngeal where I have had very logical reasons to prosecute mental health authorities.

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