100+ Best Literacy Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Literacy is the ability to read and write. Profoundly inspirational literacy quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Literacy Quotes

I think literacy is everything. — Henry Louis Gates

The President of the Reform Movement started a literacy project and said everyone should be reading at least four Jewish books a year. — Anita Diament

We’ve been fortunate this year in that our budget situation is not as grim as many other school districts around the state. We’re actually looking pretty good and putting some additional resources into supporting literacy and academic achievement, for kids. — George Russell

Bookishness, highest literacy, every technique of cultural propaganda and training not only can accompany bestiality and oppression and despotism but at certain points foster it. — George Steiner

To Kill A Mockingbird’ is one of the great American books. It covers some important topics like censorship, literacy and gender, which are still very much prevalent today as they were during that time. — S. Walker

When it comes to reading, parents can ensure that their children’s literacy rights are honored! Talk to your child’s school and find out about the quality reading practices that are going on in the classroom. — Carmelita Williams

There is a reason it used to be a crime in the Confederate states to teach a slave to read: Literacy is power. — Matt Taibbi

The question is, will we continue to fight what may be a rearguard action to defend universal literacy as a central goal of our education system, or are we bold enough to see what’s actually happening to our culture? — Hugh Mackay

Reading is the heart of learning, and Illinois and the nation are in the literacy emergency room showing a flat line on the education EKG. The state’s results clearly demonstrate that we still are not doing what is needed to help these older students build the reading skills they will need to deal with increasingly complex high school courses. — Bob Wise

In our language arts instruction, we have taken a balance approach to literacy with strong focus on phonics. — Ray Morgan

I would expect radio to remain so for some time to come given current income and literacy levels. — Adrian Edwards

We are thrilled to work with Mr. Buffett to develop a series that will teach financial literacy to kids. — Andy Heyward

Financial literacy is an issue that should command our attention because many Americans are not adequately organizing finances for their education, healthcare and retirement. — Ron Lewis

Nothing about it interested me. Or about anything else, except making up stories. If literacy weren’t so nearly universal, God knows what I’d be. A drain on the State, I shouldn’t wonder. — Donald E. Westlake

And I also serve on a caucus that addresses financial literacy for young people in this country. And it is so hypocritical that we want to talk to these kids about how to better manage their money when we are not doing a good job with our Nation’s resources. — Melissa Bean

Eighty-five percent of our participants represent a family intact, with a mother and a father. Improving literacy throughout the family increases their chances to become active in their child’s education and their community. — Sharon Darling

We have over 11,000 students in our corporation and many of them have needs. We know reading and literacy is so important in whether a child is successful or not. We can do these things with the help of the community. This is a community effort. — Dennis Brooks

In primary schools, I set two main objectives – to cut infant class sizes and improve literacy and numeracy. — David Blunkett

Some schools are looking at literacy coaches. Other schools are teaching reading strategy to teachers. High schools don’t teach the skill of reading. — Alexa Posny

Head Start believes in father involvement and literacy enhancement, and this event celebrates the important impact fathers have on their children’s early social, emotional, and educational development. — Mary Reed

Adolescents need more support! We have long supported early childhood literacy learning and education needs, and have created a substantial body of research and resources to support early childhood education. It is time we respond to the needs of adolescents in the same way. — Carmelita Williams

I am an extraordinary fan of defined benefit plans, but the world has in fact dramatically changed. If the offset is that companies start aggressively encouraging people to save and provide financial literacy education, that may be a very positive silver lining. — Dallas Salisbury

We all got together to try to address the issues about not having enough literacy and basic skills classes for the Lynn community. We spent four months discussing our roles and goals and we decided we needed to seek a planning grant that could help us move this along a little faster. — Don Edwards

It’s children and literacy and reaching out to them. Cynthia has some great ideas on how to reach out to them. We really can’t say too much yet. — Terry McGowan

Misunderstanding of probability may be the greatest of all impediments to scientific literacy. — Stephen Jay Gould

