Life’s Ups and Downs Can Be Handled By Being Mindfull

Mindfulness is an excellent way to live life and keep yourself centered in most situations. I say most because there are times when everything that can go wrong does go wrong. You know, like Mariah Carries New Year’s Eve performance malfunctions, who would totally not want to lose it? Anyway, the point is life can be challenging, frustrating, heartbreaking, and utterly disappointing. During these times, I do my best to smile and be positive, and most of the time I do a pretty good job. So many times, I felt that if I got angry, sad, frustrated, or upset, that meant that I failed and I wasn’t mindful. Facts are that life happens to everyone.

There are people in the world who can remain calm, centered, and mindful of any situation and then there are the rest of us. When life throws those curve balls, it is okay to have feelings and emotions. Accept how you feel and allow yourself to process the impact of the current situation and how it will affect your life. One of the key elements of working through any problem or conflict is the acceptance that it exists and acknowledgment will force you to make a decision to make a game plan or shove the problem to the side.

I have found that owning my feelings and working through them allows me to be okay with being sad, frustrated, and sometimes even overwhelmed. Denial is a way to trick yourself into thinking that life will ignore them or work itself out and let me tell you that is not the plan to have. Life never goes as expected when you work hard and plan, so I was never sure why I felt that problems would either fade away or work themselves out. Today I feel empowered when I allow myself to feel my feelings totally, voice my opinions or frustrations, then move forward with solutions and ways in which I can integrate the issue into my current game plan of life. Nothing can ever be done in the perfect situation and under the ideal circumstances, and once I accepted this, I started to rule over how I guided my life instead of life guiding me.

Choosing to be more mindful led me to understand that if I didn’t deal with situations, conflicts, and other emergencies in life I was setting myself up for pain. Ignoring a needed conversation, neglecting a task, even not following through on a personal goal causes more stress. A positive side effect of mindfulness is becoming more responsible for all aspects of your life. Once life starts to become more balanced and peaceful, there is an innate need to make choices that allow for an active flow throughout one’s daily routine. Making positive lifestyle changes slowly start to happen and without a lot of planning because you will naturally seek out the ways in which to balance your life.

Life can beat a person down; the secret is never staying down. Scream, cry, buy an inflatable punching bag, do whatever you need to get out the anger and pain (don’t break the law or hurt anyone, that includes yourself.) When a person is passionate and loving, they feel deep, if you are one of these people, then I know you understand the concept of needing to feel something and let it go. Allowing yourself to feel and process life as it happens will empower you to live the life that is best for you. Embolden yourself to build the life you want and if you need guidance seek out that advice, honestly even when people think they know what is best for you, you alone can tell them if it works or not.

I encourage people to share their stories and write for the blog. Everyone has a lesson to teach, and I love having the chance to learn from others and hear their perspective and how they have learned new ways to get through life and make it better. I hope to hear from others and look forward to reading more on the blog. Have a Happy New Year!!

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  1. Me personally I love life’s ups and downs. I love my fears, it makes me have more urgency in life. I know I could fall, but I do it anyways. The cost of doing nothing might be worse than doing something.


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