Life-Making the Best of the Worst

As a person goes through life, they have to experience things that are unimaginable. The disadvantage of that is everyone has a different view point on what that is. What may seem like a big deal to one person may seem like nothing to another, but that is all part of life. The important thing is to make sure that you remember all of the struggles are temporary and that there are always greater things ahead. Being a 20 year old college student, this is pretty much what I constantly have to remember because there are always new challenges. This being the inspiration behind my very first blog; so I hope you all enjoy.

Has anyone else ever been through something growing up that changed the way they think about life? Don’t say no cause we’ve all been there. Whether it’s bullies, families splitting, career ending events, or even a dispute among a good friend it all can change you as a person.  Obviously there are many more things but you get my point. The thing is, how you handle these situations are the determining factors on how your life is going to turn out, not just the fact that they happened.

Through parts of middle school and high school I was severely bullied. To this day some of the things people said to me still go through my mind and destroy my confidence. I mean how could someone tell me that I was a waste of space, or that I was irrelevant and didn’t need to be in this world? Or how about there being a ridiculous rumor that spread around the whole school. That put me through a very dark mindset for a good part of me growing up. Think about it, how could people come up with such ridiculous lies and accusations about someone they don’t even know? I got to such a negative place that the only logical thing I could think of was just leaving and going to a new place where nobody knew me and starting fresh. Things could only go up from there, not get any worse. In order for me to realize how much better my life could be away from those people, my parents sent me on a cruise that changed my life. It was the first time I joined a group and people were interested in who I was and wanted to know me. It was the first time I had had some serious fun in years. Because of this, I met one of my best friends to this day. This person made me realize that life could just be great if you just forget your troubles, not worry about what others think, just be yourself and have fun. This trip was the true inspiration behind me really leaving the horrible environment I was in and move to a new.

In my opinion the worst had already happened, so in order for my negativity not to consume me at this new school I just remembered that it could only get better. Every morning when I woke up, I spoke positively about myself and the day to come to myself in the mirror. Whether you think this is ridiculous or not, it really is helpful.  There are plenty of people out there that are going to try and tear you down, but if you know your self-worth then what they say will have no affect on you. By having this positive mentality, other people could see that confidence I had in myself.  Because of that, I met some amazing people at that school that will forever impact my life. But somehow those horrible things that were said about me found their way to my new school. Only this time I had a foundation and people knew me, so the second they heard these rumors they knew they weren’t true. Instead of burying myself in a hole from the past coming back, I stood up and realized how grateful I was to have the people in my life that I did back then.

When you know your self- worth, other people know your self worth. Positivity is contagious, and that is what makes others want to be around you and get to know you.  If you live with a mentality that things will only get better, they most likely will. If you live negatively, the likelihood that things will get better are slimmer because you aren’t doing anything to fix it. “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it.” I am now a senior in college and I still remind myself that it always gets better. Thanks to that I have met some amazing people and I’ve made friends that will be around forever. No matter how much I think I am hurting I always remember that God does not present me with things I cant handle. He has a plan for me, and as long as I look for the light at the end of the tunnel I will see positivity in my future.

So remember, it ALWAYS gets better. If you are presented with a challenge, don’t let it scare you, just remember that when it’s over you will have the ability to say you got past it and now you are a stronger person because of it.

“He will not let you be tested beyond what you can endure” 1 Corinthians 10:13

3 thoughts on “Life-Making the Best of the Worst”

  1. I love everything you post… I only hope to be able to narrate the way you do!!! Beautifully written and inspiring. My whole blog is about life changing experiences and I know where you’re at… thank you for the inspirational post..

  2. Yeah, whatever you think about is what you attract more of. If you’re so down on your self, other people are going to pick up on that and if you love yourself, you’ll attract more love to you. Nice post!

  3. I am so thankful for the bullies of my past. They stole my confidence and self esteem but what I managed to build on the platform of my former self loathing has been far greater than what I would have ever achieved without them.
    Lovely post, it really resonated with me ?


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