He couldn’t read, and he was embarrassed, and he didn’t want to tell anyone, … He had the courage to win the Congressional Medal of Honor, but he didn’t have the strength to do what each of you has done, what–each–of–you–is doing–right–here. He didn’t have the courage to admit he needed help, and to find it. So I want you to know that I understand, I appreciate what you are doing here, I honor your commitment. And when people ask me, ‘Jack Stanton, why are you always spending so much money and so much time and so much effort on adult literacy programs?’ I tell them: Because it gives me a chance to see real courage. It inspires me to be stronger. I am so grateful you’ve let me visit with you today. — Jack Stanton

The surprisingly weak quantitative literacy ability of many college graduates is troubling. A knowledgeable workforce is vital to cope with the increasing demands of the global marketplace. — Stephane Baldi

She’s invaluable. Honestly, without having me being a literacy coach, there is no way we could run the program. — Michelle Anderson

A children’s author on a soapbox is not a pleasant sight but I have become drawn into issues, slightly unwillingly, relating to young people, literacy and youth justice: just look at the number of young people we have locked up in prison, and the uselessness of it. — Anthony Horowitz

Social-enterprise employees earn wages and pay taxes, reducing their recidivism rates and dependence on government assistance. They also receive crucial on-the-job training, job-readiness skills, literacy instruction and, if necessary, the counseling and mental-health services they need to move into the mainstream workforce. — George R. Roberts

Sixty-six percent is the literacy rate in the Arab world. We have 58 million illiterate among adults in our part of the world. — Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

The fast rate of development, high literacy rate and availability of information technology skills in each of these cities represent an untapped reservoir of future economic wealth. — Charles Phillips

I started taking courses to teach adult literacy and try to appear in every event I can to encourage people to think about it and realize how important it is. — Larry Dierker

When parents read to their children, their children are better readers. If parents don’t have literacy skills or have never been read to, or they have never found joy in a book, it’s really difficult for them to make that transition. — Sharon Darling

One of the ways to chip away at the financial literacy problem in our country is to get to the kids early and let them develop positive behaviors and attitudes. — George Carl

Literacy is not, as it is considered in our schools, a PORTION of education. It IS education. It is at once the ability AND the inclination of the mind to find knowledge, to pursue understanding, and out of knowledge and understanding, not out of received attitudes and values or emotional responses, however worthy, to make judgments. — Richard Mitchell

Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift. — Kate DiCamillo

The research team was surprised to find out more than 50 percent of four-year students were not in the proficient category and 75 percent of the two-year students were not. The proficient category does involve some of the more complex literacy tasks, but some that we would expect them to do. — Stephane Baldi

The project will help teachers weave together supports for children literacy and social-emotional development in all classroom activities. — Sheila Smith

True literacy is becoming an arcane art and the United States is steadily dumbing down. — Issac Asimov

It gives a chance for kids to see more aspects of literacy if we do it in a week. — Rich Bernstein

I don’t think there are any students who should not be exposed to a basic financial literacy course. — Ben Bernanke

We’re focusing on trying to have all kids be successful learners and we continue to keep our focus on closing the achievement gap and issues around literacy and math, for kids. — George Russell

I’m really grateful I grew up in a house in which media literacy was a survival skill. — Chelsea Clinton

The fast-growing hospitality industry is very much in need of skilled workers. Thousands of workers will benefit from the outreach, English literacy and occupational skills — Elaine Chao

WD’s steady growth in the MENA region encouraged us to further expand our operations in this region. We will enter new, untapped regional markets, and at the same time strengthen operations in existing ones. At the centre of WD’s expansion strategy are the rapidly evolving and promising African markets, such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Nigeria and Kenya. The former three have high IT literacy levels. — Hafeez Khawaja

I decided in ’96 to dedicate my life to mostly promoting literacy and education for girls in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan. — Greg Mortenson

