Hello everyone!

I was actually blessed to join this blog roughly 3 months ago, and I was too shy to honestly step out of my bubble. I’m proud to say I’m ready to say hello and welcome! Starting a blog is the best journey I’ve ever traveled and I can’t wait to keep climbing.

I started my blog to share what I’ve learned with my mental disorders and how I’m on the road to discovering my happiness. And frankly, how I manage living my life with my mental disorders. I’m learning more and more how much real stigma is around mental health and I know me as one person can’t break it all on my own. So my overall goal is to help everyone come forward and get the treatment and help that they truly deserve without retaliation or fear. And I hope to share all of this on bayart as well!

So today, tonight, in the morning or at night ask yourself these questions to reflect on yourself.

1. What do I enjoy? 

2. What do I dislike? 

3. What can I do to improve my overall happiness? 

4. What do I love about myself? 

5. What do I dislike about myself? 


Take your time answering these questions, take a few days even. Reflect on these questions at least once a day.  Let it rest for two days, and come back to it. Then share your findings! I hope you learn some things about yourself, and I hope you stick around to learn some other tricks to not only learn about yourself, but find your happiness.



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