60+ Best Lightning Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Lightning means a sudden stroke of fortune. Profoundly inspirational lightning quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

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Famous Lightning Quotes

And when I breathed, my breath was lightning. Black Elk

They say that lightning never strikes in the same place twice, but the same is not true for courage. As it turns out, when courage strikes, it almost always begets more courage. Kathi Appelt

Evening red and morning gray help the traveler on his way; evening gray and morning red bring down upon his head, Italian Proverb

Lightning strikes, you fear; rainbow appears, you are amazed; the sun rises, you relax; flood comes, you run away! Nature is like an amazing actor that exists to give you all kinds of emotions! Mehmet Murat ildan

Sometimes you don’t need lightning to start a fire. Sometimes, it builds on its own. Sarah Mlynowski

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it. Mark Twain

Ever wonder what the speed of lightning would be if it didn’t zigzag? Steven Wright

lightning quotes

The trouble isn’t that there are many fools, but that the lightning isn’t distributed right. Mark Twain

You want to be the tallest tree in the forest and let all the trees see you easily, but remember that lightnings will easily see you as well! Mehmet Murat Ildan

Houses, ships, and even towns and churches may be effectually secured from the stroke of lightning by their means. Benjamin Franklin

Lightning makes no sound until it strikes. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lightning rendeth the rocks. Owain

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather. only different kinds of good weather. John Ruskin

The reason lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place is that the same place isn’t there the second time. William Tyler

In this hot weather, the only beverage in the ship that is passable is the butter. Mark Twain

When lightning strikes at sea, why don’t all the fish die? Anthony Doerr

Top Lightning Quotes

The affections are like lightning: you cannot tell where they will strike till they have fallen. Lee Iacocca

The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine. Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is best to read the weather forecast before we pray for rain. Mark Twain

Move like a beam of light: fly like lightning, strike like thunder, whirl in circles around a stable center. Morihei Ueshiba

Lightning is the shorthand of a storm, and tells of chaos. Eric Mackay

God only exhibits his thunder and lightning at intervals, and so they always command attention. Mark Twain

The elements and majestic forces in nature, Lightning, Wind, Water, Fire, and Frost, were regarded with awe as spiritual powers, but always secondary and intermediate in character. Charles Eastman

Thunder roars but does not strike. Lightning strikes but does not roar. Choose to be lightning. Matshona Dhliwayo

There is a lightning quickness to the speed at which candidates can build and accidentally dismantle their own campaigns. If candidates don’t figure out their place in the new digital world of politics, they will be destroyed by it. Bill Burton

Lightning hides the colour of night. Munia Khan

Life is a flash of lightning in the dark of night. It is a brief time of tremendous potential. B. Allan Wallace

The lightning there is peculiar; it is so convincing, that when it strikes a thing it doesn’t leave enough of that thing behind for you to tell whether —Well, you’d think it was something valuable, and a Congressman had been there. Mark Twain

For the man sound in body and serene in mind, there is no such thing as bad weather; every sky has its beauty, and storms which whip the blood do but make it pulse more vigorously. George Gissing

They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning. Clint Eastwood

Lightning is something which, again, we would rather avoid. Richard Branson

Lightning plays over the horizon like the flicker of ideas. T. Coraghessan Boyle

When his flame falls, my lightning rises, and so on. Victoria Aveyard

The tree that got hit by lightning is the one you remember. Marty Rubin

Lightning doesn’t strike through a cave. Goitsemang Mvula

Lightning came like a rip in the inky night, as if behind the dark canvass was a brilliant light just waiting to flood through any crack no matter how small. Angela Abraham

Weather in towns is like a skylark in a counting-house— out of place and in the way, Jerome K. Jerome

She is the only person I have ever known who could make the rain, lightning, and thunder go away just by lighting a candle and praying La Magnificat. Elisa A. Martinez

It has pleased God in his goodness to mankind, at length to discover to them the means of securing their habitations and other buildings from mischief by thunder and lightning. Benjamin Franklin

Amazing Lightning Quotes

Lightning and truth are two things that cannot be arrested in their onward course. J. Elizabeth Jones

He snatched the lightning from the skies and the scepter from the tyrants. Anne Robert-Jacques Turgot

It is lightning that strikes, not thunder. Matshona Dhliwayo

Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work. Mark Twain

Lightning has been tamed and made to do the bidding of man and is constantly driven in delicate traces, and one may sit and hold communion with the antipodes of the earth. Ellen Martin

Light is so fast that nothing can move faster than its own shadow. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does all the work. Mark Twain

If the weather is fine, put on your cloak; if it rains, do as you please. French Proverb

The lightning is in God’s hands, and it strikes just where He bids it. Azel Stevens Roe

Lightning strikes the earth and thunder heralds the doom but the earth bears it all in silence, teaching us that life may be harsh to us but we shouldn’t be so to life. Tista Ray

No mortal eye has ever fully seen a flash of lightning, for no matter how firmly we look, our eyes are sure to be dazzled. Berthold Auerbach

If there were no thunder, men would have little fear of lightning. Jules Verne

If lightning is the anger of the gods, then the gods are concerned mostly about trees. Lao Tzu

Electricity is really just organized lightning. George Carlin

He’s such a good all-American kid. You want to stand next to him in a rainstorm because you know lightning won’t hit him. Ron Fairly

When you’ve been struck by lightning as many times as I have, you start to expect the worst pretty much all the time. Jennifer Bosworth

If you ever want your soul to dance in the clouds, you will at some point have to juggle lightning and taste the thunder. Christopher Poindexter

It is not the roaring thunder that smites, but the silent lightning. Ivan Panin

The cloud of mind is discharging its collected lightning. Percy Bysshe Shelley

The more brilliant the lightning, the quicker it disappears. Avicenna

Lightning, your presence from ground to sky, no one knows what becomes of me, when you take me so quickly. Rumi

Someone once described the pitching of a no-hit game as like catching lightning in a bottle. W.P. Kinsella