There is no such thing as a leap into literacy. — David Petersen

Research shows that early literacy is critical. Students who come from more affluent, better educated families have a better chance in the early years to become literate. Education is significantly about opportunity, and our students have these opportunities and make good use of them. — Bill Garrison

The Toyota Family Literacy Teacher of the Year award recognizes teachers who often are the unsung heroes of our society and who now, more than ever, have the daunting challenge of positioning children and families to succeed. — Sharon Darling

The notion of multiple literacies recognized that there are many ways of being-and of becoming-literate, and that how literacy develops and how it is used depend on the particular social and cultural setting. — Jerome Bruner

If you want to be a modern citizen of the world, you have to be minimally capable in technology. It’s a new literacy test. Technology rules your outcome in life. And software is making a lot of decisions in our lives. — Daniel Suarez

I think it may not be a coincidence that the rise of printing and book publication and literacy and the phenomenon of best sellers all preceded the humanitarian reforms of the Enlightenment. — Steven Pinker

The ACT report demonstrates how critical literacy experiences are for high school kids, particularly with regard to assigning them and instructing them in demanding texts in all subjects. — Timothy Shanahan

There are all kinds of things you can do to marry literacy with health. — C. Everett Koop

Not only is writing more important than ever, but visual literacy is vital. We don’t teach enough design, art, visual things. We have to recognize what we’re seeing. It matters if you send someone a cluttered design. It matters more than ever. — Marissa Moss

At H-E-B, we think that literacy provides a platform for people to reflect and build community, not only from reading but from writing. As good corporate citizens, we’re concerned about the welfare of our customers. — Pablo Rodriguez

When countries improve governance and reduce corruption, they reap a ‘development dividend’ that can include reduction in child mortality rates and increase in per capita income and literacy rates. — Peter Eigen

We go beyond the literacy in our conversational English classes by meeting basic human needs. — Janet Smith

We are excited about the opportunities the Toyota Family Literacy Program will bring to Denver. Strengthening the literacy skills of the entire family is bound to produce results among our students. The additional resources provided to make this program available are much appreciated as is the network of educational, nonprofit and corporate organizations that makes this possible. — Michael Bennet

You can’t train kids in a world where adults have no concept of what science literacy is. The adults are gonna squash the creativity that would manifest itself, because they’re clueless about what it and why it matters. But science can always benefit from the more brains there are that are thinking about it – but that’s true for any field. — Neil deGrasse Tyson

America can no longer take active and engaged literacy for granted. — Dana Gioia

This year, we will continue to work with students that don’t read and don’t meet the literacy standards for their grade levels. We will try to create a more structured program for English learners. — Sue Olds

When you look at the whole financial literacy landscape, all of the companies, organizations and associations involved in AWARE have a long history of educating consumers about auto financing and are doing a great job. But we felt there was still room for a collaborative and collective effort like ours on an industry-wide level to augment what they’re doing individually. — Eric Hoffman

The ratio of literacy to illiteracy is constant, but nowadays the illiterates can read and write. — Alberto Moravia

It’s just to celebrate literacy more than anything. We want students to know that they can read for pleasure as well as to get information. — Jane Harrison

They will want to know why the Government has deprived them, and their families, of this opportunity. This flies in the face of everything the country is trying to achieve on skills. Computer literacy has to be a given in a globally competitive economy. — Sir Jones

Schizophrenia may be a necessary consequence of literacy. — Marshall McLuhan

You fail by default when you live so cautiously you never fail. — J. K. Rowling

Financial literacy is such an important thing for kids to understand at a young age. Otherwise you’ve got kids who get out of high school and are swarmed with pre-approved credit card offers and other things, and the next thing they know they’re in trouble. … So many kids have no idea how to intelligently handle money. — Andy Heyward

You have not fully expressed your power as a voter until you have scientific literacy in topics that matter for future political issues. — Neil deGrasse Tyson

When parents have little education and few resources, their kids simply have more ground to make up. Given the compelling role socioeconomic conditions play, the state should consider bolstering programs that assist parents — such as improving adult literacy and English language skills — and that target workplaces. — Deborah Reed

We’re very proud that Toyota has expanded our partnership following the success of the Toyota Family Literacy Program over the past several years. Our goal is to continue to meet the pressing needs of Hispanic and other immigrant families both in Detroit and across the country. — Sharon Darling

If we want the PC market to grow, we need to break that lock between PC literacy and English. — Ajay Gupta

If I had my choice, every high school would be teaching financial literacy along with math and science. — Gregory Meeks

Financial literacy is just as important in life as the other basics. — John W. Rogers, Jr.

