100+ Best Library Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Profoundly inspirational library quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

Famous Library Quotes

Library campaigners are not prepared to stand by and watch something they cherish be dismantled brick by brick. — Kate Mosse

I do have a library of events I can talk about and I always expect to find a different point of view on it so even if I talk about the same event in the same town it’s fresh. — Leo Kottke

The true university of these days is a collection of books. — Thomas Carlyle

When I go to a library and I see the librarian at her desk reading, I’m afraid to interrupt her, even though she sits there specifically so that she may be interrupted, even though being interrupted for reasons like this by people like me is her very job. — Aaron Swartz

Currently I am working on another three books, doing a lot of magazine work, am shooting for fifteen stock agencies, plus my own photo library – all this keeps me quite busy! — Nigel Dennis

Scholars have long dreamed of a universal library containing everything that has ever been written. — Peter Singer

A newspaper is a circulating library with high blood pressure. — Arthur Baer

What is also strange to me is that public libraries have always been in the forefront of opposing censorship. — Matthew Lesko

A library is a place that is a repository of information and gives every citizen equal access to it. — Neil Gaiman

Like most of my friends in school, I was a member of multiple circulating libraries; and all of us, to begin with, borrowed and read the same things. — Aravind Adiga

London has fine museums, the British Library is one of the greatest library institutions in the world… It’s got everything you want, really. — David Attenborough

My stepfather introduced me to The London Library when I was about 18; the clientele has definitely changed since then, but it is still a wonderful oasis in the middle of London. — Natascha McElhone

If the only way a library can offer an Internet exhibit about the New Deal is to hire a lawyer to clear the rights to every image and sound, then the copyright system is burdening creativity in a way that has never been seen before because there are no formalities. — Lawrence Lessig

Going to the library was the one place we got to go without asking for permission. And they let us choose what we wanted to read. It was a feeling of having a book be mine entirely. — Rita Dove

The Internet is a limitless library at your fingertips. It’s a great place to start with the acquisition of knowledge. My process is to go to a place when I’m writing about it. Nothing captures the essence, feeling and flavor of a place better than when I’m actually there and doing the writing. — Barry Eisler

Nobody gets irony anymore, as we are now living in the post-ironic age. Once George Bush gets a library, our irony is dead. — Eric Idle

I was always looking ahead. I used to do all kinds of things for entertainment. When I was young, we had no radio, no TV. We were 30 miles from the public library, out in the sticks in Western Kansas, and so I’d do arithmetic exercises. — Clyde Tombaugh

No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting. — Mary Wortley Montagu

That perfect tranquillity of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, a faithful friend and a good library. — Aphra Behn

On a very personal level, I have fond memories of spending a lot of time in the Library of Congress working on my collection of poems ‘Native Guard.’ I was there over a summer doing research in the archives and then writing in the reading room at the Jefferson building. — Natasha Trethewey

The way we’ve been neglecting to support our libraries throughout the country is a shame. — Matthew Lesko

I got kicked out in grade school because I staged a riot because I wanted more library time. — Bitsie Tulloch

I was teased if I brought my books home. I would take a paper bag to the library and put the books in the bag and bring them home. Not that I was that concerned about them teasing me – because I would hit them in a heartbeat. But I felt a little ashamed, having books. — Walter Dean Myers

Exclusively oral cultures are unencumbered by dead knowledge, dead facts. Libraries, on the other hand, are full of them. — Huston Smith

I was so naive about writing, I went to the public library and checked out the only volume they had on the topic – an academic treatise about publishing from the WWII era. — Bruce Feiler

We had library books in our house, but not our own. So you had 14 days to read them. There would be eight books a fortnight in our house and I’d read as many of those as I could. — Sue Townsend

Nothing sickens me more than the closed door of a library. — Barbara Tuchman

There are probably a few library fines I haven’t paid yet, but I’m a pretty clean-cut guy overall. — Al Yankovic

A book must be the ax for the frozen sea within us. — Franz Kafka

At Yahoo, we were one of the early proponents of the power of content showcased through new media. SnagFilms, with its large library and breadth of digital distribution, can help shape this next phase, bringing great stories to broad new audiences. — Terry Semel

And my father always took me to the library. We were both book addicts. — Cornelia Funke

I count myself as one of millions of Americans whose life simply would not be the same without the libraries that supported my learning. — Scott Turow

I’m of a fearsome mind to throw my arms around every living librarian who crosses my path, on behalf of the souls they never knew they saved. — Barbara Kingsolver

I was a great reader of fairy tales. I tried to read the entire fairy tale section of the library. — Beverly Cleary

Like all those possessing a library, Aurelian was aware that he was guilty of not knowing his in its entirety. — Jorge Luis Borges

