Living with depression: Ill be there, oh wait no I wont.

Depression.. Its the most devastating silent disease. Some days im here with bells on making tequila shots and dancing, and other days im in bed under the covers willing myself to die. Just fall asleep and never wake up. Not literally making tequila shots but you know what I mean. Happy and shit. Those days are few and far between lately, I’ve never been so tired in all my life. I just cant sleep enough.

And then there are the days I wish I had friends. Friends to visit and socialise with and then I think no, I cant have friends because friends are alot of work and most of the time I just want to get home from work and hide. Sleep. And then I think well someone must care enough about me to understand that I cant always deal with being around people, but no one does understand. Because it isn’t normal you see, in the eyes of society. To one day be a total recluse and want to sleep all day and the next want to socialise and talk.

Small talk is the worst thing, I hate small talk. Meaningless chattering with people you will never see again, people that dont care about you. I have a low tolerance for bullshit. Just tell me what you need from me and ill give you an answer. Dont come with oh but I was hoping this or wondering that. Can you do this? Do you have this? Get to the point and quickly. What do they call that? Mean, rude, short tempered? I call it life is short, spend it talking to people you actually want to talk to.
Its not that I dont want to meet new people, its not that I dont care about others, I do care very much. Im just not capable of much human interaction. It makes a lonely life when you are like this and no one understands you. People think you are rude and dont bother with you. When in actual fact Im lonely, heart wrenchingly lonely and longing for someone to just hold my hand on the bad days and say its ok you dont have to say a thing, I understand.

Id rather say things that matter and care for those select few people that care about me. Quality over quantity I think. Ever heard that saying? In some situations it makes perfect sense. Like in this instance with people and time and life and breath. But then when it comes to nachos, well … ill settle for quantity over quality, haha.

But seriously there are people that take things like this too personally. Like oh bitch she doesnt want to talk to me, listen to what I have to say today. And it isnt that at all, its just that on those days I dont even care what I think, I dont care what I have to say never mind anyone else. And its not something that can be turned off. People often say, ag just snap out of it man there is nothing wrong with you. But until those demons, the dark depression demons have lived in your head and on your heart for a while you will never know the feeling. And they are heavy, physically heavy. Imagine you have a bullet proof vest on and its squeezing tight, and you have to walk around and talk to people and carry on a normal day with a vest thats getting tighter as the day goes on. You cant, you cant.

Its not that I dont want to make more friends, its that I cant even take care of the friends I have now. The 1 or 2. Some people just aren’t capable of having many people around. Some days I think wow wouldnt it be nice to have a huge friendship base, you know people you really have things in common with. And then I think no, because im only capable of being there sometimes, and other times I need to retreat into my dark hole to recoup. There are so many “down” days that when there are “up” days there is too much catching up to do with the people that are already there. The people that do care. To show them that you see them and appreciate them. There is no time for new people. And so you just make do with the people you have in a sense. Wether they truly care about you or not. There is just no time to find new people. People are hard work.

Heck I’ve got a lot to live for and I mean alot.  Im not rich with money but wow am I rich with family. I have 2 wonderfully happy children (most of the time) and a mother who means the world to me. My mom is my best friend, and I mean that in the way of I can tell her anything, ask her anything, there are no bars held with us. A husband who sometimes understands. I dont say that in a bad way, I love him very much its just that its hard to understand this, the way I feel. I get that. 2 brothers who I hardly see anymore, but when I do see them I love it so much as they both remind me of my dad in some ways. They both have my dads sense of humor. Some days, on good days I do too. And I love that. But then there are the days where I dont have any humor, I have the dark demon sitting on my chest making me want to cry out loud like a little child. Sob uncontrollably and nothing and no one can make it go away. Only sleep. The demons dont worry me when I sleep. Im alone then, I can shut my eyes and shut them out.

And so to wrap it up, some days I say I will be there, I will be present. And then the darkness will come, and I cant, I physically cant be there. And Im sorry. Im sorry to all the people in my life who this affects. Im sorry.

To the people who care about me, know the broken me and still give a damn. I know who you are, and I love you for it, and you deserve to feel loved back, but I cant. Please know that when I can, I will.

Am I alone feeling this way? Does anyone else feel this?

5 thoughts on “Living with depression: Ill be there, oh wait no I wont.”

  1. No you are not alone feeling that way. We all have been there. In fact I am still there. No family, no love, no friends with me but I’m trying to take it one day at a time. I am trying to accept it as a part of me but also trying to know what I am capable of. Life works in strange ways 🙂

    • That’s terrible to think that you are alone. Id love to chat I’m somewhat of a hermit myself. Check out my blog and click on Facebook link to message me if you would like to chat?

      • Its not as bad as it sounds, maybe it does I don’t know. Living in a faraway country on your own, stranger to everyone is a challenge but there is a bright side to it as well. Thanks for your offer. A chat sounds nice but I can’t find your facebook link. Maybe you can try my profile and see if you can find me there. Anyways, nice post and take care.

  2. “Depression.. Its the most devastating silent disease” , yes you are right and depression in reality is like a stage 3 cancer, there are stages and a major lot of world population is in Stage 1.

    Most of the times we run to achieve something and when we don’t get it then…

    We have to realize that there is just one aim in life, the ultimate aim and that is “Being Happy”

    • But then being happy with what you have, what is within your means is a terribly difficult thing to achieve. Society has created this unrealistic standard of normal that not everyone can achieve. Buy a house buy a car have a family ect.. And when we fall short of this it makes us feel inferior.

      The human race is a disfunctional bunch of organisms.


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