There is considerable evidence that women’s education and literacy tend to reduce the mortality rates of children — Amartya Sen

As the border between physical and digital gets more permeable, a new kind of literacy emerges. And that literacy is built on a foundation of code – whether it’s the codes of letters and words, or the code of bits and algorithms. — John Battelle

Measuring literacy is a complicated task — one challenge is that we are testing adults, and you don’t find them gathered in classrooms. — Mark Schneider

Love of books is the best of all. — Jackie Kennedy

We are trying to teach literature and literacy in a society which doesn’t value it any more. — Paul Thomson

We work with adults who are trying to reach goals and literacy needs are preventing them from doing that, — Karen McGregor

Mass literacy is a phenomenon of the past few centuries, and one that has reached the majority of the world’s adult population only within the past 75 years. — Tom Chatfield

As a state legislator, I had worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass a number of bills, including some related to higher education and juvenile justice; I’d created what would become San Antonio’s largest book drive and literacy campaign. — Joaquin Castro

We have high aspirations, but we know to fulfill the aspirations of the hip-hop generation. We have to take the subjects of financial literacy and empowerment seriously, and talk with your youth in a way that is appealing to them. — Russell Simmons

There are still many tribal cultures where poetry and song, there is just one word for them. There are other cultures with literacy where poetry and song are distinguished. But poetry always remembers that it has its origins in music. — Edward Hirsch

The average person doesn’t understand what a stem cell is. There’s a lack of health literacy in our nation. So the public can’t really get into this dialogue because they don’t understand the complexity of stem cells, not the faith-based approach, not the ideological or political, but the science behind stem cells. — Richard Carmona

The pleasure of all reading is doubled when one lives with another who shares the same books. — Katherine Mansfield

Literacy is crucial to creating job opportunities, supporting workers and their families and eradicating poverty in our region, … Literacy must start in homes and classrooms by giving the children of Los Angeles the best education possible to enable them to pursue their goals and become engaged citizens. I am committed to assembling the resources needed to build the skills of our workers and our children. — Antonio Villaraigosa

Comics are a gateway drug to literacy. — Art Spiegelman

Science literacy is the artery through which the solutions of tomorrow’s problems flow. — Neil deGrasse Tyson

It is an honor to be invited to the White House. I’m glad I can be part of this year’s event, celebrating the importance of literacy for young people and adults, — Diana Taurasi

A sound knowledge of geography is essential for understanding global events and their impact on the rest of the world. National Geographic has always recognized the need for geographic literacy and will vigorously continue its efforts to educate our young people and empower them to be informed citizens and responsible stewards of our planet. — John Fahey

Technologists talk about interaction, but I don’t think it’s real interaction. We are in an age where we have problems with literacy and it’s a question of how to awaken children’s imagination. — Tony Graham

It’s not just a literacy program. It’s a buy-in of the community. They all realize that reading has an impact on what they do in everyday life. — Rod Williams

Conventional manners are a kind of literacy test for the alien who comes among us. — Katharine Elizabeth Fullerton Gerould

Financial literacy is still a very significant problem. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. — Lewis Mandell

Our goal is to promote literacy in the home … so that they’ll develop a love for reading. — Janice Glaze

Literacy in Tunisia is almost 100%. It’s amazing – no country in the region or even in Asia can match Tunisia in education. — Mo Ibrahim

To get the medium’s magic to work for one’s aims rather than against them is to attain literacy. — Alan Kay

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