I keep working under the delusion that someday a library will ask for my manuscripts. — Walter Wager

No university in the world has ever risen to greatness without a correspondingly great library… When this is no longer true, then will our civilization have come to an end. — Lawrence Clark Powell

In the past, a great library was the result of librarians functioning as guardians of culture, tending and caring, selecting and recommending works that maintained and nurtured a cultural heritage. — David Gerrold

I like shelves full of books in a library, but if all books become electronic, the task of big research libraries remains the same – keep what’s published in the form in which it appeared. — Nicholson Baker

An actress spends a lifetime observing people. You build up a mental library. No, not a library. Make that a repository. — Marian Seldes

During the week that I arrived in the United States, I saw an airport, used a telephone, used a library, talked with a scientist, and was shown a computer for the first time in my life. — Philip Emeagwali

To make sure that votes are never canceled out by illegal votes, we instituted a photo ID requirement. And don’t you think it’s fair to apply at least the same standard required to get a library card or to board an airpane? — Rick Perry

Let me tell you this, if I had wanted to have a library of audio and videotapes of Bill Clinton, I could have had that. And after I was accused of being a liar, I wished that I had of. — Gennifer Flowers

I know if I stopped hosting ‘Wine Library TV,’ we’d probably lose 75 percent of our audience, but the remaining 25 percent is still a big number. — Gary Vaynerchuk

Google’s library plan was staggering and exciting – it wasn’t the idea I objected to, but the method. — Nick Harkaway

Until he lost all his money, my father was a successful north London Jewish businessman. He was unusual among his immediate family in that he was enormously cultured and had an incredible library. — Anthony Horowitz

I steal things from people, characteristics, and I just stock them in my head like a library to use for characters in the future. — Luke Mably

Truthfully, without over-egging it, as I often do, the library and journalism, those things made me who I am. — Terry Pratchett

There’s no architect who doesn’t want to build a library – and I am no different. With so much scrutiny now attached to reading – because of technology and how we approach it as a social activity – that is a very exciting area in architecture. — Annabelle Selldorf

Libraries are the one American institution you shouldn’t rip off. — Barbara Kingsolver

The standard library saves programmers from having to reinvent the wheel. — Bjarne Stroustrup

I didn’t belong to the sort of family where the children’s classics were laid on. I went to the public library and read everything I could get my hands on. — Pat Barker

Reading – the best state yet to keep absolute loneliness at bay. — William Styron

In the 1940s, I was doing something called the Equity Library Theater in New York, when a movie company came to see the play I was in and offered me a contract. But the deal was, my nose was too big and they wanted me to have surgery. My jaw was crooked, and I’d have to have that fixed, too. And they didn’t like my name; it was too common. — Elizabeth Wilson

Every library should try to be complete on something, if it were only the history of pinheads. — Oliver Wendell Holmes

I grew up listening to my father argue politics into the night and taking trips every Saturday to the Hood River library where my mother maintained her interest in reading and encouraged the same from her sons. — Dale T. Mortensen

I understood right from the start that every set of library doors were the sort of magic portals that lead to other lands. My God, right within reach there were dinosaurs and planets and presidents and girl detectives! — Deb Caletti

The best preparation for acting is life – observing life and people and observing yourself. All that becomes your library. So when you have to research a part, a scene or an emotion, you go into the library and get what you need. — Kate Capshaw

I wrote one terrible manuscript after another for a decade and I guess they gradually got a little less terrible. But there were many, many unpublished short stories, abandoned screenplays and novels… a Library of Congress worth of awful literature. — Seth Grahame-Smith

To a historian libraries are food, shelter, and even muse. — Barbara Tuchman

I go into my library and all history unrolls before me. — Alexander Smith

It is the interest one takes in books that makes a library. And if a library have interest it is; if not, it isn’t. — Carolyn Wells

It is almost everywhere the case that soon after it is begotten the greater part of human wisdom is laid to rest in repositories. — Georg C. Lichtenberg

I’ve been talking about the centrality of libraries in our information society for a while now. — Matthew Lesko

As a child I spent a lot of time at the library. — Tracy Chapman

We need to bridge the gap between the medical libraries and the hospital rooms; take the information out there already, add to it, focus it, harness it – and bring it to the patient who was just diagnosed today. — Bruce Vento

I always have to go out to work even if it’s just a desk somewhere or an office or the British Library. — David Morrissey

I grew up in rural Tennessee. There were no bookstores in the town, but the school had a little library and the town had a little library, each with a patient and enthusiastic librarian, and I raced into both as if they were doorways to another world. — Michael Sims

A lot of my travel is at least partly work, visiting schools and libraries, especially in France. — Quentin Blake

I worked on scores. I went to the musical library in Berlin which is very famous. I discovered that we had scores of Beethoven, printed scores of Beethoven, that are full of mistakes. Not the wrong or false notes, but the wrong dynamic, understandable things. — Kurt Masur

I wanted to be in a band that gave bang for the buck. I wanted to be in the band who didn’t look like a bunch of guys who, you know, should be in a library studying for their finals. — Gene Simmons

But the best problem I ever found, I found in my local public library. — Andrew Wiles

The fondest dream of the information age is to create an archive of all knowledge. You might call it the Alexandrian fantasy, after the great library founded by Ptolemy I in 286 BC. — Gary Wolf

Just as we outgrow a pair of trousers, we outgrow acquaintances, libraries, principles, etc., at times before they’re worn out and times – and this is the worst of all – before we have new ones. — Georg C. Lichtenberg

A wonderful thing about a book, in contrast to a computer screen, is that you can take it to bed with you. — Daniel J. Boorstin

My first encounter with James was when I was seventeen. My brother brought home from the public library a science fiction anthology, which included ‘The Beast in the Jungle.’ It swept me away. I had a strange, somewhat uncanny feeling that it was the story of my life. — Cynthia Ozick

I remember being in the public library and my jaw just aching as I looked around at all those books I wanted to read. There just wasn’t time enough to read everything I wanted to read. — Charles Kuralt

I was raised in rural south Jersey, and there was no culture there. There was a small library, and that was it. There was nothing else. — Patti Smith

Censorship, like charity, should begin at home, but, unlike charity, it should end there. — Clare Boothe Luce

Medical research in the twentieth century mostly takes place in the lab; in the Renaissance, though, researchers went first and foremost to the library to see what the ancients had said. — Peter Lewis Allen

It’s one thing, holding open the door for someone at a grocery store, or the library, or just about anyplace else. But the doughnut shop is a different thing altogether. This is a get-in-and-out-as-fast-as-you-can operation. There’s no room for courtesy or chivalry here. — Linwood Barclay

The dirtiest book of all is the expurgated book. — Walt Whitman

But the vast majority of books ever written are not accessible to anyone except the most tenacious researchers at premier academic libraries. Books written after 1923 quickly disappear into a literary black hole. — Sergey Brin

The library was the place I went to find out what there was to know. It was absolutely essential. — Zadie Smith

‘Forever Amber,’ written by Kathleen Winsor in 1944, was banned in Boston at the time of its publication as obscene and offensive. This alone would have been enough to excite my interest, but in 1956, it was sitting inoffensively on the shelves of the small country library on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, where my family spent its summers. — Susanna Moore

There’s not a good poet I know who has not at the beck and call of his memory a vast quantity of poetry that composes his mental library. — Anthony Hecht

God bless Interlibrary Loan. I pay a lot of library fines. In the case of ‘A Single Shard,’ I was using books that hadn’t been checked out in 30 years, so I didn’t feel too bad. — Linda Sue Park

There are distinct duties of a poet laureate. I plan a reading series at the Library of Congress and advise the librarian. The rest is how I want to promote poetry — Rita Dove

What if there was a library which held every book? Not every book on sale, or every important book, or even every book in English, but simply every book – a key part of our planet’s cultural legacy. — Aaron Swartz

The library world is set up on this model where the library is a physical building and has a number of books and serves a geographical community. — Aaron Swartz

There must be a little memory bank, a library or storage unit in my brain, that just tucks away memories of other people. I suck in as much of life as I can. I don’t do it deliberately – I’m just curious. Dangerously so. I collect visual and aural patterns, physical human patterns, from experience. — Debra Lawrance

There are 80 jobs in which women earn more than men – positions like financial analyst, speech-language pathologist, radiation therapist, library worker, biological technician, motion picture projectionist. — Warren Farrell

My first job was as an assistant in the local library. Self-fulfilling prophecy? — Jodi Picoult

I love e-books. I can carry the complete works of William Shakespeare around with me all the time. Just think about that. Whether I’m on an airplane or wherever. Being able to have a library in your back pocket basically is something I support. — Steve Earle

I would encourage nonproprietary standards for tools and libraries — Bjarne Stroustrup

I have always been an obsessive reader – I remember going back and forth to the local library with stacks of books taller than I was. — Lisa Kleypas

I discovered me in the library. I went to find me in the library. — Ray Bradbury

Why buy a book when you can join a library? — Ricky Gervais

If you file your waste-paper basket for fifty years, you have a public library. — Tony Benn

I talk to a lot of librarians, and there’s always a steady drumbeat of how libraries are places of community. But a lot of them have also recently – and just in the nick of time – refurbished, because during this economic downturn, people have a tendency to borrow instead of buy. — Paula Poundstone

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